Canada · 11 Days · 27 Moments · August 2017

Cottage on the Lake

12 August 2017

A sunset in the air.
On the flight home.
After 12 days, we are on our way back home. Our flight takes off at 7:30, and arrives in Vancouver at around 9 (Vancouver time). 😒

11 August 2017

Went biking in the Pinery. BEAUTIFUL! My mom and my sister rode a tandem bike, while I rode a turquoise "comfort bike". Not the best for trails! My aunt Sara rode her own bike. But some bug went down her shirt and stung her 2 times! We heard thunder of in the distance, but we were relieved that we didn't get rained on. Only at the cottage we did!

10 August 2017

Another beautiful beach day!

9 August 2017

New hammock, new picture, new location. Same legs, same cottage. Taken 1 year apart.
Bye Annie, Scott, Aunt Laurie, and Uncle Jim. I'll miss you guys!😘😘. See you at Christmas! P.S. you guys are definitely worth seeing!
Went into Grand Bend with my cousins for our anklet tradition. Got a nice shirt and sunglasses too!

8 August 2017

Chillaxing at the Maple Grove bonfire. πŸ”₯
My Great Aunt's 14 year old Cairn Terrier Stuart. So cute!
Another beautiful sunset. πŸŒ…

7 August 2017

Having fun at the beach! The sound of the 🌊 crashing on the shore is so soothing. #Beachfront #Cottage
My Family on the table in the cottage. Me and my sister are together on the table. We write those names down when I was around 5. I love looking at the table. Every year I discover new names fading away. They make me smile. Always.
Came back from Annie's tap performance at 2:30am to the cottage. Woke up today at 12!

6 August 2017

Annie's tap performance. PRINCE! Travelled 3 hours there, 3 hours back to see it. Was not disappointed! πŸ‘―πŸ‘―β€β™‚οΈπŸ˜
Going to see Annie's tap performance in Toronto! Last time I saw her dance, she inspired me to do so as well. πŸ‘―

5 August 2017

Lake Huron sunsets are THE BEST!
So the tennis tournament was a blast with butter tarts at the finish line! My 77 year old great aunt Sara came in 2nd place! Do proud!
Gala Day Weekend has started! Saturday 10am- Canada Day Time Capsule 4pm- Tennis Tournament 5:30pm- Weiner roast 9pm- Bonfire and Fireworks Sunday 11am- Races 12pm-Quidditch 5:30pm-Cocktail party
A windy day down at the beach! Wish I wore shorts!! Leggings didn't get along with the waves😬.
It's been pretty windy lately with quite a few Ontario thunderstorms. But today, I woke up and it's dropped from 30 degrees down to like 15! Bundling up!

4 August 2017

Nat and Jay wearing their matching sibling clothes.
Rain is coming!
Going to bed at 12, waking up at 12. Oh! The cottage life! My view in the morning.

2 August 2017

My trip from Oakville to Lake Huron. Had to pull over for a thunder storm. Rewarded with a rainbow.