Portugal · 3 Days · 4 Moments · May 2018

Lisbon, Portugal

23 May 2018

Today we were saying goodbye to Lisbon and heading to the Algarve! We got to drive over the 17km bridge which was incredible. We decided to take the scenic route down but it wasn’t overly scenic. We just got to see a whole lot of different villages haha!

22 May 2018

Today we drove to Cascais which is about 45 minutes out of Lisbon. We were a little underwhelmed as we were expecting it to be a bit more beachy but we made the most of it. It’s probably way nicer in summer but on our way home we found some cooler places we’d go next time! We found a few cool sites and then went to find a place to have lunch. We ended up having lunch at a place in the square which was ok. After lunch we took the kids to play at one of the small beaches even though it was cold they had a great time. We took the scenic route back into Lisbon which was way cooler than the motorway we took to get there!

21 May 2018

Today was amazing! We walked down to go on a hop-on-hop-off tour but ended up on a tuk-tuk tour which was so fun! Our guide was really cool and talked us through a lot. We got to see some of the main sights, including the Belem Tower, Jeronimos Monestry (stunning), Padrão dos Descobrimentos and the amazing bridge that we didn’t know but was designed by the same designer who did the San Fran bridge! It looks so similar! At times it was cold but he provided us a blanket so the kids were happy with that! After our tuk-tuk tour we went to lunch at a stunning tapas place called Tagide Wine & Tapas and had one of our best meals yet! The salmon dish was probably the best, and an amazing chocolate mousse. Thanks to Cathy for suggesting it! After that we caught an Uber to the aquarium and spent all afternoon there - it was amazing! The manta rays were something else, along with the sand tiger sharks, reef sharks, penguins, otters and so much more! The kids and us enjoyed it a lot.

20 May 2018

When we first arrived in Lisbon we were a little overwhelmed with how hectic it seemed (in a different way to Porto) and we immediately didn’t really want to be there... I’m so thankful we didn’t get refundable accommodation because I think we would’ve left, and we never would have had the fun we did have!! Lisbon is actually great. Our apartment was really cool and clean, and central. There seemed to be a few rougher looking parts but otherwise fine! Once we unpacked and sorted our life out we decided to just chill for the kids sake and ordered Ubereats for dinner. Tomorrow was for exploring!