Canada, Taiwan, Indonesia · 22 Days · 38 Moments · November 2017

Linda's tour through Indonesia

12 December 2017

12 December 2017

Dec 12 th last morning in Bali they bought us breakfast lennie gave me a gift all the mgmt came and had coffee with us left for he airport at noon tuesday !!!

11 December 2017

our last night in bali dec11

10 December 2017

very quiet day today very tired after yesterday Dec 10 th 2017 finished shopping had swim just resting

9 December 2017

Sat Dec 9 th 2017 great day mount batur 36 c 6 hours on a bike there and back little face burnt sore ass was it worth it hell ya

8 December 2017

rooftop bbq my gal windy nice supper !!! Dec8 friday night
wonderful day dec 8th friday shopping beach pool 37 c hot very hot

7 December 2017

Thurs dec7th 2017 great day water blow 37 c nice lunch

6 December 2017

Wed Dec 6th 2017 great day made some friends went to the culture center amazing and went tp pandawa beach had supper at macdonalds overall great day !!

5 December 2017

tuesdat Dec 5th got our bike got my skirt made had a free breakfast so far so good

4 December 2017

lovely day Dec4th 2017 monday went snorkeling with manta rays and to 4 different dive sites it was around 37c was amazi ng day darren was a dick just like everyday lol

3 December 2017

sunday Dec 3rd 2017 special day in kuta prayers at the main temple lovely people !!!

2 December 2017

sat Dec2nd 2017 great day lots of laughs shopping beach pool lunch supper good times

1 December 2017

Dec1st Bali dinner cruise (bounty ) we had such a great time !!!! 2017
Dec 1st2017 got our custom made jackets today LOVELY went tp little hong kong for lunch pretty good so far ao good today !!!

30 November 2017

lovely lovely day rained on our walk my coats done shpping swimming out for supper Nov30 2017 took my 1st you know lol !!!

29 November 2017

out at the pad and grill for supper Nov 29 th
sacred ground cafe for breakfast Nov 29 another lovely day !!!
Nov 29 we are safe for the time being !!!! the volcano errupted today 2017!!!!

28 November 2017

supper tonight 1.90 quiet day today just beach lunch nap but it was a lovely day !!! nov 28 th 2017

27 November 2017

one of my favs nov 27 2017
wonderful nov27 3017 love it
wonderful monkey forest ubud nov 27 2017 great day
rice terrace fields nov 27 great time

26 November 2017

great day great beach nov 26 ordered leather jackets got nails done lovely

25 November 2017

watching formula 1 nov 25 11 pm 25 above at surf and turf club !!!

24 November 2017

what a great day Kuta Beach 30 above pedicure 5 dollars can mass for Darren 5 as well

23 November 2017

supper tonight 3.90 was great !!!
Legion Beach ... kuta Nov23 loved it

22 November 2017

our lovely pool 1st day nov 23 26 above !!!
landing in Bali niv 22 2017
Darren on the phone lol
tapei airport
Darren knackered lol this is after 30 hours of travel
just getting ready to board our final flight to Bali its 8:30 am tapei time !!! its a little raining and 20 above

20 November 2017

At the airport waiting to board farting and having coffee !!!
Leaving Saskatoon Nov 20 635 pm -16 cold and blowing snow