North America, Asia · 8 Days · 34 Moments · October 2017

Lisa's tour through United States of America

31 October 2017

Garden of Gethsemane
Sunset over eastern wall
The garden tomb
The wailing wall

30 October 2017

The upper room
Yes I rode one
Mom and I where Abraham lived
Abrahams land
Our guide Eli. He was hilarious!
The streets of old Jerusalem

29 October 2017

The wall of Jeruselum
Church of the nativity the spot where Jesus was born
Bethlehem as version of Starbucks
One of the caves of the dead Sea Scrolls
Top of Masada
Poster of cute soldiers

28 October 2017

Dead Sea fun
Jordan river where I was baptised
Church of Magdala

27 October 2017

Believed to be the home of Peter Simon
Capernaum synagogue where Jesus spoke and healed people
Mount of beatitudes
Caeserea Philippi.... This is called the gate of Sheol (hell)

26 October 2017

Right now from my hotel room in Tiberias
Modern day Nazareth - where Jesus grew up
Meggido - where Armageddon will take place...i cried it was mind blowing
Mount Carmel - picture can't do it justice
Caeserea where Paul was brought before the Romans acts 25

25 October 2017

At night
Mediterranean Sea from our hotel
Toronto airport
Air Canada ๐Ÿis still sleeping

23 October 2017

First stop!