France, United Kingdom · 31 Days · 3 Moments · September 2017

Going nowhere.

30 October 2017

Halloween night was a bloody right laugh! The gins went down, the costumes went on and Caroline's face painting was the bomb! She's alright she is :P then we boogied our asses off all night, met a bunch of beautiful people and had a dirty kebab to finish. What a treat! Sunday was slightly blurry but fun all the same. Spent the day with my niece and nephew carving pumpkins and acting like a kid all day, which is nothing from the norm really ;) Monday was such a lush day! Went in to the city with my awesome sister, had a weatherspoons breakfast and went to the movies. Blade runner 2049 is fucking excellent. Just saying. And so was the amazing Caribbean dinner me and Nat had. Although due to taking 4 year old gaviscon , bringing it back up this morning was not so good but, Today's the fucking day! As we speak I'm currently on a train to London to catch my flight. I feel like shit. My head hurts and I constantly think I'm guna puke but, I'm on the nomadic road. Until next time :)

27 October 2017

So after arriving in the 'lovely' Norwich, the first thing I did was get a bloody good curry!! That's been missed! I had a good old catch up and laugh with my sister and ate more shitty delicious foods! Then I had to get my tooth fixed which I was dreading! But it wasn't as bad as I though :P Then it was time to meet some dickhead called Caroline :P we ate the BIGGEST breakfast bap in my life, went to the city, made steak and ale pie with dauphy pots and drank a bunch of wine. The next day consisted of a bitching breakfast, peanut butter and jelly buddy tattoos, meeting mum number 3 aka George, shouting our hearts out to 90's metal songs, turkey Dino's, alphabet potatoes and a home made tiramisu!! Dude, I'd be so amazingly fat if I actually lived here! Today...a cheeky Frankie and Bennies breakfast with peeps, creating our gangster clown posse outfits for Halloween accompanied with a lot of booze and then getting messy in the city. New Zealand in 3 daaaaaaaaays!!!

30 September 2017

So, I'm done with France! This season was mediocre to say the least! Now the fun actually begins... As I'm guna be gone for quite a few years (hopefully) I felt the need to see some people before I left. First off was the parents. Went to see them in Barcelona which is always a fucking treat. Tapas, beers, wine, some smoke apparently! And good company :) including a cheeky visit from Laurence. Then it was off to holland to see my brother from another mother, max and his family. It was a super chilled few days including a cheeky trip to Amsterdam for the Hospitality drum and bass event which, after getting there at 1:30am, was pretty fucking ace. We danced our tits off for a good few hours then went home at 7am. After that it was back to grey fucking Britain! I went to see my brother who I haven't spent time with in a 13 years or so! So that was ace! Now I'm currently on a bus to London then off to Norwich to see my sis and mates. Guna be messy!!!