United States of America · 1 Days · 3 Moments · August 2017

Lindsay's journi to South Dakota!

19 August 2017

Our next stop was the Sculpture Walk in downtown Sioux Falls. Our favorite sculpture was an interactive one, that had chimes we could play music on. It was very creative, and impressive. The kids both enjoyed playing made up songs on it. Haha. I thought it was the prettiest, and most unique sculpture. There were a lot of great sculptures. Each one was different from the last. Some were abstract, some were very realistic. Even Chase was taking pictures of the sculptures, with his new phone. Anytime we can sneak Art into a family outting, I'm happy. Afterwards we ate lunch at a BBQ joint, that we all really liked.
We did a lot today! After spending the morning swimming at our hotel, we went to the Butterfly House and Aquarium in Sioux falls. I love aquariums, and anything water related, so I enjoyed it. They had huge starfish; bigger than I'd ever seen. And even a purple one. As well as sting rays, and sand sharks, and we were able to touch them. We saw fish in varieties of bright beautiful colors. Some had stripes, some had polka dots, some had spikes, and so on. They have a tunnel that people can crawl into, and it brings you into a bubble in one of the Aquarium tanks, giving you a front row seat. That was amazing! We felt like we were in the tank with them. The Butterfly House was a lot of fun, because there were butterflies everywhere. We saw large, bright blue butterflies, as well as yellow, orange, red, even a teal colored one. And more! Olivia had one land on her hand, and she was beyond excited. Most of the pictures I took were from my camera. But I have posted some from my phone. 😁
We got in to Sioux Falls last night. We are going to spend the day exploring the city here! After that we will head towards Rapid City, (home of Mount Rushmore)! Excited to see what South Dakota has to offer! 😁