Vietnam · 12 Days · 21 Moments · June 2015

Linh's trip to Vietnam

27 June 2015

Got sunburn for the first time in my motherland ocean. We went to Phu Nhuan beach in Hue Vietnam. It was so nice swimming and having so much fun in the beach that is so warm and salty. The sunburn was a worse part,however, I have so much Funtime hanging out with our group of friends in the program and two of the Hue University students.

21 June 2015

Got off at Hue airport, we now on the way to our ngoc huong hotel.
We taking a NoiBai shuttle to the airport for our flight to hue, so excited :D

16 June 2015

Having lunch at Koto restaurant with the whole group 😋
Tram Anh, Andy Truong and I went around the Ho Guom, but first we visit an ice cream place called "Kem Trang Tien" that Tram Anh had introduced to us. Then we went around the lake to check out the red bridge that lead to a temple at Ho Guom.
Tram Anh given me a ride around Ha Noi, while she looking for a gas station, the street was so busy, car-motorcycle-bicycle-people keep moving, nonstop. Tram Anh couldn't find a gas station, so she stop my her grandma and someone getting gas for her. While we waiting, her grandma brought us some smoothie @ Monkey Juice. It was fresh tropical juice and I like it. 😜
Tram Anh came by the hotel that I stayed in her home city's Ha Noi. We had "Pho" for breakfast since it is a popular morning meal here in Ha Noi 😋
Sunrise from my hotel room 401 :) it is just like an image 😍
We visited Lý Thai Tổ status, right at the morning exercise area, as we walking back to the hotel, we saw different sight like a gate at the lake, please burn paper money to offering for people who past away, a red bridge that lead to a temple on the lake, and a another angel of the lake sight.
We exercise with the local people :D
Most of us waked up early to walk around the "Ho Guom" lake.

16 June 2015

Cynthia, Veronica and I then went for a walk on "Ho Guom" lake, and after the lake, we ate real mix fruits at "tô tịch".
Cynthia, Veronica and I went to "cafe phô cổ" and have a very good egg coffee. They have a great view of "hô gươm".
Walked around the area, saw all the building and Catholic Church and we ate at bun cha Ha Noi. Our first meal :)
Checked in Prince hotel, the view of the city from my room.
We finally landed at Ha Noi airport. The heat and humidity of Vietnam got us when we walked out of the airport, just like walking into a hot sauna. However, we still excited to discover this land more :)
On Tuesday, June 16th, I landed in NoiBay, Vietnam. During the flight from Taipei to Ha Noi, I was able to see the beautiful landscape of Vietnam, including rice fields, rivers, mountains and houses.
Cynthia, Jacqueline and I take the gate C5R of Eva airline from Taipei to Ha Noi. Our professor's Christoph found us waiting, since he also have the same flight with us. We were waiting to take the bus at door 1 to get to our airplane. My first experience of having a ride on the bus and have walking on to the airplane outside. The heat of Taipei does hit us a little, let us know that we need to prepare for more heat in Ha Noi.
Cynthia and Jacqueline found me while I was searching for my transfer gate. I was so happy to see them since they have the same transfer flight to Hanoi with me. During the three hour waiting at Taipei airport, three of us wanted tried some foods in Airport. The foods and other stores were open around 6am. Then we went searching for other members in the program, who also have a transfer here in Taipei. (Andy and Joseph, we found you)
Landed in Taipei in Taiwan, sun rise was beautiful. All the stores at the airport were all close, and there were no assistant to help me find my destination for transfer. I was searching around finding where my next flight was at, but I got lost walking around, as well as seeing difference arts work at the Taipei airport.
I taking off from Vancouver B.C. To Taipei using Eva Airline before making a transfer to Vietnam. My flight starts boarding at 1:50 am on June 15. 😍