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Life is a journey

8 July 2018

We are always one decision away from a totally different life. Back to school send off party for the Ortiz Couple. :) may Jehovah bless your self sacrificing spirit, thank you for having faith, worthy of imitation. Forgetting the things behind, stretching forward to the things ahead - Fil 3:13

20 June 2018

Thankful to Jehovah for allowing me and my dear brother to be part of the Watchtower commenter for Be Courageous Regional Convention 😍

17 June 2018

Be Courageous Regional Convention
“A student is not above his teacher, but everyone who is perfectly instructed will be like his teacher.” - Luke 6:40 Grateful to my Bible teachers - Kuya Jonathan and Ate Elsie

15 May 2018

What a privilege to be a part of the 1st ever National Preaching Campaign! ☺️ May 4 to 15, 2018 in Iling Proper, San Jose Occidental Mindoro

22 December 2017

My most epic travel for 2017! ☺️ Maraming salamat Eljay for allowing us to stay at your home and for letting us experience an adventure that we will never forget in our entire lifetime! 😁 Thank you rin guys for consistently showing love and the fruits of the holy spirit! Haha Later ko na send yung computation ng expenses, may sukli pa tayo! ☺️ Until our next adventure! 😊

17 December 2017

A heartfelt sharing. :) "The thoughts of a man's heart are like deep waters, But the discerning man draws them out." - Proverbs 20:5

9 December 2017

Tokens for Guadalcanal's Annual RP meeting.

5 December 2017

Thankful that Jehovah is my God :) He made everything beautiful in its time. - Ecc 3:11

4 December 2017

Game night! :)

1 December 2017

"When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind." - Wonder #wonderful ☺️
When you're feeling a little low then when you decide to look at the skies, you realize that Jehovah is cheering you up by showing you the colors of the rainbow 🌈

26 November 2017

I've been receiving a lot of love letters lately. Most of them from Faye! She's really one of the sweetest. Her drawing and writing skills have improved a lot. Thank you faye for making me feel special. I'm happy to know that you have time to think about me too. Hehe

25 November 2017

Meet my smallest and youngest Bible study. Kyrie Kulit Bulilit. His favorite video is 🎶Mommy Daddy 🎶

23 November 2017

My beautiful seatmates during our midweek meeting. Feeling bata hehe

22 November 2017

My inspirations! ☺️ it's now the time of the year to start planning for 2018! Exciting times lies ahead.

20 November 2017

Yehehey! Jeff was able to download a copy for me! ☺️

15 November 2017

It's nice to play with you again Bandy! 😍

14 November 2017

Life happens in moments not in lifetimes. ☺️
A very beautiful and unique flower found near Pinto Art Museum :)

3 November 2017

Happy 5th Baptism Anniversary! :)
Happy 5th - Words spoken are overflow of the heart. It is written, words spoken are overflow of the heart. (Luc 6:45) As i look back how my life has been in the past 5 years, i can't help but feel contented and thankful. :) It is rare to find people who would be around you reminding you of your value, willing to help you navigate through the challenges of life. Because of that, everyday I thank Jehovah for sending friends my way who helped me be firm in my faith and live with integrity. Thank you for helping me believe that together we can survive storms and embrace the beauty of life's rainbows 🌈 Thank you dear friends for being "rare" and for being one of my most precious treasures! May Jehovah continue to bless us with: - Peaceful thoughts as we are growing older everyday, - Simple wisdom when we are facing difficult choices

28 October 2017

Thankful to Jehovah for a whole day of spiritual feast! Ang maibiging daan ang tamang daan 😍

22 October 2017

Shhh! Snapping a picture during cart witnessing! The weather is good today. Start the work early! ☺️

6 October 2017

Finally, a time to travel with brother dear! Hello Singapore! :)

1 September 2017

Physical training is good for the heart ❤️

2 August 2017

Thank you Jehovah for allowing me to see my dear sisters! 😍

22 April 2017

Blooming Nemophila 😍 so pretty!