1 Days · 3 Moments · October 2017

A Bed Full of Bimbos

28 October 2017

He obviously took that as a compliment because he asked me to sit down with him and we exchanged snapchat usernames and chatted for a bit. A few moments passed by and Tay came up to Jack and I and said that she and her friend, Mitch (who was also friends with Jack) wanted to go to a bar / club. I agreed and then we were off in the uber, of course I happened to be sitting next to Jack in the back seat. Tay was sitting next to me on the other side and was giggling whilst talking on the phone to her boyfriend, telling him that Jack and I were 'flirting'. I don't know if you call staking each other's instagrams is flirty or just plain weird. We got to the bar and had to wait in line for maybe 10 mins, but those 10 mins feel like a lifetime when your bladder is about to burst. We thankfully made our way into the bar and Tay and I rushed upstairs to the bathroom. Once out of the bathroom, Tay said her feet were hurting, conveniently there was a random mattress in the middle of the room…
Anyway, we eventually got really bored at this 18th so we decided to move on to the next party. At this one, many of Taylor's school friends were there, so we felt way more comfortable (and the drinks were free). I had been previously introduced to Taylor's school friends and other guy friends before, so I was able to get along with them quite easily. When we got there, I immediately saw my crush (Del) standing outside talking to his friends (the story about him alone can wait for another time, because I could literally go on for ages haha). Anyway, Taylor and I made our way to the dance floor and that was when I saw a guy who I had met maybe once but very briefly, I went up to him (I was a bit drunk) and told him that he looks like a famous person.
So it all started when my friend (Taylor) and I were invited to two 18ths in one night. We started off the night by spending time at the first 18th but we didn't really know anyone that well there. Anyway, it didn't stop us from dancing to some good music and adding a few new people on snapchat.