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8 October 2016

Stayed in Rice Lake SRA a wetland in Ill., s of Carson city. Took 136 to Pilot on 55 to do laundry. Took 74 to 234 Shades. Twisty turns!

2 October 2016

After leaving Mud Flats we went on in rain and fog to Bellevue StPark Dyas unit campground. Pretty full but clean and nice on cliffs above River for Saturday night. Glad to leave Flat because we were on grass there and I was concerned about getting bogged down in rain. Not to mention we did not like it there anyway. No wifi here, but have some phone.
After leaving Macintosh woods we stopped at Ace Fot a door screw and some lock tight. We planned a scenic drive along the Mississippi down to Bellevue St. Park S of Dubuque. Fog and rain and WaZe insured we were lost in an hours long twisting drive in and out of the Valley. We finally found a county park north of Dubuque aptly named Mud Flats. We got the last site crammed in closely with tons of others. Party Central all night long.

30 September 2016

Mcintosh Woods State Park Campground, Ventura, Iowa. near a town. Kind of dumpy. Ok for a layover, 30 amp. Waze had us all over, in and out of Iowa, took forever to get here. Picked up paper map from welcome center. Nice attendant older lady told us some about the flooding.

28 September 2016

North - Lake Vermillion SRA Campground, Canistota, South Dakota, pleasant, on lake, level sites, trees, dump, flies, the state bird.

27 September 2016

Fischers Lilly Park Campground, Fort Pierre, South Dakota, in town, 12 sites, we got the last one. Water hook up, electric, dump. $10 on Missouri River. Mike talked to a prejudiced white guy, 'there's Indians in the camps in Peer, I guess even Indians need a shower once in awhile', who had killed a rattlesnake. We went to museums in Mobridge and Timber Lake. One in Mobridge had dress worn at Little Big Horn, and lots of artifacts with bead work. Got my baby bison there. One in TimberLake had beautiful art prints on canvas depicting history of area. Lots of prehistoric ammonites from area. Lady who ran newspaper next door showed us around. We left WT with her. We left literature everywhere we stopped.

25 September 2016

Indian A, Mobridge, Lake Oahe. wind event. Straight out of the NW continuous all last night and all day today. Sustained 30mph + with frequent ( seems constant) 50mph+ gusts. Rockin hopefully not rollin! Supposed to subside at sundown tonight. It did. Came to dead halt after dusk, 24 hours later. Lady at gas station said happens not often, but not unheard of. She said semi s had parked at rodeo grounds till wind subsided.

24 September 2016

Came down North Dakota 85 to 12 and then east after leaving the North unit of teddy Roosevelt national Park. Ranger says May a good month to visit. ( John Heiser or Heisner)

23 September 2016

We camped last nite at the north unit, Juniper Campground at TRNP. Saw a buffalo herd wander by while we were at dump station. Lots of tree scratching going on! This area has more buttes more striated with more trees. Camped at 11. Little Missouri River wandering by. Two days ago at south unit saw the grey stallion with black feet mating with a grey mare and a brown mare on a hill above the prairie dog town. Saw pronghorns. Very pretty, dancing and skitty.

21 September 2016

We camped at Cottonwood campground. Took a scenic trail and saw buffalo, wild horses, prairie dogs, a rattlesnake, and deer. Only odd nom sites are reservable.

20 September 2016

Abraham Lincoln State Park on the Missouri River S. of Bismarck. Pristine level sites. Above us is an ancient Mandan village. Above that is the site of the old Fort. Next to and below that is another army site with Custer's home. Gak. Mike found all this in his wanderings last night and has pictures. Stopped at travel center in Fargo yesterday for info, and a photo of Mike at the wood chipper. Flat country over here interspersed with long thin lakes. 75 mph limit.

19 September 2016

Guess what town we are right outside of. Here's a hint – "Is that your acquaintance there in the wood chipper, Eh?" The campground is called Buffalo River and it's an attractive place with Forest and wheatfields, and dump and electric. Pretty. Train and hwy sounds.

18 September 2016

Hi everyone! We are camped in Schoolcraft SP in Minnesota on the Mississippi south of US 2. Must be near the headwaters cause river's not too big at all. Campground very remote and rustic, makes Shades look like a spa. But you know we like that. Country is Northwoods with some farm wheat fields. We passed some 8000 pop cities on way. Going to tune in to Brookside for meeting. Happy Sunday everyone! Love, Linda, so gorgeous here. Not very many people at all. Smells like McCreek in the fall. Wonderful. Hand pump and pit toilets. Stayed at 26.

16 September 2016

15 September 2016

At Marion Lake by Warersmeet. National Forest on pretty lake with Loon, but chainsaw and wood chipper ran all day at cabin across lake. Also someone has pulled off the road with their motor running right by our site entrance for ages. This is the Ottowa natl forest where we canoed at Sylvania. Bear country, but a lot of human activity. Loons are on endangered list. Actually pretty nice. Rained all the next day, but cleared in pm and we sat by lake.
Lake Marian
Lake Marian near Watersmeet where we are laying over.
At Fort Wilkins SP last night. Ok park W/laundry. Mike did laundry; I made campfire with fire log. Fire logs are stinky! Although at top of Keweenaw peninsula have not been able to drive to point. Thinking you might have to hike to it? Super winding narrow road up here after Houghton. Houghton is pretty city, tiered like Duluth on hills. Hwy crossed lift bridge in Houghton. People up here don't know how to make zucchini bread.

14 September 2016

Stayed At Twin Lakes last night. Attractive campground between lake and Highway at foot of the Keweenaw peninsula before heading up to Copper Harbor. Waze routed us over washboard roads when we could have easily gone by hwy. Listened to CO Tuesday meeting visit.

13 September 2016

Twin Lakes
Twin Lakes
We stayed yesterday at Bass Lake just chilling. Weather beautiful but windy. Two women were there all day with metal detectors. No trails here.

12 September 2016

11 September 2016

Went to meeting. Great brothers. They are having their dedication next week. Camped south of Marquette on Bass Lake. Gorgeous. Moved here from Little Lake after motorcycles showed up at next site. Bass Lake has many beautiful wooded RV length level sites.

10 September 2016

On Newberry KH parking spot for Saturday nite. Rain all day. Ate brewpub at Tahquenemon. Super crowded. when we left Rivermouth they gave us the cancel by noon refund. At night we were listening to an Oldies station when we realized the outside speaker was on "one toke over the line, Sweet Jesus"...
Yesterday we stayed at Rivermouth. We went into paradise. Same old lady working at the Berrypatch bakery and café. Mailed postcards of the bridge to the grandkids. Got whitefish at the filling station across from the berry patch. Beautiful evening took a walk.

8 September 2016

Went over to Rogers city and traveled north along Lake Huron. Ate lunch at Seagull Point. Waves coming into point from two directions. Mike dropped turkey but ate it anyway. Bridge toll was $10. Took long way around to Rivermouth site 103.
Ocqueic state forest campground very nice! Near Onaway. Waterfalls not impressive, but on a little river. Good chill place.
Second night Onaway State Park on Black Lake. Run down. Rain all night. Very quiet. Ok.
First night Hartwick Pines Nine hours to get here. Traffic stopped below Lansing over an hour because of semi crashed in ditch in row of trees. Bad storm one hour south of Grayling.