Italy · 1 Days · 6 Moments · November 2018

Life is a travel

3 November 2018

In flight for LoNdOn!
After long time waiting and preparing the London moment has arrived. Finally at the Bologna airport. Our small step to new life. We woke up so early we could hear the fucking TV in the other room o porca troia! Of to the taxi with some stranger.
After 9 years as smoker... to add more stress at the situation, this will be my last cigarette!! Smoked in 2 minuts, just half because we noticed that the gate was close to be closed!!!! Damn!

2 November 2018

Pizza, wax and go to sleep!! Hotel Brianza (so coooold 🥶)
Going in to the hotel close to the airport. Happy? Yes Sad? Yes Worried? Yes So many emotions in the same moment
Really a sad day. It was hard to say goodbye to everybody. We are leaving our house to go in London and start a new life toghether.