Malaysia, Indonesia · 1 Days · 4 Moments · May 2017

Lisa's tour through Indonesia

18 May 2017

The Weather was hot and humid in Stasion Pasar Raya Senen. Just a distance of walk, both the cloths and backpack are wet with sweat, and so my fellow traveling friends, 5 of them, greeting me with sweaty face 😂. Due to the long journey to Mt. Bromo, ( 16 hours of long ride to Malang) my fellow friends had decided to buy some food for snacks and dinner on the train. They had brought KFC and I bought the Fried chicken with rice. The seats in the train 🚂
Arrived in Jakarta international airport around 10.45am. Took my backpack and take a cab to Stasion Pasar Raya Senen, where we meet each other before we proceed to Mt. Bromo.
I was trying to fit all listed stuff into this backpack.. and the result is... CANNOT!! 😂😂😂so much for first time backpack user hahaha. So I ended up using 2 backpacks (one big and one small)
This is a trip to visit my dear friend in Jakarta which was promised long long time ago and finally has the chance to fulfil it. It was her who had gave lots of effort to plan this whole journey. Yup I'm wasn't alone in oversea :) (many of my close ones are quite worry for me to travel alone) THIS IS MY FIRST TIME TRAVEL IN BACKPACK AND ALONE!