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15 November 2017

A reminder from Miami International Airport that it is the 12th November and not as the temperature outside tells you to think it’s July !!!☀️
Powerboat racing Key West

11 November 2017

Last night in Key West

10 November 2017

Pics from today Friday

9 November 2017

Thursday night Duval Bar Crawl
More from yesterday
Yesterday’s pics

8 November 2017

Hired some bikes today and took in these sights too..
Saw some fast power boat racing today..good fun
Roosters of Key West

7 November 2017

Feeding the Tarpon at Robbie’s Islamorada.
And then the holy grail that is Key West and Margaritaville.
The Seven Mile Bridge at Marathon.
Trip from Key Largo to Key West.

6 November 2017

Arrived in Key Largo to wonderful weather once again. The hotel is on a beautiful setting.
Set off from Naples today. Alan bought himself some new Levi’s for half the price in Debenhams. Then stopped off on the way to Key Largo to visit the smallest post office in the US.

5 November 2017

Ok so no videos.
Final day and night in Naples before we head even more south into the tropics. But for now we had a lovely sunset cruise to see the sun setting in the Gulf. And to cap it all we were escorted back by some dolphins. Anyway pics and videos of the day and evening.

4 November 2017

Great day today. Started off finding a garage as the car told us we needed air in the tyres. Then drove to Lowdermilk Beach Park and paddled in the Gulf. Then went to Naples Pier and saw a couple of dolphins swimming. Then this evening had Stone Crab Claws for dinner. They cut off a claw then throw the crab back in the sea and the claw regrows. Lovely taste too.

3 November 2017

The day in Naples in pictures

2 November 2017

So after a lovely few days in Sarasota we left for Naples in The Gulf. Pics of our little cottage and garden and little Geko.
Then got to Naples.
On the way we stopped at Siesta Key Rum Distillery.

30 October 2017

Second part of the trip today. Began with getting the rental car which we thought was going to be something like a Kia Sportage. But turned out to be a mini bus of sorts. But fantastic car. Dodge Caravan it’s called. Anyway took about an hour to get out of Miami. The satnav was set to kilometres and didn’t seem to work properly. Anyway I eventually sorted it and off we set. Arrived in Sarasota about 5pm after leaving Miami at 12 noon. Saw the sun rise over Miami Beach on the Atlantic Ocean and saw the sun set on the Gulf of Mexico.

29 October 2017

So today was a really great day. Having had a good nights sleep the sun also shone today. Took a sight seeing bus to Little Havana which is like Havana in Cuba. Had a great Mojito. Bought some cigars. Had a great shot of rum. Then took the bus back to Miami but stopped off at Bayside for lunch of wings and conch fritters. Finally got back to the hotel and had a swim in the pool and in the Ocean. End of the day now. New adventure tomorrow picking up rental car and heading to Sarasota on the Gulf of Mexico.
The final photo is sunset over downtown Miami

28 October 2017

This mornings view of Miami Beach. And downtown Miami. Gonna rain mostly today. Typical we are going on an Airboat Safari ride thru some Everglades.

27 October 2017

Finally arrived at our hotel many hours later than planned. Bit of a bumpy flight three quarters across the Atlantic but otherwise ok. It is 19.38 pm local time. Body clock nearly 12.45 AM.
At London Heathrow travelling to Miami. Just bought two bottles of spirits to drink on our various balcony’s

22 October 2017

Started minimal packing today for Friday departure to Miami