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Lindsey’s Travel Blog 2019 (and Morgan)

18 April 2019

Koh Tao has some of the best food that we have eaten all trip. It probably helped having Bre to recommend us places to eat. Koh Tao was probably One of my favourite islands but unfortunately last night we had to leave. We took a night boat and a bus to get to Bangkok where we fly out of in 2 days 😭 Auntie Lori and Grandma, if you are reading this please stop now as the rest of this post isn’t for your eyes 🙈 Our last day in Koh Tao we both got tattoos. Morgan’s was done with a machine and I got mine done by bamboo. Both of us thought it was going to hurt alot more then it actually did. Morgan’s tattoo took 2 hours and mine took 10 minutes haha. I went and got a foot massage while he was getting his done 😎 Now we are in Bangkok about to go eat some McDonald’s ❤️
So far we are loving Koh Tao it’s such a nice island. Our first day we rented a scooter and explored a bit and you can get to the other side of the island in only 10 minutes. We ended up going to meet up with our friend Bre who works here as a dive instructor. We met with her and some of her friends for supper then just had a couple drinks at her place. Our second day we spent our day walking around the walking streets and we walked around Sairee beach. In the evening we met up with Bre and her friends again and we watched a fire show on the beach then went out to one of the bars and played some beer pong. Our third day we went to some of the beaches on the other side of the island. We weren’t feeling too hot so it was a pretty slow moving day. That night we went to the lady boy show in town again with Bre and her friends. Today we took a taxi boat to and island not far from here. We snorkelled around the island and hiked to a cool viewpoint. Also they have nice sunsets here!

17 April 2019

16 April 2019

15 April 2019

11 April 2019

We booked 2 night in Koh Samui and we ended up staying for 4. We stayed at the top hostel for the first 3 and first residences for the last one. Our first day here we hung out on the beach. It was one of the nicest beaches we have been to in Thailand I think so we just spent the day there soaking up the sun before we come home 😭. The next day Songkran celebrations started. Songkran is the Thai new year where they celebrate by having a 3 day waterfight. You can’t go outside the hotel without getting soaked. I don’t have many pictures because I left my phone in our room. But for our 2nd and 3rd day we spent 8-10 hours on the street throwing water at people and drinking. It was one of the most fun holidays I wish canada had something like it Our last day we had to change hotels because there was no more room at ours. We walked around town a bit then went to the pool at our new hotel. In the evening Morgan video chatted Janet for 5 hours to watch the masters haha Now off to Koh Tao

10 April 2019

We decided to stay in Ao Nang instead of Krabi town and we stayed at the Chatchada Antique guesthouse and we stayed for 3 nights. Our first day we took a taxi boat to Railay Beach which is a very popular beach here. We didn’t love it as is was really busy, lots of garbage in the water, and the ocean was as hot as bath water. It was still a fun day. It we just didn’t love it as much as all the people who recommend it, maybe my expectations were too high haha. We went to the Jungle kitchen for supper and the food was delicious. We tried to go back the next night but they had closed for songkran. Our second day there we took a scooter out to Ao Thalane and went kayaking. The route was 6km long and at point the river got super narrow and we would have to lay down in the kayak to get under trees. It was a really fun day and after we stopped at a beach on our way back but I don’t remember what it was called. The beCh was covered in sea shells Today we are off to Koh Samui

9 April 2019

8 April 2019

5 April 2019

Our first day in Koh Phi Phi we rented a kayak and went to monkey beach which is in the next bay. There were monkeys everywhere which was really cool but with my history I stayed away from them. We saw a few people trying to get pictures with them and getting bit pretty bad. It was fun to just sit in the water and watch the monkeys steal people stuff from their bags. That evening we went out and drank some buckets, played some beer pong and rode a mechanical bull. It is a pretty big party island so every night there is a big party on the beach with lots of bars everywhere. Our second day we went on a boat tour with a couple of girls from Germany who we beat in beer pong the night before. We saw maya bay, the Viking cave, and went snorkelling at 2 different spots. After that we had about a 3 hour nap because we were kind of hurting from the night before. Today we took a ferry to Krabi where we will be staying for 2 night so far

3 April 2019

Our second day in Phuket we wanted to go surfing again but our muscles were sore and skin was burnt so we figured we better wait. We ended up going to check out Karon beach which was really nice! But there were a lot of jellyfish so swimming wasn’t very fun when it just stings every time you go in the water. So we ended up going back to Kata beach and just having a relaxing day. The next day we took a ferry over to the Phi Phi islands where we stayed at the Beacha club. Koh phi phi is just a small island and there are not vehicles just walking streets. We were met at the pier and a guy carried our luggage to our hotel for us. Our first night we just walked around the town

1 April 2019

We were happy to leave Chiang Mai because the air quality was so bad and Morgan’s lungs were starting to bug him. We flew into Phuket and now we are staying at the Must Sea Hotel Kata at Kata beach. Our first full day here we rented surf boards and spent the day in the ocean! It was super fun/tiring and now we are really sore haha. In the evening we just walked around town but we went to bed pretty early because we were exhausted! I don’t have many pictures because I didn’t have my phone with me when we went surfing. Also here’s a picture of us and the lady we stayed with in Chiang Mai haha

30 March 2019

Today we were planning on going fishing at the piranha fish farm but we showed up and they told us it was closed because the water levels are too low. It is the dry season here so the rivers are really low and everything is brown. There are also 150 controlled fires around us so it has been very Smokey with ash falling all the time. It actually looks a lot like Emma lake haha. After there we just cruised around on the scooter. We found an elephant camp and fed some elephants. It definitely wasn’t the most ethical place to do it... but it was cheap and we’re on a budget 😬. We were going to go to the white Buddha but I wasn’t dressed properly so I just took a picture from the bottom of the hill haha. With how Smokey and hot it is we just went and hung out at the pool for the remainder of the day. Played some 2 man Kaiser and had some Chang’s.

27 March 2019

Out last day in Chiang Mai we decided to go golfing at the Stardome golf course. I played terrible but it was really fun and our caddies were really nice. We are really excited to be home for summer and golf. The next day we rented a scooter and came to Pai! The drive through the mountains was really cool with all the views. We left our big backpacks in Ching Mai so we could both travel on one scooter. Pai is a cool little mountain town.. it is pretty small but there are a lot of tourists and lots of things to do. We are staying in a little bungalow at Baan Chokdee resort. Our first day we went hiking at the Pai Canyon. We stuck to the safer paths cause some of the trails looked pretty dangerous, and with my track record I wasn’t chancing it. After that we went for a smoothie at this famous love strawberry place. In the evenings we have just been wandering around the walking street which is filled with shops and restaurants.

26 March 2019

The lady we are staying with in Chiang Mai is one of the nicest people we’ve met. We booked 3 nights here so she upgraded us to the family room which is about 3 times the size of the room we were supposed to get. Also, we’re paying 20 dollars a night and she told us that includes free water, laundry, breakfast and supper. And the food has been delicious. Yesterday we spent the day at the Chiang Mai Grand Canyon, which is pretty much a wipeout course. There were blobs, zip lines, wake-boarding, trampolines, big slides, cliff jumping, lots of obstacles and we even tried water skipping. In the evening we walked around the Chiang Mai night bazaar which is a huge night market. We didn’t buy much but it was fun to walk around
From Bali we flew to Bangkok and had 1 day there before we flew to Chiang Mai. The first thing we did was go to the big dog cafe. And we were in heaven. We paid 10 dollars to spend 2.5 hours with the dogs. After that we walked around a bit then ended up going to Khaosan road for the night. It was really cool the road is packed with people and little shops and restaurants. We ended up meeting up with Randy and Deb Pellegrini (Morgan’s family friends from the lake) for some drinks then next thing you know we were out till 3am with them. We went for supper and then went to a ping pong show (if you don’t know what that is, you probably don’t want to know) The next morning we had a flight to Chiang Mai which we ended up spending over an hour in traffic and missing our flight, so we got on the next one at 12:20 We have now been in Chiang Mai for less then 24 hours but we already love it here!

24 March 2019

21 March 2019

Our last few days in Bali we spent just exploring the town and going to waterfalls. Morgan used his bartering skills to get us some new shirts at the market. One of the waterfalls we went to was so powerful it was hard to even stand up in the water. There was ropes so you couldn’t go very close to it either. Our very last day we flew out of Kuta at 7pm so we went to town at 9am and went to Waterbom Bali which is the #1 water park in Asia. We got really lucky as it wasn’t very busy and it was Saturday. We did all of the water slides and some were pretty scary haha. There are 3 slides where you stand in a capsule thing and the floor just drops from underneath you. One was smaller, one bigger, and one that you actually go upside down like a roller coaster. It was a really fun day. I don’t have very many pictures because there was only a few rides where I was allowed to take my go pro. We also had to say bye to Lauren and Delan earlier than we expected 😕
We ended up spending 6 nights in Ubud but unfortunately ended up cutting our time in Bali short as we couldn’t extend our flights home (well we could we just couldn’t afford to 😭) so after 10 days in Bali we booked a flight to Thailand so we can spend a full 30 days there before we go home. One morning in Ubud we got up at 2am to go hike Mt Batur and watch the sunrise from the top. It ended up being too cloudy to even see the sunrise but it was still a really cool experience! The hike was about 2 hours straight up then once to got the the top it got very cold waiting for the sun to rise. On the way up it was pitch black so we all had flashlights to see where we’re stepping. The way down was cool because it was light out so we could actually see where we came up and the views were really nice after the clouds cleared a little bit.

19 March 2019

After Kuta we came to Ubud and met up with Lauren and Delan! Everything is so green here it’s a really nice town! We’re staying at Uma Kutah 2 and we really like it. One day we went to the sacred monkey forest where my bad luck continued and I got bit by a monkey. No worries, we went to the first aid there and they cleaned it and said all the monkeys are clean so I don’t have rabies 😁 after that we went back to Lauren and delans place and hung out in the pool and had some drinks. Today we went to 3 different waterfalls which were really nice. And since my arm is doing better I can actually go swimming without holding my arm out of the water🙂 The food here has also been really good! More expensive then the other countries we have been to but really good. It s hard to get used to paying 3 dollars for a beer when in Cambodia we paid 50 cents for a pint. There a quite a few pictures so there are multiple posts!

18 March 2019

17 March 2019

16 March 2019

Our first 3 days in Bali we stayed in Kuta at the Sirus boutique hotel. Kuta is a touristy beach town and it is very busy. We didn’t have great weather there so we spent most of our time just walking around the town. We shopped at a lot of little local markets but we never ended up buying anything because Morgan gets mad at people when they try to rip us off haha. The people were very pushy and would follow us down the block trying to convince us to buy from them. We went to the beach for about 5 minutes and were harassed by so many women trying to braid our hair, sell jewelry or give us massages. I also had a scooter fall over onto my foot and that is the only picture I took in Kuta. But on the bright side my arm is finally starting to heal!

13 March 2019

Our last day in Cambodia we went golfing at City Golf course. It is a little par 3 course but it was really nice! We spent a total of 83 dollars which included 50 balls at the driving range, 2 new gloves, club rental, caddies, 18 holes of golf, 2 water and 2 beer It was about 35 degrees and sunny so it was a pretty sweaty round but it was really fun From there we came to Bali to crash Lauren and Delan’s honeymoon!!!!

12 March 2019

We took a bus back to Phnom Penh today and arrived around noon. We spend the rest of the day touring the s21 prison and the killing fields. It was crazy to learn about what happened here in Cambodia only 40 years ago. I don’t have any photos of the prison (was a school before turned into the prison) but it is where many innocent people were held and tortured every day for years. Walking through the blood stained torture rooms and cells was unbelievable. They killed so many people here they ran out of room for bodies so that’s when they starting dumping them in the now called killing fields. The killing fields have many mass graves where in each one hundreds of bodies were dumped. Bones and clothing still come up through the mud today. There is a building in the middle which looks like a temple but if you zoom in it is full of the skulls of the victims. The didn’t use bullets to kill people because they were too expensive, so they used everyday tools or whatever could do the job.

11 March 2019

Our last full day here we took the scooter to La Plantation which is a pepper farm. The road to get there was really bad (thank god I wasn’t driving) and it took about an hour. We got there and we got a free tour around the farm. Our guide showed us how they make pepper and the different kinds. After the tour we got a free tasting where we tried 7 different kinds- black, white, red, salted, and some flavoured ones for cooking. We both bought some to bring home. On the drive there we found a lake that looked like it could be in Saskatchewan, it made us really excited to be home for summer!

10 March 2019

Our second day we took the bike and went to Bokor National park where we wanted to see Popokvil waterfall because someone at our place recommended it as he was there 4 months ago. So we went and drove over an hour to get to this waterfall and there isn’t a drop of water. It didn’t look anything like google said it would haha We were already up the mountain so we decided to just drive around and see what else we could find. We ended up finding this little village with a massive hotel. We went inside and ended up finding a casino so we went and tried to make some money. It turns out we didn’t have very much on us so we only gambled 7 dollars and lost it all. That evening we went to a restaurant called the Taco bar, which was delicious. The food in kampot is really good they have a lot of different restaurants. Also a pint of beer is only 50 cents so we liked that, 25 at happy hour.

9 March 2019

We rented a scooter for our time in Kampot and on our first day we went to Kep because we heard they had a nice beach there. We ended up going to the wrong place and we ran into a couple of guys from the Netherlands and they asked us if we wanted to share a boat to Rabbit island so we decided to do that instead. It was about a 20 minute boat ride to an island that you can walk around. There are a lot of locals who go there with coolers of beer and big speakers. All you have to do is walk by and smile and they will give you a free beer and make you dance with them. We started to walk around the island but the first beach we saw was just covered in plastic and trash. And we heard the one after that was the same so we just hung out on the main beach. It’s such a nice island it’s too bad they only maintain the main beach where the boats go. That evening we went for supper at a place called hurricane brewski which was a Canadian bar. We had grilled cheese with tomato soup and a poutine

8 March 2019

After Ho Chi Minh we took a bus to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. We only stayed here one night because we are coming back here for our flight to Bali. So instead we took a other bus to Kampot and spent 4 nights here. The day we arrived was a bit of a mess. We arrived around 2:30 or 3 and then tried to find the place that we booked online. We drove all over the city in a Tuk tuk trying to find this place (costed us 7us dollars which is a lot for here haha). We eventually found the place and it looked exactly like the picture did on so Morgan went in to confirm our reservation. He walked in on a family eating in the kitchen and they told him that we were at the right place but it hadn’t been a hotel in months. By now it’s 5pm and we have no where to stay so we went to a little coffee shop with wifi so we could look for something. Everything online in our budget was booked up so we ended up staying in a tent on an Airbnb property.

5 March 2019

We spent 3 night in Ho Chi Minh before our visa expired. One day we just walked around the city, went to a couple shopping malls and markets, and went to McDonald’s for lunch ❤️ The next day we rented a scooter and drove two hour to the Cu Chi Tunnels which were really interesting. These tunnels were about half the size of the tunnels we went to in Hue. There are 250km of tunnels where they lives for 20 years. The area was bombed every day so they worked in the nights and hid during the day. The tunnels were made so small because the Vietnamese are so small that only they could fit in and the American soldiers would struggle. We went through some tunnels the longest being 30 meters, which seems a lot further when you’re pretty much crawling in dirt. We also both shot an M16 Overall Ho Chi Minh was really cool. The streets are very busy and there and drugs and prostitutes everywhere. After about 9pm all the “massage therapists” are grabbing at men on the street to bring them in

4 March 2019

This morning we arrived in Ho Chi Minh at 6:30am and again we weren’t able to get into our room yet. We went for coffee then went to the war remnants museum. The museum was crazy seeing all of the machines that were used during the war by the us military. One of the most interesting/sad things I learnt was about the agent orange poison that was sprayed on the land by airplane. The poison causes mutation, physical and mental disabilities, cancer, blindness and so many other things. There are kids being born today with major health issues because of their parents or grandparents exposure to the agent orange. We also learnt about the prisons there and how the prisoners were treated which was horrifying. I’ll post a picture of some of the torture techniques that were used. We were at the museum for about 3 hours and it costed 2 dollars each, it was a really experience and I learnt so much about the was that I didn’t know before

1 March 2019

We left Nha Trang on a sleeping bus last night and we loved it there! Our first day we arrived at about 4:30am and couldn’t get into our room yet so we got our towels and went to the beach to watch the sunrise and have a nap because we didn’t sleep much on the night bus. In our 2 nights there we spent some time on the beach and explored Ba Ho waterfall. The waterfall was super cool there were different levels that you could to hike to. We spent about an hour hiking to number 3 which I think was the highest. The hike was really fun it was a lot of climbing over rocks and some places had ladders and ropes to assist you.

26 February 2019

We left Hoi An last night and we left our bikes behind as well 😭 we realized we still had too many hours to go to get to Saigon and too much stuff we wanted to do so we returned our bikes and caught a sleeping bus to Nha Trang. We loved Hoi An, it is such a cool little town. We were very happy with the clothes we had made and sent them all back to Canada. We walked around the night market one night which was really cool the town has lanterns everywhere and so many little shops. We also decided to screw the budget one day and treated ourself to a round of golf at the Da Nang golf club. We both had brand new ping clubs and our own caddy. I didn’t play very well but it was a nice day and a lot of fun! The food is also great in Hoi An! I have recently discovered the “cheap eats” section on trip advisor so we have been trying restaurants from there! We have been having super good meals for a pretty good price.

24 February 2019

Our first day in Hoi An we spent just wandering around the old town. On a block with 20 stores on it, 15 of them will be tailor shops. We looked around a few and decided to get some clothes made. The store took our measurements around 5:30 last night, and the clothes were made at 1:00pm today. And we are going for our second fitting at 5:00pm. We got to pick out the material the clothes were made of and everything. The place we are staying it pretty nice, and the rooms are big. But the best part is the owner has two 2 month old puppies, Lou and Moc.

22 February 2019

We tried wrapping my arm up with Saran Wrap and tape so I could go in the ocean on our beach day. It worked for a bit but my arm ended up getting soaked, it was worth it though because the waves were really fun. Our second day in Da Nang we went up the coast on the scooter. We went to a lady Buddha temple thing (not sure of the name) and drove on some roads with so many monkeys! We met some other tourists looking for a nice beach around there so we tried to find it, but had no luck. We found one beach where we had to climb about 20 minutes down a water runoff only to find out the beach is covered in garbage.... then had to hike straight back up. Our last night we went to see the dragon bridge because we heard it was supposed to breathe fire on Saturday nights. Da Nang is so pretty at night the whole city just lights up. The dragon shot fire a couple times then it shot out water and soaked everyone who was on the bridge, luckily we weren’t on it. And now we are in Hoi An!

21 February 2019

Yesterday we rode from Hue to Da Nang. We drove on one of the most famous roads in Vietnam called the Hai Van pass. The ride was on a mountain on the side of the ocean and the views were amazing. I was nervous to do it because googling it will tell you some pretty scary stories of people riding it but it really wasn’t bad. We arrived in Da Nang which is the third largest city in Vietnam. Our hotel is a few minute walk away from the beach so we went to check it out when we got here. The beach is huge. Miles of white sand, big waves and surrounded by massive buildings. I have never been to California but this is what I picture the beaches to look like there. Today we’re treating ourselves with a beach day because we haven’t seen a lot of sun lately and our bodies are sore from riding the bikes haha.

17 February 2019

We spent 3 night in Dong Hoi and stayed at the Gemanai hotel and bar, which had some really good western food! We spend the days exploring the town by motorbike. The town is on the ocean and has a river going through it so there are a lot of boats and beaches. In the evenings we went to the buffalo hostel to play pool. We met quite a few people there, even some Canadians. Then after pool we would go to the beach for a bonfire. The beach we went to was super cool because there were fireflies flying around everywhere and glowing plankton in the water. We are now in Hue. We biked here yesterday and on the way stopped at the Vinh Moc Tunnels. It was amazing to walk through the tunnels where so many people had to live for months during the war. There tiny were bedrooms and birthing rooms, it’s crazy to believe people lived there for so long. They also had a small museum with some photos of the war, it was very interesting to see and learn about!

15 February 2019

After Cua Lo we went to Vinh for one night. In Vinh we went and visited Ho Chi Minh’s hometown and toured the house that he was born in and grew up in. Other then that there wasn’t a lot for us to do in Vinh. In the evening we went for a massage then went and played some pool then ended up at a random night club. The locals bought us drinks and insisted on us staying and having drinks with them. People are still loving Morgan. At Ho Chi Minhs house people were taking pictures of him. We also went to a pharmacy and as we were paying locals came out of the back to take pictures of him. One lady even made him hold her baby so she could take a picture of them together We are now currently in Dong Hoi which was a 4 hour ride from Vinh. If you count people running into Morgan’s bike as an accident then we have now both been in 2! Morgan was hit twice in the last 2 days by other scooters. Both very minor but since we both have 2 accidents now I would say we’re equally skilled drivers 😏

13 February 2019

Yesterday we spent another day touring Ninh Binh. We started off going through a cool cave, then went to a place called Mua Cave, which we found out is more of a hike then a cave. There is a pretty small cave then stairs that let you go up the mountain. The view from the top was amazing! After that we went and did a boat tour where a Vietnamese lady towed us down a river. After that we went for supper in Tam Coc and then played some pool. We ended up at Chookies where we have spent the last 3 nights. Today we arrived in Cau Lo which is near Vinh. It was about a 4 hour drive and I still didn’t fall!! From what we’ve seen so far this town seems kind of dead. We will likely head somewhere else tomorrow

12 February 2019

Well we made it to Ninh Binh yesterday and I managed to keep my bike upright! It was a muggy day and the drive was pretty cold but we got to drive though clouds which was pretty cool! You could hardly see 20 ft in front of you. Today we went to Bai Dinh Pagoda temple and it was awesome! It was so big, probably around 5km long and there were a lot of stairs. After that we went to Am Tien Cave. This was surrounded by mountains with a lake in the middle. There was a temple and a lot of people getting married there. And if you didn’t think Morgan’s ego was already big enough, it grew 100x today. The amount of Vietnamese people who came up to us to give me their camera so I could take a picture of them with Morgan is outrageous. Like over 20 people asked for their picture with him. And he loved it. There are a lot of photos so they are in separate posts!

9 February 2019

Today we went to a pharmacy to get some supplies for my wounds, we got some cotton balls, iodine, gauze and tape for under 4 dollars. After that we went to a waterfall recommended by the family we are staying with. It costed us 10,000 dong to get in and it was really beautiful! After that we just cruised around the mountain road for a while. We came back and the family made us another delicious meal and gave us another water bottle filled with their home brew. Then we went to check out the market in town. There are a bunch of little local shops with clothes and jewelry.

8 February 2019

Yesterday we rode the bikes from Hanoi to Mai Chau. I somehow managed to stall my semi automatic bike about 50 feet from where we started. Then before we got out of Hanoi I managed to lay my bike down and get a little bit of road rash 😬 but like my dad always says if you’re not falling down you’re not trying hard enough! I don’t think he was talking about scooters but whatever. I was cut off and slammed on the brakes so my wheels just slid out from under me. I’m a bit sore but injuries are pretty minor! Although later in the ride I managed to fall into Morgan’s bike and burn my arm on his exhaust pipe. Other then that the drive was amazing! It was through the mountains so we saw some pretty amazing views! We are staying with a family here in Mai Chau and lucky for us they were celebrating New Years the night we got here. They fed us mountains of food and a lot of rice wine (35% home brew from a water bottle)

6 February 2019

Some of our recent purchases.. They have some store here called “made in Vietnam” and it’s full of brand name clothes like north face, adidas, Nike, etc. We ended up buying a couple north face jackets and a fanny pack for 920,000 dong - which is around 50 Canadian dollars. Morgan also not owns a full Hawaiian suit. He brought the shirt and then found matching pants here. Yesterday we spend the whole day looking for motorbikes because we are going to ride them down to Ho Chi Minh city. I don’t have pictures of the bikes yet but I got a Honda wave and Morgan got a Honda Win

5 February 2019

We have spent the last 4 night in Hanoi. We arrived on their New Year’s Eve and they celebrate new years for about a week so all of the tours, temples and museums were closed. Things are just starting to open up again. Our hostel is in the old quarter if Hanoi which is really fun to just walk around because the streets are packed. We are also very close to Hoan Kiem lake which we went to on New Year’s Day. It was packed with local people in traditional clothes taking pictures. Our days have been fairly quiet because of the New Years but we have checked out a lot of little shops and trying out the street food. We played in a beer pong tournament at our hostel one night and did pretty good! Our hostel has free beer every day and pub crawls every night. We only went out one night and it was crazy. They sell balloons filled with laughing gas here and any street you walk down you’ll see people carrying around these huge balloons, even mid day.

3 February 2019

Yesterday we went to the Bohol Kawasan falls but they don’t even compare to the Kawasan falls we went to in Badian. On our way back from the falls we passed this arena with a bunch of people on it, it was so loud we heard it from the street so we decided to check it out.... turns out it was a cock pit arena. It was crazy. I had heard of chicken fighting but I didn’t realize how savage it was and I didn’t think the chickens actually got hurt. They strap 4” knives to the chickens feet where they would usually have a sharp claw or something so they are used to using it to fight. Then people start betting on the chickens and they fight to the death 😭 but both chickens usually died. I never thought I cared that much about chickens but this made me feel sick, it was so sad. After that we went to a Mexican restaurant for supper and then back to another bar to play pool and darts. Then we packed up our stuff because today we are on our way to Vietnam!

2 February 2019

Yesterday we took the scooter and went to the Hinagdanan cave. It was a 50 peso entrance fee plus an additional 75 if you wanted to swim in the cave, so 125 pesos each. Going down the stairs into the cave you could hear bats flying around and it was really dark. There are a couple of natural lights and our eyes didn’t take long to adjust. We went for a swim in the incredibly clear water. It was pretty deep and you could still see everything on the bottom. We found out later when we googled the cave that swimming isn’t advised because the water has been tested to show high levels of various pollutants because the cave is fed by ground runoff. So we came back to our hotel and showered with a lot of soap and took some vitamins haha. After that it was raining so we found a karaoke bar with darts and a pool table and hung out there for a while. Also here are a couple picture from the go pro from zip lining a couple days ago

31 January 2019

Yesterday we woke up a bit hungover. The night before it was raining all day so we just had some drinks and played cards with people at our hotel. The bar there closed at 9 but the Russian guys we were with had a couple bottles of rum so we drank that. So in the morning we decided to have a pretty chill day. We went to check out Alona beach which is the most popular beach on Panglao Island. There are a lot of bars and resorts but it’s also a bit pricey. After that we went to get a massage. I was hoping for a pretty relaxing massage that I could maybe have a little nap in. We stopped at this Thai massage place and got an hour long massage for 400 pesos. Little did I know Thai massages are absolutely wild. She did things to my body that I didn’t even know my body could do. She started out crawling on top of me and at one point I was completely off the ground on top of her. It was a cool experience but I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re not feeling 100%. We also adopted a chicken 🐓
Today we went into Tagbilaran for breakfast then hit the road again with the scooter and went to the Mag-Aso falls. We were about to leave our breakfast place and it was pouring rain so we bought some rain coats for 240 pesos each. It has been raining every day so we should get our moneys worth. And without even trying we managed to match our coats to our helmets 😎 Despite the rain we made the 40 minute drive to the waterfall! We paid 35 pesos each for an entrance fee then hiked down to the falls. They were pretty nice, we were able to climb up some rocks and hang out underneath it.

29 January 2019

Yesterday we got on the scooter and went to check out the twin bamboo bridges. They were made a long time ago for locals to get across the river but now it’s a tourist attraction. The bridges are very wobbly and uneven and the railing is about knee height so it was kind of sketchy. After that we went to the Loboc adventure park and decided to go zip lining. There were 2 zip lines both over 500 meters. We went over a Forrest and river, the view was pretty nice! I don’t have any pictures though, just go pro videos. After that we went to another zoo, but this one didn’t even compare to the one we went to the day before. Our guide barely knew anything more about the animals that we did and they had dogs in cages as zoo animals 😭 and there was a tiger in a cage that was way too small he could barely walk around in it. Today we are moving from Loboc to Panglao island.

28 January 2019

Today was the first day we have really had sun since El Nido. We didn’t really have a plan but we got on the scooter and first went to the Camugao falls and went for a swim. There were a lot of little fish that are all the dead skin off our feet. After that we went to the chocolate hills adventure park and rode a bike across a zip line. We had to climb around a million steps to get there but it was fun! Kinda sketchy but fun. We were on our way back to loboc and we drive through the man made Forrest which was pretty cool but I didn’t take any pictures. Then we drove by a sign that said loboc wildlife so we went to check it out. We paid 150 pesos each and got a guide to take us through the zoo they had there. It was super cool and they made us hold snakes, iguanas and alligators. The biggest snake weighed over 60 kilos. For some reason I can’t upload more then 10 pictures on a post so they are in separate posts!

26 January 2019

We took a ferry from Cebu to Bohol and spend one night in Tagbilaran and are now staying in Loboc at Stefanie Grace paradise inn for 3 nights. Our room is right on the river that runs through Bohol. Our first day here we rented a scooter and went for a ride around to see what there is to do. We ended up going to a tarsier sanctuary. Tarsiers are some type of monkey I think but they are endangered. They’re very small and have huge eyes and they are only found in Bohol. There wasn’t a lot to do in the evenings here. There aren’t many restaurants and the town is pretty quiet at night so we just hung out at the hotel.

25 January 2019

So canyoneering is our new favourite sport. This tour was so fun but also very tiring. It was 4 hours full of hiking, swimming and jumping. I wasn’t sure I was even going to make it to the end haha. The hike to the first jump was very steep, muddy and slippery and I may or may not have fell once. Then we made it to the first jump (thankfully the lowest at 3 meters) and I went to jump and my foot slipped so I flailed all the way into the water. I’m blaming it on all the mud that was on my shoes. I can’t post videos on here but I’ll post a screenshot of my form. Thankfully it got better after that. We did a total of 7 jumps, one slide and one rope swing. The highest jump was 14 meters. My favourite one was the 10 meter one where we had to take a running start. I don’t think our guide knew very much English but he was good. Also it has been raining everyday for a week. Every scooter ride we end up soaked. We’re really hoping for some nicer days

24 January 2019

Our second day on moalboal we rented a scooter from a place across the street from us for 3 days (1200 pesos). We drive around town a little bit and explored the back roads where people live. There was a sign that said “fish sanctuary” so we tried to go there. Biked as far as would could then started walking through the muddy trails filled with farm animals (lots of baby goats and chicks 😍). Finally we asked a family where the fish sanctuary was cause we couldn’t find it and these 2 little boys took us down this long trail to the side of the ocean and said that was it.. so that was kind of a waste of time haha. After that we had lunch and took our scooter to Kawasan falls and they were amazing. We also got to watch people at the end of their canyoneering tour jump off the final cliff. After that we went to the taco bar which was my favourite meal so far. It helped they had cheap drinks and good music. Tomorrow we are doing the canyoneering tour!

23 January 2019

We took a bus from Oslob to Moalboal for just over 100 pesos each and it was a 3 hour bus ride. We met a couple from England on the bus and talked to them the whole way. We stayed at MJs residences for 4 nights here for 700 pesos a nice. Morgan picked this place because it is close to McDonald’s, which is the first thing we did when we got here. Then se dropped off our laundry and got it washed for 50 pesos per kilo and we had 5 kilos. Morgan has no shirts to wear so I had to go into the superstore and buy him a really nice tie dye one. I also bought a couple pairs of cool Hawaiian pants 😎 That evening we met the couple from England at the chilli bar and met quite a few other people there too. Morgan played in a pool tournament with a guy from California, I watched and drank beer 😊 We already like moalboal way better then oslob. The town is a lot cleaner and less smelly and there is so much to do here

22 January 2019

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while! The day we traveled to Cebu sucked! We got to Puerto Princesa and our flight was delayed over 2 hours and they charged us over 60 Canadian dollars to check one bag. So we arrived in Cebu around 8:30pm and then it took us about an hour to find a cab from the airport. We finally found a cab and it took us about half an hour to get the to hotel that we booked. We went to check in and they told us they had no availability, even though we had a booking confirmation. Cebu hosts a big festival on the third Sunday of every January, lwhich happened to be the day after so that’s why all the hotels were so booked. So at 10:30pm we’re online trying to find somewhere else to stay and we ended up finding a place that was double the cost of the first place (which we had to pay for both). But when we got there we didn’t have enough cash so we had to walk around the slums of Cebu to find an atm to pay for the hotel. We couldn’t wait to get out of Cebu haha

20 January 2019

We went from Cebu and took a bus to Oslob. Getting to the bus terminal was a mess because it was impossible to get taxis and they had a lot of road closures due to the festival going on. It took us a couple hours, 2 taxis and a few kms walked but we made it to the bus terminal. We arrived in Oslob and we stayed at the GT Lodge and it was pretty nice! We had hot water which was a nice change. We stayed in Oslob for 2 nights, and we didn’t do too much because it was pouring rain the whole time. But it was kind of nice to just relax! We walked through the museum and ruins of Oslob one afternoon which was pretty cool! There were barracks and watchtowers that were made out of coral. Other then that we drank a few San Miguel apple beers and played some 2 person Kaiser

19 January 2019

Yesterday we had a very relaxing day in El Nido. We both got massages for 500 pesos each. We didn’t do much because we both needed a break from the sun. It has been 31 degrees every day we have been here. We walked around town and bought food for stray dogs that we liked haha. Not dog food but burgers or canned chicken and tuna. I also had some time to put all the go pro footage on my phone, I will put some of the pictures on here. Today we took a van to Puerto Princesa at 8am and we booked a flight from there to Cebu city for 71 cad each. Nothing too exciting the last couple days! Beng Bengs are our new favourite chocolate bars.

17 January 2019

Today we went on an island hopping tour in El Nido. It started off in a small lagoon where we rented a kayak and explored. I know I said this in Port Barton but this really was the bluest clearest water I have ever seen. We went so quite a few different beaches, did some cliff jumping, snorkelling and saw lots of monkeys! After the tour we came back and checked into a new hostel. We showered and then walked around town in the evening.

16 January 2019

We arrived in El Nido around noon yesterday and spent our first day just walking around the town. It’s pretty cool and there are a lot of little shops and restaurants. We were surprised to see that the beach in town was very small and you can’t swim in it. The bigger more popular beaches you need to get to by cab or boat. I am not sure if I got food poisoning or a bit of the flu but I was sick in the evening so we didn’t do too much. Today we rented a scooter for 500 pesos and went to 3 different beaches outside of El Nido. We went to Nacpan, Calitang and LiO. We spent a lot of time body surfing and just swimming in the ocean. I think we will stay here for a total of 4 nights. It seems to be much more expensive then Port Barton was!

14 January 2019

We ended up staying one extra night in port barton after leaving the jungle bar. We stayed about a 30 second walk from the beach for only 800 pesos. Our last day in port barton we spent the day waking around the town. We got a guy on the street to make necklaces for us with some shells that we found on the snorkelling tour. In the evening we went to the reggae bar for happy hour and ended up staying all night. We both had a meal and quite a few drinks for only 540 pesos. The next morning we took a van at 8am going to El Nido. It took about 3 hours but seemed even longer with our hangovers.

13 January 2019

Today we went on an island hopping/snorkel tour and it was amazing. I have never seen snorkelling like here before. The reefs were huge and colourful and there were so many fish. We went snorkelling at 4 different places, 3 reefs and one was just off a beach where there was a bunch of sea turtles. We paid 1200 pesos each for the tour which is about 30 dollars canadian. The tour went from 8-5 and lunch was included. We ate lunch on a small island, I will add a picture of the lunch they made! After that we ate supper in port Barton at a pizza place. The pizza was massive and so good. After supper we taught the South African couple how to play Kaiser. Today is our last night in the jungle bar. We haven’t decided if we will stay in Port Barton for another night or go to El Nido

12 January 2019

Today we rented a motor bike from the owners of the Airbnb for 500 pesos. Our Airbnb is about a 10 minute ride to the town of Port Barton so we went there. We walked the beach for a bit then ended up running into a South African couple who we met on our bus from puerto princess the day before. We had heard there was a waterfall not far from the town so they rented a scooter and we went with them to find it. Once we got close we parked our bike and had to make a donation to get in so we gave 100 pesos. We then walked about 15 minutes from there to get the waterfall and it was so nice! We did some cliff jumping from about 15 feet then just hung out there for a while it was a really fun day! Then we came back to town and had some supper and we were in bed by 7pm haha We booked an island hopping tour for today with the same couple so we are renting the bike again and going into town to get on the boat at 8am.

11 January 2019

Today we checked out of the tropic dahlia and took a van to Port Barton. It took about 4 hours to get there but the drive was nice. Port Barton is a small fishing town and it has the bluest water I have ever seen. We are staying at an air bnb called the jungle bar and little did we know we are literally sleeping outdoors in the jungle. We have a little hut with no door no fan and no where to lock up our bags. Even the bathroom is outdoors. We are about a 10 minute walk from white beach and on the way there are a lot of chickens, pigs and water buffalo. I got stung by a jelly fish there today but the burning went away after about 45 minutes so thankfully I didn’t have to get Morgan to pee on it. I don’t have many pictures yet because my phone died shortly after we got here and they only have power from 6pm to 12pm. Our air bnb has a bar and restaurant so tonight we just hung out there, played some crib and talked to the couple who owns it.

10 January 2019

The last 48 hours we haven’t got much sleep but we finally arrived in Puerto Princesa around 5am this morning. On our flight here we met a Chinese girl named angel who wanted us to take 5 hour bus ride with her to El Nido but we passed on that We ended up taking a tricycle to our hostel which cost us 150 pesos. We showed up at our hostel just after 6 but our room wasn’t available yet so we left our bags there and roamed around town trying to kill time. We went to McDonald’s for breakfast, walked down the water for a while, got stalked by some pickpocketers for at least 20 minutes. They were probably only 9 or 10 years old but these kids followed us around all 3 floors of a super market, then we left and they followed us for about 8 more blocks. We knew they were following us so we went into a fast food store (chow kings) for about 10 minutes and when we came out they were waiting around the corner and continued to follow us for a couple more blocks.

8 January 2019

We made it to Vancouver and Morgan is really excited!!