Asia, North America · 201 Days · 10 Moments · March 2017

NYM, DEW, & LJMW in Israel & Jordan 2017

20 September 2017

13 March 2017

We left Tamar this morning after breakfast. We stopped at the wadi where David picked up stones to use in his sling against Goliath. We stopped at a mall and ate lunch. I'm not sure of the name of the town. We dropped off about half of the group at the Tel Aviv airport. The rest of us travelled to Jerusalem and checked into the Gloria Hotel inside the Jaffa Gate.

12 March 2017

Masada - where a holdout of jews killed themselves rather than surrender to the 10th Roman Legion. We could see the outlines of the Roman encampments and the Roman wall that surrounded Masada. On top of Masada, we toured the walls, the casement rooms where the Jews lived, saw the cisterns, several mikvehs, and Herod the Great's palace. There were skeletons found in some caves on the south side of Masada. The rest is the remains have never been found. David and others hiked up the snake trial to the top of Masada. The rest of us rode a cable car to the top. David and I and others floated in the Dead Sea. We ate lunch and changed at the Premier Spa Outlet. This is the same company whose face treatments I used to use.

11 March 2017

David hiked up to the top of Prayer Mountain early We ate breakfast We toured Tamar at 10 with James We looked for Roman coins, Roman glass, and pottery at 1 pm David hiked up to the top of Prayer Mountain at sunset There was a bush called Balm of Gilead that had a eucalyptus like smell We had chicken for dinner

10 March 2017

Hammat Teberya - 1st synagogue ? and 3rd century synagogue Found a curved top of pot with glazing Amazing mosaics Saw lots of bougainvillea around Tiberius Bet She'an Greco-Roman city Coleseum Public latrine Large promenade with huge columns and mosaics Found dark mosaic piece, white mosaic piece, and a piece of pottery Jericho Book of Joshua Not well maintained Could see some walls There is a burnt layer that corresponds to the right time frame Qumran Site where Dead Sea scrolls were found Essene community - all males Well preserved mitvka Multiple mitvkas Aquaduct Cisterns Assembly hall Grave sites Latrine area Were infected by tape worms which affected their life span James Tabor was part of a team that did ground scanning radar and he believes there is another cave with scrolls. Excavation has been delayed due to territorial disputes Arrive at Tamar Park

9 March 2017

Migdal-possibly where Mary Magdalen is from Mary Magdalen helped bankroll Jesus' ministry Tarich Ael in Josephus Second Major city in Galilee Tower town Modern Catholic Church Catholic Church and Israeli excavations Mount Arbel 181 meters above sea level Drive past Jordan rift on the way David walked down the cliffs Capernaum Peter's house 3rd century synagogue built on the foundations of a 1st century synagogue Returned to the hotel Walked around Tiberius some Bought a north face shirt Saw some donkeys Saw some rowing skulls and we walked down to the water I put my feet in the Sea of Galilee

8 March 2017

Tel Dan Nature Preserve- Jordan River runs through here Altar to golden calf - The High Place, Canaanite gate, Israelite Gate We could see Lebanon and the Golan Heights from here There were also old bunkers here We picked up pottery here too We stopped at Banias which was also a shrine to Pan Roman's built temples here too Jordan River begins near here I stuck my foot in the Jordan river We went to the Israel and Syrian border We stopped at a kibbutz near the border and bought chocolates. They also sold wine. We drove back to the Sea of Galilee and took a boat trip We bought a book, a map, and two pins Returned to the hotel for dinner

7 March 2017

Caesarea - coliseum, herculium, other Roman ruins Picked up shells, pottery, and sea glass Bought a piece of roman glass Roman aquaduct just north Caesarea Recreation of Nazarene Village They gave us oil lamps We bought honey Arrived at Leonardo Plaza in Tiberius for dinner

6 March 2017

Mount of Olives Gestemane Absolom's Tomb Valley of Kidron Mt. Zion archeology site Mt. Zion Last Supper Site House of Mary site Fake King David Tomb Meniveka - ritual bath We found pottery near here Walked around the western wall of Jerusalem Gate near Herod's Palace Place where Roman laws were proclaimed Found mosaic piece here Went Jaffa Gata Ate near Gloria Hotel

5 March 2017

The day of 1000 Steps! Hezikia's Tunnel in Old City of David outside Dung Gate Pool of Siloam King David's Tomb probably Wohl Archaeological Museum - Old Jewish Quarter excavations Temple Mount & Dome of the Rock David & I had a Belgian Waffle with white chocolate and strawberry ice cream for lunch Western Wall tunnel Via De La Rosa street through the Muslim Quarter market - lots of interesting shops

4 March 2017

We arrived at the Tel Aviv early on Saturday morning which is Shabbat (holy day) for Jews. We took a taxi from the airport to our hotel in Jerusalem. We were able to check in and take a nap before the rest of the group arrived. We saw the end of Shabbat ceremony in the hotel lobby while we were waiting. A lady we met from the US explained the ceremony and taught me a few words of Hebrew. The rest of the group arrived and we ate dinner in the hotel. After dinner, we walked to and through the old city of Jerusalem. We saw the King David Hotel, the YMCA, the Mamilla Mall, Jaffa Gate, Tower of David Museum, Armenian Quarter, and the Western Wall. There were a lot of steps down to the Western Wall and we took it slowly going back up the steps and inclines.