United Kingdom · 3 Days · 6 Moments · March 2017

Asia trip | Thailand

5 March 2017

We booked a taxi to take us to the famous and biggest market in Bangkok. It stretched over the weekend and it was that big, you really need a full day there. Unfortunately we did not have this so we tried to get round as much as possible. It was amazing, tiny lanes with shops bursting full of little trinkets and clothes. We went straight to find some elephant pants. The one and only item you buy from Thailand! There were so many to chose from.... I found some I liked and tried to haggle but the lady was not wanting to lower the price. I went round to try and find similar for a cheaper price but I couldn't. Went back to get the ones I wanted and they'd gone! So the moral of the story, you see something you like buy it there and then! We wandered around and our relatives told us we had to try a Thai dessert called Mango sticky rice. It sounds such a weird combination but it was lush! We had mango icecream with the rice and cashew nuts on top, heaven!
Today we set off out to explore Bangkok. We started walking towards Koh San Road and a gentleman came towards us and asked what we had planned for the day. We weren't too sure and was just taking the day as it comes. I wanted to go and see some temples and the gentleman pointed us towards his nephew who had his own tuk tuk. He said that his nephew would take us wherever we wanted to go and we just pay him afterwards. 4 of us crammed into this tuk tuk and off we went to see a temple. We came across this particular one and because it was Sunday, a ceremony was happening. A young guy was becoming a monk. This is a big deal in Thailand and we got to be apart of it! We wandered round and the inside of the temple was just amazing. The colours and the gold Buddha stood tall and locals praying inside.

4 March 2017

When in Thailand, you have to have Thai Green curry. That was the first meal I ordered and boy was it good. This was a little restaurant around the corner from our hotel. We chose it because it was called "Jades house" and our friend Jade was with us! We finished our meals and met up with some other travellers. We walked down to Koh San Road
We have arrived! It's 12.30pm and we made it to Bangkok. It was around 30 minutes before we got to our hotel and we chucked our stuff down and went straight out to explore what the city had to offer. The hustle and bustle of this vibrant city and the people were so lovely and very helpful. We made our way out to the main road and passed bars, restaurants and souvenir shops. We walked a little further and to our right was a park situated beside the river. There was an open temple in the middle of the park. The structure is amazing and the detail that goes into carving and building is beyond what anyone back at home could have the patience to do. We walked beside the river and came across a gentleman advertising rides on the long tail boat. At first he quoted us 1500 baht for the 3 of us... this is a great opportunity to try out "haggling". We managed to get it down to 1200 baht which was 300 baht each. The sun was just setting which provided a great photo!

3 March 2017

3 girls setting off for a jam packed 3 week trip around Asia. Excitement is an understatement and I could not sleep the night before! Flying out from Manchester at 12pm, we boarded Emirates for our first 6 hour flight to Dubai. I have never flown further than Greece which was around a 3 hour flight and I can remember being bored throughout it all. But no fear! Emirates provide in-flight entertainment and I watched at least 3 films before we stopped off to catch the next flight. Food was also included so we made sure we filled our tummies up. With Dubai being 4 hours in front, we arrived at around 11pm at night. Our flight to Bangkok wasn't until 3am the next morning and we all knew we had to get some sleep in order to be fresh for the next day. At home it must of been around 7pm and we were had no chance of getting any sleep til later on. We caught the next plane to Bangkok and it was a further 7 hours. I did not get any sleep whatsoever. Grumpy Lisa in the morning!!