Australia · 814 Days · 19 Moments · August 2016

Travelling Australia

5 November 2018

A great cabin near Taree. Mansfield on the Manning. A surprise was the hosts we cook meals for you. The menu was wonderful. View stunning

28 October 2018

Back in Darwin. This years street art.

23 October 2018

Alice Springs Northern Territory..There is quite a bit of local art

21 October 2018

Alice Springs October 18 Wonderful Aboriginal Art. A bush on a drive.

4 November 2017

On Tuesday we attended the admission if the new Administrator Vicki OHannahan. Graham and the other Judges wore their new robes. More fitted and cooler than the old ones. These are to be worn in criminal cases. Friday night 3/11... we attended the Battle of the Barrister, a musical night. Hosted by the William Foster Chambers. Great night showing the musical talent of many. Lots of fun. 4/11. Coffee as usual this morning, small group, but nice

1 November 2017

This week was back to routine. Golf,art,lunch for Stella’s birthday, and today I went to a modern dance at the Performing ARts Centre Mana Wahine. A NZ show travelling overseas.

31 October 2017

Tactile Arts,a small group that meets Tuesday’s at the Museum area in Darwin..a drop in group..
Quite s busy time. We went to a musical “Chess”. The Darwin chorale and 3 main characters. Was lots of fun. Dinner at Rooney’s prawns and oysters. What a great lunch. Monday Deckchair “Victoria and Abdul “ great movie with friends Chris and Fee asked a small group of friends. There was a lot of chatter about old Darwin. Some fond stories. Ian Britain Jones especially, he has lived here for over 40 years, owned a buffalo farm, and flew planes. He even flew to London!!! Knows everyone. The movie was about an Indian chap who travelled to give the queen a coin from Indian, the queen and he developed a wonderful relationship which threatened her family. This story was revealed in his diaries after he died.

26 October 2017

26 th oct Body Corp meeting with Byron unit...everthything ok.. Coffee in the mall with “the girls”. General chatter..Pam,Frieda,Carole,Lita,.. After went to Papergirls shop and bought some aboriginal print for dresses,,hoping to get them made in Bali! Tactile Arts to cut some flyers for the Craft fair.. Home cooked dinner and had a nap.. Golf at 4. Carole,Lita!Stella and Freda. Tomorrow is the last day for the postal vote for gay marriage..quite a bit of banter,but really it all comes back to politics and politicians... The photo shows doe of the squares I’ve been knitting for making a rug..not sure where it will go yet..

24 October 2017

Yots Restaurant Cullen Zaby
23 Rd Walk into town... picked up car and mail from the office Home sat at desk and did the accounts. Lunch with Ayla and the girls,their renovation is fantastic. Leaving in December for a month to England. New business is doing really well , Ayla is very happy Golf... Stella,Carole ,Lita. Lots of fun and giggles. 45 pts. Happy with this.

22 October 2017

It was nice today,Pete Mac What’s App’d was nice,photos of the girls and his property..
24 th October Woke to a lovely shower of heavy rain. This meant no golf. I wasn’t really upset, but on the other hand I was!! Chemist and the on to scrabble. Pan, Bobby, Carole and me. Fun game. I still struggle but I enjoy the game and giggle. Cath rang for a chat Nicole had an egg transferred Michael accepted s job application Graham went off to Tennis and I watch tv and read.
Sunday 22 October Went for a morning walk around the waterfront..they are planting a new play gym and have installed a Fruit Bat art work near the Adina.. Bit of rain,very humid.

21 October 2017

Saturday 21 st Coffee with the riding group.great catching up with everyone..I’ve only been home one week since 1st August.. Hannah dropped over,she stayed at our place while we were away. Then I had a drink with Graham’s associates at the Sailing Club..

13 August 2016

Sailing club photos