United Kingdom · 133 Days · 4 Moments · June 2017

Life is a journi

4 November 2017

On the 4 th of September 2017 me my sister (Molly) and my friends(Maddy) we had a early bonfire night with my mum my dad (Maddy) mum and her brother (Freddie) . we had fireworks and a big bonfire when my Dad set a fireworks from one came at us and hit Freddie in the arm but he was fin . Then we went insid a took this photo .
My sister (Molly) my baby cousin (Bayliy) me and pater Bayliy grandad went to the beach and play in the sand and water we made a big kingdom out of sand . Then Bayliy did like the water then he got deeper every time he want in . Bayliy went in the water and slipped over and cry and cry so we had to lave xx😢😂😂😂😘😘❤️

3 November 2017

Me and my sister took a photo of me and her xx💋❤️😂😂

25 June 2017

Me (Gracie went to the Isle of white festival and I was about 4 years old . I went with my mum dad sister Molly and my uncle Mally and my tow cousins Ellis Cameron . Carmeron was about 4 like me and Ellis was about the same age as my Molly that age was about 7 yeas old I dress up like the deval and Molly dress up like a angle . The Second photo was the same day just some ware Else at my grammars house Blue Peter the reason me and Molly did not go camping is because we were to young . My grandma and Grandad would pike us up in the middle of the day . I remember this one Memory of my Grandad picking Molly and I up in his van and took us up to McDonald's and then go to KFC because my grandad wanted KFC not McDonald's xx❤️❤️😘😢😂