Czech Republic · 1 Days · 5 Moments · October 2017

Lisa's tour through Czech Republic

12 October 2017

Alllll aboardddd! We are on our way to Singapore! 12 hours flight 🙈🙈
Up bright and early! Just took an airport taxi shuttle to the Prague airport. Our flight is at 6:00 am to Frankfurt! Seb is such a morning person 😂🤦‍♀️

11 October 2017

After dinner, we walked to Sebs favourite ice cream spot! Yummmyyy! Now time for bed, we have to get up at 3:30am!
After one hour in the hotel room, Sebastian finally found a restaurant that he could eat at. (HE IS SOOOOO PICKY). I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens in Vietnam 🙈 We walked around a bit, and I bought a postcard and a key chain. This is our 3rd time here and I kept forgetting to get one. We are eating at Restaurance MINCOVNA. Seb ordered the duck and I ordered a salad with roasted veggies (not many vegan options). And we are having a dark Kozel beer.
October 11 Backpack are ready to go! Said bye to Riley and Kato and set off to catch our Bus in Amberg at 14:10. The Flix Bus ( only 15€ each!) took us from Amberg to Prague. We brought a beer with us, It’s allowed in Germany :) We arrived in Prague at 18:00 and walked with our heavy bags 1.5km to our apartment. We had a little bit of trouble finding it. Seb booked it thru and didn’t realize we had to meet someone out from. But, after 5 times walking up and down the street looking for a sign, a lady called out “Sebastian” and we were let in. It’s a nice little place, close to the centre of Prague.