Denmark, Thailand · 43 Days · 57 Moments · February 2015

Lise goes Asia

11 April 2015

10 April 2015

8 April 2015

7 April 2015

6 April 2015

5 April 2015

4 April 2015

3 April 2015

2 April 2015

1 April 2015

Yesterday was all about wellness and joy. So after spending half of my day on the beach i went to wellness for the rest of the day and got massage and my feet done πŸ™β€οΈπŸ˜Š

30 March 2015

You definitely know, that you are in Asia, when you are sharing your room with this fellow and it has the same size as your hand 😳
Sunset in beautiful Koh Tao. I'm so glad to be back. It almost feel like home πŸ™
On my way to Koh Tao to spend the rest of my trip on the beach β˜€οΈ

29 March 2015

No boat to Koh Tao, so pitstop at Koh Samui...

27 March 2015

Celebrating the last night together with my travelbuddy before we split up and I go to Koh Tao 🍸
Making new friends 😊
Roadtrip on motorbikes around Pai to see the hot springs and more 😊

26 March 2015

In the nature on a bike 😊

25 March 2015

Me and my roomie enjoying the garden in our place...
Exploring Pai and I already found my place 😜
Our new home in Pai 😊

24 March 2015

And here we are again - The Blue Diamond is just so ❀️

23 March 2015

Taking a cocking class, yum 😊
Visiting the foodmarket...
Time to meditate and we found the perfect place for that πŸ™
Died and went to heaven. God I love the food at the Blue Diamond πŸ™

22 March 2015

Discovering the sunday night market, and gues what I found - dessert 😍
Ready for take off. Doing ziplining through jungle - hopefully that will cure my fear of hight 😳

21 March 2015

Enjoying dinner at The BIRD'S NEST cafe with my sweet roomie 😊
Breakfirst is served...

20 March 2015

On our way to Chiang Mai on the night train 🚊
Last day in Plum Village - gonna miss you all πŸ™

17 March 2015

Missing the food and view from Plum Village 😊

16 March 2015

Magical Thai Plum Village - just meditation mindfully for a week in the company of the best of people πŸ™

13 March 2015

One night in Bangkok before leaving to Thai Plum Village πŸ™

11 March 2015

Finaly done - now i'm aloud to dive πŸ˜„ celebrating with drinks 🍸and a nice lunch 🌱
Me and my dive instructor on the boat just before our last dive 😊

10 March 2015

Dinner for one - love Koh Tao in the evening πŸ™
First pizza in a while with my diving-buddy 😊

9 March 2015

Enjoying a cold beer at the beach watching the sunset πŸ™
View from the cafe while eating lunch 😍
Studing for the daily lesson at Bans diving course 🏊
First diving lesson in the pool before going on open water 😊
Unfortunately they didn't have any more fan rooms, so I got upgraded to the deluxe room for free. Life is so unfair sometimes 😜

8 March 2015

Sunburned on the first day.
Going to Ko Tao πŸ™

6 March 2015

Last day of volunteering 😞

5 March 2015

Celebrating Happy Holi in Kolkata ❀️

4 March 2015

Exploring Kolkata with new friends and walking around in the neighborhood...

3 March 2015

Trying streetfood for the first time, seeing the local market and celebrating Brahims birthday 😊

2 March 2015

Eating with new friends 😊

1 March 2015

First day in kolkata, visiting mother house, volunteering and getting comfortable in BMS...

28 February 2015

Taking of to India and Thailand. See you in 6 weeks Denmark 😊