North America · 7 Days · 18 Moments · June 2017

adventures in Panama

23 June 2017

Our last day!!! Snorkeling, pirate history and Portobelo and our last dinner.

22 June 2017

Today was everyone's favorite day! These two are my favorite pictures so far.

21 June 2017

We went to the fish market and ate fresh seafood caught that day. We climbed Anton hill where we saw more sloths. Most tours only see one if they're lucky, we've seen 5!!!!!
Today we went to an authentic market where tourists usually don't go. It was such a great experience to see the "real" panama.

20 June 2017

We had a great day experiencing the rain forest. We saw our 2nd sloth and lots of monkeys!!!

19 June 2017

Pineapple farm, traditional Panamanian dance show and cloud Forrest

18 June 2017

Bio diversity museum and old panama
Old Panama to the right. New panama to the left.
LOVE= Happy Father's Day!

17 June 2017

We just had dinner and toured our neighborhood
About to board
We're in our way