Spain · 4 Days · 30 Moments · August 2017

Port de Sóller, Spain

31 August 2017

The following day we decided to take a bus to check out the town of Deia again, a little more in depth. Originally this day was supposed to be saved for some boating or sailing, but the weather decided to go against us with a chance of thunderstorms and rain. So we figured it's a perfect opportunity to check out the town that caught our attention during our previous hike.

30 August 2017

After laying out on the beach for several hours, we took a little drive to a they point of Cap de Formentor. Definitely a touristy place, but worth seeing. The views of the cliffs of the northeast edge of the island were spectacular.
A few more pictures of that beautiful water and the beach.
On this lovely day we decided to rent a vespa (Josh and Jonica took their car, but we wanted to experience vespa driving), and drove to a town on the east side of the island, called Port d'Alcudia. Our plan was to spend most of the time on Playa de Muro (beach) and then check out a couple of other areas on the east side of the island. Riding a vespa was definitely an experience. None of us has ever done that before and up to that point I was a little nervous to get on it. I even made Michael go around the block before I joined him, just so I can see his confident enough operating it. Once we got on it, it actually seemed better than expected. Until we hit the freeway, of course. That was one windy ride and a little nerve racking. And we had to be on the freeway road for about 40 minutes of the whole ride! (The trip was about an hour long). I was praying the whole way, since it was a tad scary. But lo and behold, we survived and arrived at a beautiful turquoise beach with white sand.

29 August 2017

After that, Michael took a little evening nap, as I watched the sun set at a viewpoint behind our apartment.
After our swim, we took a 20 min walk into the city of Deia. We had to catch a bus back to Soller, so left the beach early enough for our walk to catch a 6:20pm bus and hopefully one more refreshment before heading back.
After lunch we finally got to get into refreshing water. The only thing that was a little concerning was that there were jelly dish in there and apparently a few people got stung. But luckily we were spared.
We decided that we first must eat. So after changing out of our sweaty clothes into swimsuits, we had lunch at the beach front casual restaurant. A cava sangria was a must again. I had ordered sardines and apparently yellow jackets love that stuff. Had a little entertainment watching those yellow jackets steal little pieces of my fish and trying to fly off with it. In addition to that, watching the boats and the yachts was a good entertainment as well. We even came up with a plan that we must get on one of those yachts and our plan was to all swim out there and pretend like we're all drowning from getting a cramp and see if they save us and pick us up on their yacht and after that we can just casually ask if they can give us a ride back to Soller. Our plan was not carried out, of course.
After a few more steps (and after running into a sheep farm with an adorable little lamb), we approached Cala Deia - a rocky beach with clear blue beautiful water.
We waited and enjoyed the views at the "cafe", while the owner squeezed the orange juice for us. The juice was probably the best orange juice I've ever had. It was like an energy shot for a hike. It just hit the spot. So refreshing, yet perfectly sweet. After enjoying that deliciousness we continued on with the rest of our hike. We still had about an hour left to go, and there was a beach waiting for us at the end.
As we walked further along the GR221 hiking path, we stumbled upon a handwritten sign that said "Orange Juice Cafe". A cute and excited dog greeted us from above where the "cafe" was and we decided to check the place out. Besides with all this humid hiking, a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice actually sounded really good.
The hike was very interesting and although not the hardest, the humidity and heat made it hard to breath at times, especially when going up on the cobbled path. Some cobbles appeared to be a little slippery too, so that slowed us down at times. It was still fun. The terrain was definitely unique and the views were pretty cool. About 20 min after we started hiking, the views opened up to Port Soller bay. After that we were hiking between olive trees for a while and then the views were switching off periodically between the country side valley and opening up to the sea. We also kept running into an older Belgian couple that spoke English and it was definitely a pleasure interacting with that hiking couple.
Woke up this morning and had a relaxing cup of coffee on the rating, while waiting for Michael to finish his morning run. After we got ready, we met up with Josh and Jonica and went for a 10km hike from Port de Soller to Deia.

28 August 2017

To finish off the day, Michael and I walked to a restaurant called HAM and had a delicious anniversary dinner. I had a huge serving of prawns and he had a ribeye steak served on sizzling hot stone. Found some cute cats along the way back home (there's plenty of them on the streets here).
After laying out on the beach we met up with Josh and Jonica and walked along the bay to go find something to drink. We stumbled upon a place that served cava sangria, so figured it's worth a try. They were delicious!!! We had a pitcher of that one and later a pitcher of traditional red sangria, socialized, cheered to Michael's and my wedding anniversary and just had a relaxing evening watching the sun setting at the bay.
A little siesta on the beach.
A little siesta on the beach.
Checking out the beach for the first time. Still overcast today. Hopefully we get to see at least one sunny day while staying here!
Riding the tram of Soller.
After walking around through the little streets, Josh and Jonica decided to drive back towards their vacation home, while Michael and I decided to stay behind and explore a little more. We stopped by another cafe and ordered dos cervezas and a "Russian salad", aka Olivye with a Spanish twist. We relaxed and watched the tram of Soller pass up by and decided that we should take one of these back to our apartment.
Today we started out by venturing to the center of Soller town. We stopped by to get something to eat for breakfast/crumb. Michael and Josh decided to go with Carajillos (alcoholic Spanish Coffee). This just might become a habit while we're here in Spain. 🤗 After that we stopped by at a different cafe to get a beer and then walked around to check out some stores in the cutest little narrow streets.

27 August 2017

Once Michael woke up, we took another walk together. Then had some tapas and by that time it was nightfall. The city seemed to actually come to full life around 9pm. But that's as long as I wanted to last with my jetlag and not sleeping for over 31 hours.
On my walk around the bay. The evening was pretty hot and humid. Although cloudy. Made the water look a little more gray than it really is. You could see hints of blue in the water, but the overcast made it hard to capture with phone pictures.
While Michael took a nap, I went for a walk around the bay.
Behind our apartment there's a lovely viewpoint area where you can watch sunsets.
The view from our apartment.
Arrived to Port de Soller around 3pm, completely let lagged of course.