New Zealand · 68 Days · 7 Moments · August 2017


22 October 2017

It is most definitely spring which I've decided it my favorite season, everything blooms and reminds me to do as such 🌺🌿
We hunted down these gypsy pants for Ty in "hipsta" after having lunch of fncs with Vaughan on the beach in plimerton 🎆

19 October 2017

Everyone's feeling the heat today 🌅🐝

17 October 2017

We had a well delicious meal at hummingbird that consisted of grilled beef fillet with truffle potato, portobello and beef ravioli :)
For Ty's bday we had tea on the beach and watched the sunset and ended up having a photoshoot of the glorious skyline!

17 August 2017

Found these awesome flowers in the supermarket and I have one question: How?

16 August 2017

Ty & I got to experience "Wellington on a plate" with these bad boys to scoff consisting of: A duo of roasted lemon, oregano and paprika chicken and charcoal-grilled jerk chicken, both with aioli, slaw, cheese and bacon balls in slider buns down and the lightest aromatic beer I have ever tasted which was made right here in the heart of Wellington city, could of fooled me with the name: Trois Fleurs Garden Grisette. It is lightly flavoured with coriander seed, fresh lemon verbena and a bouquet of dried calendula, camomile and elderflower. This beer has then been blended with a portion of sour beer to create a delightfully tart, aromatic and effervescent light gold beer, two thumbs up from a person who's not that keen on beer 👍👍