Italy · 3 Days · 9 Moments · December 2017

Liguria, Italy

2 January 2018

Wow! This place was in the mountains of Liguria, this is a very uncommon hostel with a perfect view and nice settings, with cute little homemade goods at the entrance. The symbol of it is also magical. Bed and breakfast place, for 110euro not in season! :D
This is when we went for a hike with Dani's father, Dino and saw nice things on the way. :) Meanwhile having karuba (carob) on the way from trees, or little timy mandarins or little tiny red fruit - having their name after nipples ehehe - i need to ask their name and also the mandarin kinds. comcoitte or smg in english.. Sun was shining and it was around 13degree! Lovely lovely winter!
we share the same interest in: Permaculture, Community living, Herbs, Spiritual development, Travelling, Animals, Handcrafting, Singing, Moving- Yoga, Sports Meditation We imagine te same house (roundshape, based on rocks, inside wood, outside white- clay - vályog) Erasmus+ Leadership- and that we need to grow in and accept it (even if we prefer be servants, not leaders) - well me personally still not sure how life will goes but i feel that i would make a good leader cause og my empathy and sensitivity of others. Values i mean.. same interest in projects and mission. Stars, tarot, wicca things, nomads Homeschooling Vanuatu
As i mentioned before.. lovely winter! And the church on top of the hill, a catholic church, with the name by the door: Maria Regina. :)
Daniele walking. Palmtrees growing huuuge. Color of the Mediterranean Sea is amazing, and the Sun is still shining.
Dinos father made lunch for us! Well especially for me. They treated me so great! I felt like i dont know .. Cleopatra! My skin get better also! I guess it is cause of Sole(Sun), Love, and olives. :) <then before last day i ate more chees and seafood -now i have a new acne in flame..swollen>

1 January 2018

We went for a pizza, with Dino and his car, bit further away, to a medieval town, with a medieval castle and market (was spice market from 1167 to 1700smg) the castle we did not reached but the town around we walked more or less through. People still leaves in it! I mean wow! That is magical:) I wonder how much it is to rent.. So this pizza place was crowded - as actually all of them, and streets were empty. It was 2nd of january, so maybe thats why so busy - restaurants. :) With Dino we had vegetarian pizza, and Dani had pesto pomodoro - we shared and oh it was georgous!! Pesti with nice parmezzano in it. Also we drink a beer, i asked for red beer (just as Dani) and really enjoyed the bittersweetness -but more bitter- in it! :)
Natural, easy-going, calmful, inspired, same, surprising(...), kind, generous, obvious. Words that can show a picture about how i felt with him, and how we felt.. I mean.. it was 7 days (from 28of december-to january3) so okay it is not much but enough to have a wider picture. Well it will be continued ?? No answer yet. We need to heal, get better and also make decisions about close future. We shared intimacy and romantic moments. Was a lot of sexual intercourse too.. surprisingly awaken this side of mine. I also realized that i need to grow a lot (a LOT) in english! I was having language bariers.. sometimes i said aha, even without understanding the words cause i wanted to avoid frustration of him - cause of the need of explaining "every second word" to me. I enjoyed being in charge woth decision of what to do and i enjoyed that usually both wanted to do the same thing. Small things as well like, we both enjoyed the food prepared in the same way..

30 December 2017

That's him at age 3! Ahaha so cute! I like the way he laughs and smiles and the sparkle in his eyes. I like that he is soft and sensual still feels like a man from the very score. He is a winner and yet like butter, he loves animals and artistic matters. But now.. he also need to find out a lot about himself and face with pain. His pain is similar then my pain (from parents he did not receive love- touching and tenderness) so he has now psoriasis on his head. Im having this acne on my face.. And he also needs to figure about his future. As me too... but he is having concrete projects (community building networks- support it anyway, doing permaculture and also balance village and city, and help traditions to stay alive..- like healing woth herbs for example - so authentic knowledge)