Singapore, Japan · 11 Days · 101 Moments · May 2017

Tokyoto Osakayama

14 May 2017

Deon gave us a local coffee and toast supper treat before heading home
Meal on board was amazingly good
The chirashidon at this Sushi Kyotatsu inside boarding area was strongly recommended by Xueling so we takeaway one to be eaten on plane
One more meal before boarding; tendon, tempura, soba and somen
Sending off Jo as she continues her vacation in Taiwan 😘
Grap our last cuppa from Doutor @Narita T2
Day 10 : Instant noodles for breakfast (again!) and checked out our room early to catch early train to the airport.

13 May 2017

We replicate this photo from the movie "Your Name" poster which is one of my favorite pic from this trip
Took our last ride at Pirates of Caribbean before we end our day. A little emotional when we leave the park as we know we won't be coming back anytime soon 😔
Still one of the happiest place on earth (to us at least)!
We had our dinner at two restaurant; the Queen of heart and Hungry Bear to try out different food
Rain continues. The weather is cooling, and with wind can be very cold, very different from yesterday's
Despite the rain we decided to proceed to Tokyo Disneyland
Tonkotsu ramen and curry rice for lunch inside Tokyo Station
Day 9 : Took train to Ueno. As it was drizzling , we took a quick walk in Ameya Yokocho which we found nothing interesting.

12 May 2017

The Yakitori at this stall in Omoyide Yokocho we tried in 2012 was so good back then that we came back to look for it, but realizing the shop owner had changed and the waiting time too long we went to try another stall and but the food here is disappointing.
We had wonderful dinner at this restaurant along the old street which happens to serve food we were looking for: soba, katsudon, curry rice and unagi don!
Naritasan Shinjoshi has old temple buildings, museum, gardens and waterfalls all contained within a huge park. Too bad the waterfalls were "dry" when we were there
Narita, an underrated town with charming old street and beautiful temple park, and the best thing is, there are very few tourists!
Finally found the street food I'm looking for, Taiyaki with red bean filling
The weather is HOT when we arrived at Asakusa Kannon, and walking through it is the Nakamise Shopping Street which leads to the famous Sensoji.
Lunch is Chirashi don in this small shop which I find is not as good as the one we had in Kuromon Market Osaka but still not bad
Esther and Jo bought steamed crab claw and sea urchin which both are fresh and delicious
Day 8 : Today our first stop is Tsukiji Fish Market

11 May 2017

Decided to walk back to accommodation to save some money but instead we ended up spending more! The vending machines and convenient store are too tempting to be ignored!
A crepe to tahan our hunger before dinner. We took a train to Shibuya for dinner at this ramen restaurant Deon found on google. Quite good indeed
Our Airbnb for the next three nights. The location is only 3 minutes fro Nishi-Shinjuku Gochome Station with convenient stores and restaurant all in the vicinity. The room itself is clean and nice though a little tight for the four of us it will be very ideal for two to stay.
几经波折, finally got back my luggage. Went to a wrong lost & found office initially and again, had difficulty communicating with the staff, then with the help of a passerby we managed to find the right counter for collection.
It's sayonara to Takayama as we travel to Tokyo!
This Japanese mochi is exceptionally good! The skin is nice and soft whilst the filling is made up of fresh fruit and a little bit of bean paste. 😋
We kind of make up the trip at Takayama Old Town since we didn't see much last night
Breakfast is served in a private room
Day 7 : We woke up early to go for our last dip in the onsen. The Onsen is swapped so guest gets to enjoy different bath

10 May 2017

Some curtesy dumplings from ryokan for supper
Time for onsen bath!
Had amazing grade A5 hida beef here!
By the time we reach, almost all the shops in the old town were closed 😩.
Some snacks to keep us charged up on the way to Takayama Station to return the car
Checked in Yatsusankan, a traditional Japanese Ryokan with nice onsen facilities and beautiful old town neighborhood
Shirakawago from Ogimachi Castle Observation Deck
How can we skip the Hida beef stewer
Shirakawago is SO BEAUTIFUL!
The bridge that leads to the renown village
Time to refuel our stomachs, not the car. And how come the food from the convenient store can be sooo good?!
Day 6 : Chanced upon this Cherry Blossom on the way and this two photo fanatics could spend one hour on one tree! (Ok, I overstated)

9 May 2017

Keiseki style dinner is served at the hotel dinnig area. We truly enjoyed it except Deon as most of the dishes are seafood.
Accommodation for the night is at Hotel Kikori with half board
As we were running late, we just took pictures of the Gokayama Gassho Village from atop. The village is classified as under UNESCO World Heritage alongside Shirakawago.
So we drive to our hotel and take some random pictures along the way. The driving route was scenic though
As the luggage saga costs some delay, we are unable to go for the Kurobe Gorge Railway ride as planned.
Collect our rental car from Toyata Rental Car near Kurobe Unazukionsen Station
This is EPIC! I took another person's luggage by mistake and had a hard time explaining to the train staff and police as they don't speak English. So all the time we have to rely on google translate to communicate. But finally we were informed that they have located the owner and also found mine at Tokyo Station. We can only pick it up two days later when we travel there which is no issue but I felt really bad for the poor guy/ lady whom I took luggage from
Bento set we bought from convenient store was good, really good!
Its a long journey hence we bought food from convenient store to eat on train
Day 5 : Goodbye to our wonderful apartment as we checked out early to catch the train to Kurobe

8 May 2017

and then bought some sushi from supermarket as Jo insist we had supper on tatami
and Okonomiyaki from a different restaurant...
We 三顾茅庐Dotonburi to have one last round of the excellent food there. We shared a bowl of Kinryu ramen...
Deon found his childhood
Lunch is at this Minion Happy Restaurant and surprisingly the food is quite good! Total cost of the meal is S$88 which is reasonable for a theme park restaurant
Butter beer!
Welcome to Harry Potter World
Jo managed to get her friend who happens to be at USJ to buy tickets for us
Day 4 : Breakfast in Airbnb as we are going to Universal Studio

7 May 2017

Dinner at Dotonburi again! We had Takoyaki, Ramen from Ichiran and okonomiyaki. Takoyaki was softer than usual, ramen got polarizing reviews and the okonomiyaki was good!
Todai-ji is for me, one of the must go places in Osaka. The temple building is really enormous and majestic!
On the way to Nara Deer Park and Todai-ji
Came to Kurumon Market to have otoro rice bowl recommended by Jo's friend and we didn't disappoint. The three orders we had only cost us 6100 yen!
Vending machines in Japan are irresistible!
We LOVE this apartment! Compare to the last Airbnb, this one feels like heaven! Host is a young girl who's very accommodating and informative. Directions given were spot on. The apartment has 3 bedrooms which is ideal for the four of us. Its clean and the location is just next to JR Namba and walking distance to Dotonburi and Kuromon market! Minus: Lacks clothes hanging facility and toilet a bit small Plus: Everything Overall : 4.5/5
Day 3 : Bought Katsudon and cold somen from a Japanese fast food restaurant round the corner of the apartment and they actually taste good!

6 May 2017

This Musashi sushi restaurant which we found on the internet is highly recommended for their freshness and affordable price. Indeed we only paid S$7x for that pile of sushi!
On the way to Arashiyama, famous for its bamboo garden which I find a bit overrated.
At Nishiki Market where we had yakisoba, pork udon and kushikatsu.
Then stroll along Higashiyama District
Day 2 : First stop at a Kimono rental shop as Jo and Deon get their Japanese traditional costume. Then we proceed to Kiyomizudera 清水寺 which unfortunately is under repair.

5 May 2017

We traveled to Osaka Dotonburi 道顿堀 for dinner. Especially excited to get to eat Kinryu 金龙 ramen, as we had tried it many years ago and they are still good!
Inari Shrine is famous for their countless number of tori gates
Our very first street food. The beef stewer was just so-so and the rest was good but not memorable
We start our trip with train ride to Fushimi Inari
Had a hard time locating this Airbnb apartment as the map given by the host is not accurate, and there was no response when I text her for directions and when I called, they could just send me a picture of the building, how helpful! The room is very small we could hardly move around. Quite disappointing Minus: Room small, host slow in response and direction not accurate, towel's quality so poor that the material fall off on your skin as you wipe! Plus: wifi Overall : 2.5/5
Arrived at Kiyomizu Gojo Station
Had a quick bite on train. Managed to catch a glimpse of Fuji-san about 50 mins into the ride from Shinagawa.
Off to Kyoto
Day 1 : Touch down Narita Terminal 1 only half an hour later than scheduled. The pilot must have been flying at full throttle throughout!
Flight was delayed by an hour due to some mechanical problem 😩. In flight meals was good.

4 May 2017

Arriving at Changi T3 for our departure to Tokyo Narita Airport. As usual we had some light snacks at Killiney before boarding.