United States of America · 320 Days · 10 Moments · December 2016

Life is a journi

2 November 2017

The clock tower remind aerial Prince Charming that Ariel wants something like to be heard, listen and have companionship just like princess tiana and princess auora and Elsa and Anna and Wendy just to fly and have an adventure together with tinker bell with Winnie the Pooh and friends and get lost with Robin Hood and princess Meagan in Hercules and finding Nemo and finding their own heritage just like princess Moana and riding with prince Aladdin and the ant hill of bugs world with queen Athena and princess dots and having teapots with Alice and eating that poisonous apple in princess Snow White and muggle bear from jungle book and infinity with blast lightyear with friends and even Minnie and Mickey and friends
I like the clock tower because it reminds about time management to balance out my own work and family memebers and relatives and friends but the clock tower reminds me about beauty and the beast because it reminds about beauty is great to be me and appreciate what nature have to offer us and the beast reminds me about Cinderella that I have to think about others not only myself and even it comes to love is the biggest problem of couples relationship especially commitment drift and social interaction and activities. The clock tower reminds about Mulan and Pocahontas that I have to look at my own true color of reflection and the sun down I have to begin about my own mistakes not to do it all over again just like brave
I got an offer a job in air canada for my part time job and I said yes so many times and I hope that they will never talk to sol and conrand about having that part time job because I really want it so badly not like Robbie massie offer me a job in business so sol took it and she quit right away
My foster biological parents Aaron jakubenko lives in California so I went here just to visit and living a house while going to school to get my high school diploma and I finally got it and now I am in Cerritos college just barely finishing my general education while going to school I have to spend time with my biological dad Aaron jakubenko just to spend quality time together and I will take off and go back to canada that is my hometown and even in Europe
My biological Canadian parents lived in Vancouver and my other biological dad lived in Quebec
My bridesmaid and I just going to spend time in the la citadelle de Quebec before the wedding day so long for now but I have been planning my own fairy tale wedding
Before the wedding I am just going to take sol and conrand Talla jr to this hotel just to celebrate Fourth of July
The venue is at the hotel le Concorde Quebec
I went to the notre dame de Quebec basilica Cathedral because I want to get married there in canada with my Prince Charming Greg

18 December 2016

This week have been so cold and dark and what worst I bump into this women who push me about my own big mistakes that it is been challenge for me because sol would gobble me right up because I am too afraid to speak up because it is always been about them