United States of America · 19 Days · 82 Moments · August 2016

Lily's West Coast Road Trip

6 September 2016

Leaving LAX
We briefly went to the Getty centre having had a roadside lunch in Malibu. The center itself was amazing and was high up so there were great views of LA. The day before we went to Venice Beach which was pretty horrible, like Camden market on a beach but busier and more seedy.

5 September 2016

Beverly Hills. Like Moor Park with palm trees.
Hollywood! There were lots of fancy Italian looking houses on very very windy roads.
Los Angeles

4 September 2016

The Big Sur Coast, which was rather busy

2 September 2016

Dinner at a Thai restaurant in Capitola near Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz, where people take their surfboards everywhere apparently
Pebble Beach along Hwy 1 on the way to Monterey, south of Pescadero

1 September 2016

Visited the Jewish Museum where there was a Stanley Kubrick exhibition on. It was actually quite a big museum. I saw the axe from The Shining
We took the trolley to the Castro District and went to the GLBT museum
We went to pier 39 and looked at the nice expensive tourist shops. There was a very nice shell shop where dad got some shells, and we also went to a Sourdough bakery and had soup in bread bowls.
We went to the Mission District where there was a nice view from the park. We stopped in a café where I had a Nutella Crêpe and dad chatted to the owner about London and Brexit 😐 he gave us a free drink which was some sort of bubble tea
This morning we walked through Chinatown, where all the signs were in Chinese. It wasn't a nice place though so we didn't stay.

31 August 2016

Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge
View of the Golden Gate Bridge before crossing into San Francisco
We visited the town of Sausalito on the shore of San Francisco Bay, where we did some window shopping
We went to Castillo di Amorosa, which is a vineyard in Calistoga with a mock Italian castle. We didn't go in though because wine tasting is silly.

30 August 2016

Having dinner in a veggie-vegan restaurant in Sebastopol near Santa Rosa
A cove on the coast
The town of Mendocino on the coast. We had a nice lunch and looked at some nice shops
Stopped in Ferndale where there is lots of Victorian architecture.
Stopped off in Arcata

29 August 2016

We went on a 2.5 mile walk through the giant redwoods at Prairie Creek and it was amazing. Lots of sword ferns and miss as well.

28 August 2016

Low clouds over the Pacific near Klamath
Saw giant redwoods at Simpson-Reed Grove and Stout Grove
Entering California 🌲🌳🌴🌞☀️🌊
Jacksonville, Oregon
Some deer in Jacksonville

27 August 2016

Crater lake from the top of Garfield Peak
We are driving along highway 62 to Crater Lake and a deer and its two babies appeared in front of us and went across the road 😊 also I saw a bald eagle yesterday

26 August 2016

Spout hole at cape perpetua
Thick fog appeared along the coast. Turns out the car's got no fog lights 😐
Depoe Bay harbour - apparently the world's smallest
Cape Meares Viewpoint. Unfortunately the road was closed so we couldn't visit the lighthouse and octopus tree.
Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach

25 August 2016

We walked from Indian Beach through spruce trees and ferns to Ecola Point in Ecola State Park. It is really beautiful here.
Wahkeena Falls
Lavender farm on the Fruit Loop
Stopped at Apple Valley Country Store and Bakery, where we bought various berry products
Crossing Hood River Bridge
Driving to Hood River in the Columbia River Gorge

24 August 2016

We went to the International Rose Test Gardens in Washington Park
Jewellery shop in Portland. We had a long chat with the owner.
Got lunch from a food cart. There were tonnes all together in that area with food from loads of countries.
We visited Powell's City of Books, which was a huge book shop even bigger than the one in Seattle. They had a book printing station!
Interesting sign in Portland
Late breakfast at the Little River Café

23 August 2016

Crossing the Columbia River to enter Oregon
At Mount St Helens, from Johnston Ridge
Ascending Mt St Helens
Lunch at the base of Mt St Helens
Went to Walmart to buy some cheap lunch. Couldn't buy a plain yogurt. Don't go to Walmart.
We were planning to visit the Gray's Harbour Seaport Authority at Aberdeen, where they have two tall ships. However, the ships aren't there at the moment it turns out, so we are forgoing Cape Disappointment and Long Beach and heading for Mt St Helens 🌋

22 August 2016

Lake Quinault Lodge
We had a proper American fast food dinner at a very American roadside diner. The people there were nice, like most people seem to be here.
Ruby Beach - it was very dramatic. There was lots of driftwood and crashing waves, and the sun was shining on the sea in the distance 🌊🌤
We stopped for a quick cup of tea/coffee at the Hard Rain Café on the way back from the rainforest
Went to the Hoh River Rainforest. It was dense with ferns and miss and there were some very tall and large trees. Unfortunately it didn't rain and the forest was very dry 🌲🌲🌲
We stopped in Forks to buy food, which had various merchandise and signs to do with Twilight
Rialto Beach, with sea stacks, mist and huge pieces of driftwood
Dad is having a chicken burger for breakfast. The people here are nice

21 August 2016

We arrived at Lake Crescent Lodge, where we stayed the night.
Went on a short walk at Lake Crescent. We saw a nurse log, where trees germinate above the forest floor on a fallen log, and a living tree that had had its middle burnt out by a fire.
We had lunch at a diner where they had run out of chips 😭
We saw some lenticular clouds at hurricane ridge
Hurricane Ridge - went on a hike along Klahhane Ridge
Entering the Olympic National Park on the way up to Hurricane Ridge
Leaving Seattle
At the Seattle Ferry Terminal early this morning to catch the first ferry to Bainbridge Island

20 August 2016

Walked to Capitol Hill. It was very warm today so we had some very nice frozen yogurt at the top.
We had dinner at a vegetarian Thai restaurant and then walked back to the hotel from Capitol Hill. We walked about 20km in total today!
Rainbow crossing at Capitol Hill
The Elliott Bay Book Company in Capitol Hill - amazing bookshop where I spent a long time browsing in the sci-fi and fantasy section
It's Sikh Turban Day 2016!
In the Seattle Center
Pike place market - lots of amazing food. We saw the original Starbucks. We met Dad's colleague and his wife for coffee. Then we looked around the market and I tried a raw chocolate bean which was nice 🍫

19 August 2016

We went to a supermarket in search of fruit. All the fruit is enormous!!
Olympic Discovery Park
Lunch/dinner having just arrived in Seattle at Toulouse Petit, a French Creole restaurant. Very nice onion soup!
Flying over the Rockies
Flying over Greenland