Czech Republic · 3 Days · 11 Moments · July 2017

City break | Prague, Czechia

29 July 2017

Again, up bright and early and out the apartment at 9am. Making our way back to the bus station, we got on the bus and stopped off at the Old town square. Old town square is the oldest part of Prague with narrow cobbled lanes going off in all different directions. For thousands of years, the square has had markets every week and home to major sights such as the Astronomical clock. At 11.00am, we watched the clock chime which gathered more than a few people! We strolled around the streets filled with souvenir shops and cocktail bars whilst watching people go about their day. If you want to eat/drink, go further out of the Old town square... it's cheaper!

28 July 2017

Friday night in Prague and the best way to go out, have a few drinks and get to know other travellers is by a bar crawl! We searched the web and found the "Clock Tower bar crawl". We had to meet at the Old town square by 8.30pm and we were taken to an underground bar that was under UV light. In each room, there were seats, beer pong tables, jenga you name it! We went straight to the beer pong table to start getting to know other travellers. Germans, Americans and Austrailians filled the bar and the ratio to girls was 1:5! We had free drinks til 11pm and music blasting out and carried on the crawl...
Back onto the bus, we stopped off at Kampa Island. We got off and walked across the bridge past the Theatre. We walked down the road and stopped off at a bar down some steps. We had a perfect view of the river side which posed a lot of activities such as paddle boats and zorbing. For a cider, you're looking at paying 50 Krona. It was good cider!
We walked up from the Monastery towards the Petrin Lookout tower. We walked for 10 minutes and came to the impressive structure. It kind of looks like a mini Eiffel tower! We started the walk up to the first floor of the tower. We decided to take the stairs but you can go up by lift... however that's not as fun or as scary depending on how you look at it! The first floor was high enough and you could see the whole city. We then carried on going up and ended up bumping into people coming down. Unfortunately we went up the wrong set of stairs! Finally, we made it to the top. The whole structure was shaking and it wasn't that windy! We tred carefully and got lots of photos and took in the amazing views. Beside the tower, sat a mirror maze. It was pretty easy to do and we did it in less than 5 minutes. I would not recommend. The distorted mirrors were pretty funny at the end! We purchased a dual ticket for the Lookout tower and the Mirror maze. This came to around 200 to 250 Krona.
We hopped back onto the bus and got off at the Strahov Monastery. A huge white building that can be seen from the other side of the river. The intricate detail on the outside was nowhere near the look of the library that was located inside... it was gorgeous. The paintings on the ceiling had so much work put into it alongside the hand carved bookcases. It gave out character and oozed elegance. Beside the Monastery, stands the first brewery built in Prague - Klasterni Pivovar. Dating back to the 13th century, it closed it's doors in 1907 and re-opened in 2000 as a restaurant. There is 3 areas to the brewery, the brewery itself, the courtyard for dining outside and the restaurant inside. We chose a seat inside and ordered up. Our eyes were way too big for our belly and we went for a pork bap and chips. With a drink, this was around 200 Krona.
We were out of the apartment by 9am and started walking towards town. Grabbing a croissant along the way (VERY European) we walked around 30 minutes to Hlavní Nádraží (the train/bus station). Typical bus never arrives on time... 20 minutes later, we got off at Prague Castle and had to be searched before we could enter the grounds. Walking across the bridge towards the guards, we went through an archway and into the courtyard. Inside the courtyard, there was buildings surrounding it with tourist information and cafe's to get something to drink/eat. In the middle of the courtyard was a water fountain and what looked like a well with a cage around it. Looking to our left, standing tall was St. Vitus Cathedral. A stunning, gothic building with a queue right round to the rear side of the Cathedral. A building that is now owned by the Czech government. To tour the grounds, the Castle, the Cathedral and Basicilia, you were looking to pay 180 Krona. Which is between £8 and £10!

27 July 2017

First night in Prague and we found this delightful restaurant, Legenda. With a mixture of Czech and Western foods, you are bound to find something on the menu you will love! I went for the Chilli Goulash and it was beautiful! What is Goulash... looks a little like slop but it's a meat stew with onions , bread served on the side and a whole jalapeno to add kick to a filling meal! Afterwards, we went downstairs to enjoy the music and topped off the night with a few drinks.
Walking down Sokolska road, we hit the main traffic lights and turned right into town. We walked to the incredible Náměstí Míru which is a Metro Station. The platform is situated 53 metres below surface! Who'd have thought a Metro Station would be as grand as this?
Me and 5 girls flew from Manchester, UK and arrived in Prague for 11am. Our apartment which was booked through airbnb, was practical with 6 beds, kitchen, shower room and toilet. Pretty central with only a 15 minute walk to the nearest train station and shops. We were a little too early for check in so Jackie our host, allowed us to dump our hand luggage and gave us some ideas as to what Prague had to offer.