North America · 136 Days · 161 Moments · December 2016

Linda and Wayne's gypsy travel

17 April 2017

End of the road. Back home to Drummond island, mi.

16 April 2017

Happy Easter.

15 April 2017

Cummins ferry crossing. Kentucky river. Beautiful place to rv.

14 April 2017

Some beautiful scenery in Ga. pecan orchards too.

13 April 2017

On the road heading home. It's been a wonderful trip and a awesome winter in the south 😍 missing my girl Michele.

17 March 2017

Inching our way north. Farmers mkt. breads. Yummy.

16 March 2017

Rooster hanging out at k-mart. An awesome bus carrying people from Germany touring all of Florida. A pineapple growing. And a RV garden.
Shrimp pizza at No Name Pub. Great pizza. The place is covered in dollar bills. They figure $300,00.00+.

14 March 2017

Great day
Key West
Key west
More key west
Key West
Key West
Key West
Key West

13 March 2017

Lobster taco!!! Oh, my.
Marathon, fl

12 March 2017

Day on the water with Ginger and Butch.

11 March 2017

At Marathon, Fl seafood festival

10 March 2017

Long Key, Fl
Day at Long Key, Fl

9 March 2017

Stayed at Miami Everglades rv last night. Headed to long key, fl today.
79 degrees sunny beautiful day.

8 March 2017

2 March 2017

Leaving ramblers rest Rv resort Venice , fl. Beautiful place. Had a great time. Spent 2!nights with Ted and Trudy. Went to casperin beach and shark tooth hunted with Michele, Rachael, Molly, chris Bass and Hector. I found a fossilized horse tooth.

23 February 2017

Crystal river Indian mounds

20 February 2017

19 February 2017

Cocoa beach feb 19, 2017

15 February 2017

More at wine tasting.
Wine tasting and tour.

11 February 2017

Yesterday at cattle drive /cowboy round up. It was a great time. ''Tuscawilla park, Ocala fl

1 February 2017

St Augustine. So much to see. Wonderful city. Stayed at north beach resort campground. These pics were from 01/28/2017

31 January 2017

Arrived at Paynes prairie preserve state park on 01/30/2017. Yesterday walked approx 5 miles thru preserve. Wow!!! So many gators!! Bison, over 3000 sand hill cranes and wild horses called crackers.

25 January 2017

Oldest diner in Florida.
Leaving daughter Micheles at 10:45 sunshine and 66 degrees. Headed to St. Augustines.

23 January 2017

Went to " The Villages " today. What an awesome place.

14 January 2017

If you look closely you can see a hand dug out approx a 700 hundred year old Spanish boat. And one of the tour boats made into concession stand.
Went to Silver Springs today. Rode on a glass bottom boat. Parts of Tarzan was filmed here. Beautiful.

12 January 2017

Cocoa cay
Cocoa cay

11 January 2017

More food and drinks.
Food and drinks
We shared escargot
Big swells makes one walk funny

10 January 2017


9 January 2017

After 36 yrs I finally get a honeymoon. Bon voyage.
Back on US soil. Had an amazing time.

6 January 2017

Light up Ocala, Fl. So pretty. The lighted "tent" is a small ice skating rink.
Went to a beautiful citrus grove today.

3 January 2017

And mangroves that grew alone the shore. Birds herding fish!
Then on to manatee observatory at Apollo beach. Live sting rays to touch. The carp like fish were huge. Another beautiful day.
Went back to to beach at Venice and did some more shark tooth hunting. Even brought buckets home to look thru. A picture of a circus camp. Lol

2 January 2017

Great dinner out. Michele found new glasses in parking lot. Lol. Different skin tones.
Went shark tooth digging today at this beautiful beach called caspersen. 82 degrees. Spending the night at this little mom and pop motel. Notice the shark teeth and shells in cement sidewalk

31 December 2016

Beautiful churches.
Took us 3 days to find hand dipped ice cream.

30 December 2016

Breakfast of gypsies.
Left camp at 9:30. 50 degrees. Cloudy. State park was full last night. 😞 found this small private camp. It served the purpose. Got cold last night so we did not sleep well. Didn't get our little heater out. Headed to Ocala. Looks like this dog is driving the rig!

29 December 2016

Stopped for lunch. Had Brunswick stew with BBQ on top. Very good. And a BBQ sandwich. Hog Wild BBQ.
Left port St Joe at 11:00. Cloudy 73 degrees. Headed to manatee springs state park. Just came thru a small shower. Temp is suppose to drop this pm to low 60's. It was a beautiful morning. White pelicans and rainbow. Got some nice shots of pelicans with my camera. Will have to get them downloaded.

28 December 2016

Another beautiful day. Found a mans wallet on side of road. Had to back track to find a sheriff dept. awesome lunch we split. Tiger fish, fried oysters,shrimp, hush puppies, coleslaw and French fries. Stopped for the night at Port St Joes. Sites are $55.00/night. Kinda pricey. Only one bathroom on this end for campground. 72 degrees party cloudy. Drove the gulf coast on 98.
Left Fort Pickens 0930 central time. Very muggy. 70derees. Headed to alligator Point. 😵

27 December 2016

Stayed another day at Fort Pickens national campground.

26 December 2016

Then one more beach moment.
Cooper Bunker
More of Fort Pickens
Fort Pickens
Ranger swearing in two junior rangers. Armadillo and beautiful steps to top of Fort.
Geronimo was also held here somewhere. 😢
Fort Pickens, Santa Rosa Island, Fl. What a great place to tour.
Langdon bunker by our camp.
Lunch at peg leg Pete.
Went to joe pattis. What an awesome mkt.

25 December 2016

Today walking beach. Breath taking. 70degrees. Merry Christmas

24 December 2016

Battery worth at Fort Pickens Fl
Along the way to Fort Pickens campground. It is so unreal that we are finally here. Took us 11 days. Lol. Oh, well slow and steady wins the race.
More sights.
A tree at our campground.

23 December 2016

Left camp at 10:00 central headed to Fort Pickens natl park. Overcast and 63 degrees
Finally found a campground with a bathroom. The toilet is rocky and I can feel vibration when sitting on it. I assume it is from the busy hi way. Lol
The gps took us down this two track for St Stephens historical campground. Never did find it. Went to 4 others. None had bathrooms???? Wth????
BBQ brisket. 😍

22 December 2016

Left Jasper, Al. Headed south toward mobile. Weather clear, sunny and 57 degrees. Had a great visit with great friends. Carols 91yr old mother Julia. Wonderful Baptist lady. Hanging from her neck is her cell phone. Lol and notice the pantaloons, oops.

21 December 2016

This was yesterday heading to Jasper, Alabama. Gonna. Is it friends from Ironwood, Mi. Jon and carol Decker. A lot of winding roads. A little nerve wracking.
Camper was ready at 10:45 this morn. Hooked on, no lights. "@$);568$ 😓 new wire harness. Now 1:53 central and on the road. Picture of Frank and shop. Overcast 57 degrees.
Got my chairs!!

20 December 2016

What great friendly people in Clanton, Al. Went to an authentic Italian restaurant. Everything made from scratch. Picture with owner Nonna ( grandma) in Italian.
And this is how they roll in Alabama. Note the rifle in the window.
Around town. An antler we picked up for our wonderful knife making buddy Jim Vanderslute. And it's a dandy.

19 December 2016

Angels all around us. Praying it can be fixed and we get back on our journey.
Wayne thinks he's driving an 18 wheeler. 😜
My kind of lunch. Tump!!
Back in the road. 25 degrees. Dry toads
A whole beautiful nativity scene.
Our camper looks like a decal on the other one. Lol

17 December 2016

What an awesome anniversary day in Nashville, Tnb
And more on our anniversary.

16 December 2016

The nutcracker was spectacular. Beautiful costumes and props
Some sights and sounds of Nashville nightlife. It's a beautiful thing
At nutcracker ballet Nashville, Tn
AT&T batman building
36 degrees and we are losing snow off camper. Lol
Still have Drummond island snow on camper. 30 degree here.
At a stand still on 65. Must be an accident. Little berg on side of hi way.
On the road.

15 December 2016

Crossing this off my bucket list. Us tomorrow night. Who would have known. The grand ole oprey is sold out. 😩
Off the road for today. Best western.
Finally no snow!!
10 degrees. Love these barn quilt blocks.
Looking for a cowpoke.
Just crossed Tippy ditch. Lol
Always wonder about the people that lived in these abandoned places. ❤️
Back on road. Beautiful sunshine. But bitter cold. Weather said -20 with wind chill.

14 December 2016

My poor baby.
Near St Johns
Last week.
1st Cardinal sighting. 😥
Left Drummond last night. Trying to stay ahead of "Decima". Spent the night in houghton lake. Head out on the hi way!!!

3 December 2016

Here for the night.
Grey day!
Left St Louis, Mi at 11:11. And this right here. Love him. Not sure where we will stop for the night. 💕 36 degrees and overcast. With some slight sprinkles.