North America · 8 Days · 46 Moments · August 2017

Lindsay's tour through Hawaii

5 September 2017

Another night out having our last Hawaiian drinks before we go home

4 September 2017

After the hike we went to the beach for some sunshine! And of course shaved ice! This gull wouldn't leave us alone, trying to get at my Burger King fries.
So many amazing things to see on the trail!
Poor Stuart, of course I had to venture off trail to find some of these animals I'll guide told us about.
Made it to the Falls!
The way these trees grow is from ends of their branches touching the ground then forming into the root system. We had to take a picture under this amazing tree root arch.
A big portion of this part of the trail has been taken over by Bamboo, something incredibly hard to get rid of.
More epic pictures of this amazing trail. A lot of the plants are invasive species that have taken over this rainforest. Steve also let us try the flower of the Red Ginger plant, crunchy like an apple and sweet like one too.
Day hike with a guide to Manoa Falls where they film a lot of movies. Jurassic Park being one of them. Steve our guide was explaining the traditional use of the Taro plant.
Evening walk on the beach 🌊

3 September 2017

Night out at the Beach Bar for an ocean view, live music and great Hawaiian drinks 🍹 🌺
Watching the sun set with this guy β˜€οΈ
Break from the sun in our hotel room for some air conditioning with our awesome mountain view. First day that it wasn't too cloudy out by the mountains.
Full day at the beach! We were looking for more turtles 🐒

2 September 2017

Seeing turtles on the beach and in the water! Epic! 🐒
Stuart eating a second lunch, Garlic Shrimp from the food trucks in the North Shore 🍀
Venturing around small town Haleiwa in the North Shore. Got a delicious burger for lunch and met a feathery friend.
Sunset Beach on the North Shore. The sand was so hot on our feet.
Sunset Beach Fire hall. Stuart was drooling over the view all the fireballs get on the island.
More Snorkelling photos!
Snorkelling at Shark Cove! Stuart saw an Octopus, no photo though but this amazing school of fish that you could swim right up to.
A day in the country as the locals say, out at the North Shore snorkelling at Shark Cove. Stuart saw an Octopus! More pictures to come...

1 September 2017

Dole whip while we watch the fireworks πŸ’₯
Burger King for dinner on the beach.
Punch Bowl Cemetery. This was a must see for us this time as we tried last trip to see but missed out.
A quick detour trip downtown to see the Iolani Palace and the Aliiolani Hale building, home for the Hawai'i State Supreme Court.
Last stop on the day trip to Pearl Harbour the USS Missouri. We were there for 2 hours and still didn't get a chance to explore one of the levels. Pretty Amazing.
Pacific Museum of Aviation. Original bullet holes in the glass doors of Hanger 79 from Japan's attach on Pearl Harbour.
Made our way over to Ford Island to tour the Pacific Aviation Museum. Something both Stuart and I really wanted to see last time we came out. Our tour company had a full buffet lunch waiting for us in the exhibit at the museum, the BBQ chicken was amazing.
Touring through the USS Arizona memorial. I've been to Pearl Harbour three times in total and I have never see fish actually swimming around the oil coming up from below. Might sound insane but it was very calming to see.
Thought this was hilarious, had to take a picture.
Audio touring through the USS Bowfin Submarine. Hard to believe that this is wear so many lives out on sea.
After a day out on the water we thought a full day tour of Pearl Harbour would be nice fit, I also fell in love with our tour guide Carlie as he brought us all Poi Donuts. Most people didn't want to venture (including Stuart) however I was right in there. Soooo yummy!

31 August 2017

A day out on the water kayaking calls for some Cheesecake on the lanai and a night out eating some delicious wood fire brick over pizza πŸ˜‹
On our way back to Kailua Beach to return the kayak and get some grub! Those are little fishes swimming with us as we tug our kayak back to the beach. 😍
Can you see the grey fuzziness in the nests? Those are babies! So cute! We did an eco-tour around the island with our amazing guide Sam! We also did some snorkelling!
On route to Mokulua Island! And yes I paddled, if not way more than Stuart πŸ˜’
Well we lasted a total of 2 days of doing nothing but sitting on the beach until we both got fidgety and booked 4 days worth of activities. This so far, and I don't think it'll be topped, was my favourite kayaking out on the ocean to Mokulua Island which is a state wildlife sanctuary 😁

30 August 2017

Waited a good hour to eat at Cheesecake Factory! Drinks were AMAZING, and we took our Cheesecake to go!
Morning McDonalds breakfast on the beach. Stuart doing his best to not make his burn worse... it didn't helpπŸ˜‚ and of course the gecko we made friends with walking back to our hotel.
Day 2 at the beach... Stuart is getting squirmy by minute as he doesn't do too well at relaxing.

29 August 2017

Flash flood warning, everyone take cover. We had 6 inches of water in some areas tonight. So Honolulu Cookies, Lord of the Rings and early Night it is..
After eating some much needed breakfast we hit up the beach for some sunshine! And Stuart is burnt now...
Can't complain about our Mountain view! It's a good 31 degrees here today with high humidity.

28 August 2017

Waiting at the gate to board! Airport selfie is a must!
My fur babies are not wanting their Mom to leave today. But they have their Baba to watch them which means a ton of cookies are coming their way!