North America · 12 Days · 41 Moments · October 2017

Linda & Chuck's adventure in Nova Scotia

18 October 2017

15 October 2017

Agricultural products produced include corn and soybeans. These are huge dryers to preserve grain.
It seems many people up north have a lobster boat in their yard. This one was barely off the street in the FRONT yard.
Still plenty of Scott's in PEI. Macleod, more Macdonalds, Macdougall, Fraser and more.
Todays drive was from the north coast of Prince Edward Island, across New Brunswick to Bangor Maine, all day and about 400 miles. Thank you Chuck for driving all of it. I hate driving! XXOO
We saw potato fields and this processing plant.
Chuck trading some Vermont apples for beautiful potatoes.
Clearing huge fields for planting. Piles of brush to dispose of.
Goodbye Nova Scotia hello Prince Edward Island. After about 300 miles we reached New Gloucester. Scott's landed in this area of Nova Scotia in the 1700s. From there they spread around Nova Scotia, Cape Bretton and Prince Edward Island. We are still seeing plenty of scots names on PEI, Maccloud, Mackay, Macdonald and more. I don't think we will beat meeting 3 Macdonalds in 24 hours! We took the long way around finding our next location once on PEI. Two hours for a 30 minute trip! However We saw gorgeous flat large fields of red tilled soil. Observed corn, soybean and potato fields. Charming farms, unusual barns, a few new wineries and a settlement of Mennonite folks. Oyster and lobster seem to be at the other end of the island. We are at Souris at the ne tip We are off to see Singing Sands Beach!

14 October 2017

Great trip, and glad to be home. Next trip more of Prince Edward Island And Newfoundland!

13 October 2017

AWSOME musicians. Impossible to describe.
Us!!!!!!!! In Nova Scotia About to hear musicians from Acadia, Scotland, the Isle of Sky, Galic singer from the Hebredies, harpist from Scotland and her music partner, one of the Rankin family fiddlers from Mabou. Also a native Micmac man with history, lore and music of this people.
International dinner partners, traditional 1700's dinner. Soup with turnip and carrots, poached haddock, garden vegetables and rum cake with hot buttered rum sauce. White wine from a local vineyard in the Maritimes. Coffee, tea, raw sugar and no herbs or spices or salt and pepper. Represented: Vermont, Kentucky, Calgary, Canada and Norway. Lots of good conversation. A fun group.
The location of tonight's Celtic Colors venue. Dinner and musicians performing in several locations throughout the fort. The Fort at Louisbourg, Nova Scotia. Originally occupied by the French, friend to the Scots in 1716. The fort was taken by the British in 1745. (Approx. dates) The British were not a friend if the Scotsmen. Religious persecution, banning the traditional music, cultural distinctions such as the mandate to disband clans and wearing their distinguishing plaids, brutal punishment or death for even suspected infractions were some of the reasons so many Scots emigrated. Rebuilt in detail, including candles only, local stone, a dock for ships and barges bring in supplies and troops. A busy port in the 1700's. Now you can see the occasional whale!
No photos or recording was allowed to protect artists rights.

12 October 2017

In port Hawksbury last night, after a performance of 6 multitallented musicians who gather to present an annual guitar Extravaganza. They did allow Ashley Brown some banjo time.

11 October 2017

The Cabot Trail, ending in Marbou and the Red Shoe Pub. Owned by the famous Rankin Family. iTunes them for 3 generations of musicians.
After a day on the Cabot trail we are in Port Hood , Nova Scotia on the Bay of Fundy. In the early 2900's, Port Hood was originally a coal mining port, exporting 600-770 tons of coal per day. Original boarding houses and mansions have been converted to bed and breakfast and hotel. Scotch influence is still present, we have 3 Macdonald in the last 34 hours!
A little farm owned by Vermonters!
More Ingonish mountains.
Ingonish in the early morning. Many eagles soaring around!

10 October 2017

Mahon bay, home of ship building.
Have arrived at Ingonish,NS. It is a good thing our truck can climb. Many miles of climbing up and up, the view will be spectacular in the morning. The Inn at Castle Rock hangs out over the valley. Yikes!

9 October 2017

250 miles of trees, many true red! Beautiful.
Hi, Wonderful cool evening by the lake at Lake House B& B
Turket, Nova Scotia 20 miles east of Yarmouth.
Monday Lots of red color!!!! Except for metropolitan Halifax, we drove through 250 miles of space, ocean views, wilderness, wood lots and lobster boats put up for the season.

8 October 2017

A wild ride on the CAT Ferry from Portland to Yarmouth!!!! 6.5 hours. Wind, rain, waves that rocked this Ferry that is the size of a cruise ship. Worst crossing in two years, said many staff. Lots of crashing glass in the bar. One young man said he cleaned up an inch of broken glass! The captain said there were panini's all over the place in the snack bar. 15 miles later we are at the lovely Lake House B & B. They left the light on for us. Breakfast is at 8:30 Ta ta
The Cat Ferry

6 October 2017

Chuck packing with his wine?