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7 October 2016

We got home today about 2:00. We stayed in Post Falls, Idaho last night. It rained most of the night, so there were puddles all over when we got up. It rained for a while, but he closer we got to home, the better the weather got. We got the trailer located next to the house and then unloaded a bunch. Will finish up tomorrow, as we ran out of steam. Bill offered to take me to dinner so I wouldn't have to cook. I took him up on that, and we went to Olive Garden. It's good to be home!

5 October 2016

We are in Butte, Montana at a KOA. We stayed about 10 miles west of the Custer Monument last night. Today we had a lot of wind and some rain. The temperature was around 45 most of the day, but it dropped to 36 in the mountains. By the time we got to the campground, it was sunny and nice. Dad was happy that he didn't have to connect the trailer in the rain. I found a pork loin roast coated in bacon bits, and we did that in the oven for dinner. It was really good, so if you ever see it at the store, I highly recommend it. It has been blowing off and on since we got here. The leaves have been flying. We started out to walk the dogs after dinner, and it started to hail. We headed back to the trailer and will dangle the dogs out the door later. We plan on one more night on the road and then home on Friday.

3 October 2016

Today we took the road that was used to transport everything used in constructing Mt. Rushmore. It is a narrow (no shoulder) 27-mile two-lane road with 317 curves, a bunch of switchbacks, and one-lane tunnels. It was beautiful. We went to the Crazy Horse Monument. One picture shows the sculpture that is being used to create the monument. The other shows the mountain with the head of Crazy Horse. They have a long way to go. There is an awesome museum of Indian artifacts, and we had a good lunch at their restaurant. They even sat us by the window so we could look at the mountain. Another good day.

2 October 2016

Here is Dad in the parking lot at Mt. Rushmore. We walked around and took pictures. Then we went to the exhibits and watched a film on the making of the presidents. I even went through the gift store without buying anything. The silhouette of Washington was visible on the road out of the monument, and it was striking. The last picture is representative of a lot of the rock formations in the Black Hills.

1 October 2016

This is our campground in Custer, SD. It's in among trees, and there are bunnies all over the place. We just had lunch and are taking it easy today. Tomorrow we'll go to Rushmore and sightsee.

30 September 2016

Made it to Rapid City, SD about 8:00 this evening. It was a looooong drive - over 400 miles. Another's beautiful day though. We will head towards Custer and try to find an RV park closer to all the sights. Then we'll stay a few days and look at the sights. Looking forward to not being in the truck all day.

29 September 2016

On the road in Montana. The next 4 pictures are all taken from one place and rotating a quarter turn in our campground near Bozeman. Another beautiful day of cruising the countryside.
Pretty campground! Getting ready for another day.

28 September 2016

Just finished dinner and walking the dogs. We are in St. Regis, Montana. That's about 70 miles west of Missoula. We'll try to take some pictures in the morning.
We are heading east on I-90 toward Mt. Rushmore and the Badlands. We have the trailer and 4 critters in tow. It's 80 and sunny - beautiful day!