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Life is a journi

5 February 2018

Today is my birthday day ... eventually I went to the seaside in port noarlunga to celebrate my birthday with my husband.

31 January 2018

I miss my 25 age

24 December 2017

6 years anniversary of marries... Oh my god ..I eat my favorite food : beef of Wellington

4 December 2017


28 November 2017


26 November 2017

排隊入場進入梵蒂岡聖伯多祿大殿Basilica di san pietro 由於要安檢所以花了長時間排隊 唯一遺憾的是西斯廷小教堂今天關閉 無法親眼看到創世紀圖
Fontane di trevi 特雷維噴泉 Make a wish They will let your dream come ture .
Pantheon 萬神殿
Bocca della verita 真理之口 傳說若是說謊放進去的手便拿不出來!
Colosseo 羅馬競技場旁邊騎士(羅馬鬥獸場) 我彷彿搭乘時光隧道來到競技場上 殺戮戰場的磅礡氣場讓人深入其境 真開心買到地下底層的門票

25 November 2017

Risotto seafood is very nice 9.5€ Spaghetti carbonara 9.5€ Hot chocolate & cappuccino 3.5 & 3 € Unfortunately spaghetti was uncooked Told the waitress....they just pick back microwave The cream was 分離了。 That's really bad idea I don't want go again .
Bought early tickets from Napoli to Roma Just only 9.9 € /per We got discounted 30€ for person Ya ...
24/11 龐貝城因為途中火車壞了,抵達時已經閉店了 無法進入,只好放棄了。 25/11 早上天氣不佳決定取消昂貴的卡布里島藍洞 改去龐貝城,選擇龐貝果然是對的!

23 November 2017

Bad hotel ... l lost sleepless Wake up early #松發肉骨茶好吃到哭爸! #人魚獅髒髒

22 November 2017

新加坡的船型飯店燈光秀 8:00pm& 9:00pm everyday
First time choose Singapore airlines . That's really comfortable in the airplane
It's time to start our traveling of Europe with Bear baby . We are leaving from Adelaide airport First station is Singapore. YA …LET'S GO

21 November 2017

15 November 2017

I was very enjoyed pasta by Shane made . That's really delicious food in the world for me As overseas student it's alway cooked by yourself How long I not tasty food by my mom I miss my family

14 November 2017

I always going to library for joing English class Improve my English , I like reading newspaper to search new vocabulary what I don't know It was help me quickly understood in Adelaide Obviously that's first circumstances for immigration in Australia However I also can find English book to reading

9 November 2017

Finally I made the perfectly pinapplebread by myself Despite I got mistakes for first time But everyone always mistake for first time I never abandoned for everything Try again again do very well

1 November 2017

We went to the beach on Wednesday. Perfect beach in my eye . I hope I can snorkeling immediately Unfortunately the weather still cold Finall we walking the beach and drink one cup of coffee .