New Zealand, Australia · 1032 Days · 167 Moments · April 2013

Lisa and Steve's Kiwi experience

15 February 2016

Suits you Steve!!!
There's a shark in Chinatown!
Our final drink in NZ 😒 we have had an awesome time over the last month and sad to leave so quickly but next destination San Francisco 😍
Auckland tower

12 February 2016

Otorohanga Kiwi sanctuary
We saw a kiwi
Glow worms in the caves
Chiefs were awesome πŸ‰
My first rugby game, the Kiwis beat the Aussies πŸ‰
Our last night in beautiful Rotorua 😊
Kiwi version of a hotdog!
The Chiefs Rotorua
What a view in Katikati
Waitamo caving
Waitamo caving
Caving in Waitamo to jump of waterfalls and see glow worms πŸ›β˜„

9 February 2016

A night with the Maori's
A night with the Maori's
185 chairs. This memorial is just beautiful but very emotional for the loss of the 185 victims in the Christchurch earthquake
Our nice collection of wine from the vineyards at Blenheim
A night with the Maori's
Antarctica museum Christchurch β›„οΈβ˜ƒβ„οΈ
I night with the Maori's
Flash packers!
Antarctica museum Christchurch β˜ƒβ„οΈ
Beautiful Christchurch

8 February 2016

Flight back to Rotorua as our final destination as we loved it so much ready for some extreme sports!
Last night in Christchurch and we met up with our beautiful German friends again. From Sydney to New Zealand πŸ’–

6 February 2016

Queenstown Damn
Baldwin street, the steepest street in the world
So sad what the earthquake did to Christchurch. This old church is literally being held up with rods
Beautiful coast of Dunedin
We have now arrived in beautiful Christchurch
Welcome to the arty town of Dunedin
Thunder Creek and waterfall just beautiful
Welcome to ship creek
We're heading for Haast! 😬

5 February 2016

Where the famous jade is found in the beautiful mountains and of course we bought some 😊

4 February 2016

A quick stop of at beautiful Bruce bay 🏝
Road trip to queenstown πŸš™
A perfect reflection at lake Mathieson πŸ”πŸ—»
Franz Josef Glacier
Franz Josef Glacier
Franz Josef and the Fox glaciers πŸ—»
Rainbows at Franz Josef glacier
Beautiful Franz Josef glacier
We walked and climbed the beautiful Franz Josef glacier!
We have arrived in Franz Josef and although you can see snow the temperature is 30 degrees β„οΈπŸŒž
Gold panning but I also found some jade
We're leaving Blenheim
Nothing to worry about then!
Even your own carrier on the back of your bike specifically for carrying wine, and of course we filled it up as the wine was incredible!
More wine tasting 😊
Cycling around Blenheim vineyards on a tandem, so much fun 🚴
Oyster bay, bloody massive vineyard! We tasted over 30 wines choosing from over 150 vineyards in one location Marlborough region 🍷
And the laughing continued round Blenheim vineyards 🚴
Beautiful Tasman
Road trip to Nelson and Tasman
Welcome to Picton
Ferry from Wellington to Picton to start our road trip on the south of New Zealand πŸš™
Queenstown gardens

2 February 2016

This bridge is insane! Trains and cars travel on the same level at anytime! πŸš™πŸš‡

30 January 2016

Tepapa museum with the worlds largest fossil! πŸ‡³πŸ‡Ώ
Tepapa museum

29 January 2016

Chewbacca seems a bit more hairy!
Date night in Welly πŸ’–
And so our little town names continue πŸŒ™β˜€οΈ
Wellington cafe where they serve awesome coffee and food 🍴the wall is also covered in power shell artwork 😊
The Kiwis love our towns!
Devils bath
Huka falls
Devils bath
More beautiful volcanic springs πŸŒβ›°
New Zealand's finest
Champagne bath - not quite your average champagne as it is rimmed with gold!
Wai o tapu thermal wonderland, Something the eyes have never seen before and such a stunning place!
The iconic silver fern 🌿
Lady Knox Geyzer volcanic spring
So we have arrived in Wellington and had to have the heating on last night in our student accommodation! Bring me back the sun please πŸŒžβ˜€οΈ

27 January 2016

Staying in for the first time on our trip and just doodled this freehand whilst watching stepbrothers 🎨✏️
Tonight's dinner πŸ˜‹πŸ΄Delivery for 2, I could get use to this!
Bike art 🚴
Pretty Rotarua
Free fall on the Gondala
The Luge was such good adrenaline fun racing all the way 😜

26 January 2016

Jelly belly beans at the skyline in Rotarua
Skyline Roturua ready for the luge
Our plastic car for our trip to the South of New Zealand!
Rotorua volcanic springs over the road from our backpackers, pretty awesome but the sulphur air stinks!
The Wendy burger, it had to be tested! Yum!
More yummy sushi 🍴
You got it Hobbiton
Potential to move here at Parfitt place 😜
Hamilton. The Kiwis coffee is just as good as the Aussies 😊
Guess where I headed yesterday?!?

24 January 2016

Coramandal coastline with Hayden's family, awesome day with awesome people!

23 January 2016

We have completed our journey the north of New Zealand and every bit of it was awesome πŸ’–
Tane Mahuta tree 🌴
Tane Mahuta tree
The sushi in Oz and New Zealand is delish! Very big portions and can never quite finish it!
Tane Mahuta - The largest free in New Zealand over 2000 years old with a girth of 13.8 metres! Just incredible!
Haruru waterfall
Paihia 😍
Paihia - loving the wine a bit too much - Alfresco
The giant staircase worth 2.5 million
Sleepy bus wanker!!!
90 mile beach
Driving across 90 mile beach on a coach converted lorry 🚌
Tapotupotu body boarding the sand was awesome!
Tapotupotu - body boarding on sand such great fun πŸ–
Where two oceans meet, The pacific and the Tasman
Cape Reinga
A little bit of history about Cape Reinga
Cape Reinga lighthouse
Cape Reinga - so beautiful
On the edge of Cape Reinga
Beautiful beach Mangonui
Cape Reinga - We are right at the top of New Zealand where two oceans meet 🐚
Mauri art
Mangonui. Stunning volcano and lovely Fish and chip stop 🍴🐟
Matai Bay holds some of the oldest and largest trees in the rainforest, just beautiful.
Romantic Russell
New Zealand has a new flag in working progress πŸ‡³πŸ‡Ώ
The Duke of Marlborough the first licensed bar in New Zealand on Romantic Russell πŸ’–
Mauri art on the Bay of Islands
Otehai Bay
Mountain climb at Otehai Bay
The love of my life, the Island πŸ˜‰πŸ˜œ
Beautiful Otehai Bay
Hole in the rock Bay of Islands
Bay of Islands
Bay of islands north of New Zealand
Auckland 🚒
Yes more vineyards on the Waiheke island!
Nice wine but $280 a bottle! Wow!
Oh we do love a few vineyard visits at the Waiheke island!
Beer and an oyster! Not my first choice for a tipple at a vineyard! 😝
Auckland viaduct
Bus wankers in Waiheke!
Paddle boarding in Auckland, pretty awesome for our first day in NZ!

18 January 2016

We have arrived in Auckland to start out next journey 🐚

20 April 2013

Literally had so much fun!
And we were back on the raft for more adrenaline fun!
And so our raft tipped at the bottom of the waterfall, pretty hairy!
Rafting in the Kaituna down the largest rafting waterfall in the world at 7 metres! Such great fun!