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Life is a Journey in Europe of 2019

22 May 2019

I'm finally home!!! But I will miss the United Kingdom.

13 May 2019

Tonight I saw Hamilton the musical in the Victoria theatre. If I give a rating out of 10 I would say a 9.5 out of 10. Hamilton was a wonderful musical but I have to say the ending was so sad. Highly recommended!!
I am going to hang out in Camden Market before I go see Hamilton tonight.
The last stop on the Melinda Magical adventure is the Madme Tussauds. I met a lot of wax famous people here, like Trump, Obama, ET, King Henry VIII and many more...

12 May 2019

Hang out on Leicester square before I head back to the university.
For dinner I went to Wagamama. Thank you Tina for recommending me to Wagamama. It was delicious!!!
On my way to my next location for dinner, I saw a Sherlock Holmes restaurant. At first I thought that I eat here but I change my mind on it.
The second to the last stop of the Melin magical adventure is The London Dungeon. It's a wonderful adventure but I won't recommend for children under 18, or those who are scare of horrors. For me I love it because they made this tour fun but at the same time you're learning the history of the United Kingdom.
The third stop of the Merlin magic advantage was shrek's Adventure. I would recommend this tour four those who have children or love Dream Works movies. The only thing that regrets is that we weren't allowed to take photos in this tour.
For lunch, I have fish and chips at James park, where I bought a great view of London eyes from a distance. On the way to the park, I was able to the Big Ben up close.
The next stop is the Sea life of London. It's pretty cool, to see all these sting rays, sharks, fish, jellyfish, and penguin. However, I kind of thought that it would be bigger but I was wrong.
Today I am going to explore the Merlin's Magical London, the first stop is the London eyes view. It's kind of shame the the Big Ben is under construction.

4 May 2019

Before I leave Barcelona, I went to the beach for sightseeing and collecting seaglass.

3 May 2019

Here is a view from my hostel before it rain.

2 May 2019

Today it's just a lazy day were Emilie and I went shopping for gifts and also explore La Rambla. I got some stuff for my self, like a wooden combs with wood burning of Barcelona of 2019 on it. We also visit a market called ......(I will add it later) where I got some seafood which wasn't worth it, I also got some dumplings from an Asian couples. When I here in Barcelona, I found out that knowing Chinese might have an advantage, since I got some free treats, and get a better treatment.😋 There are also many different sweet shop that I have visit, I wish I could bring some home, but my suitcase is full to the max.

1 May 2019

Where are we? We are at Gaudi's house and the park that has Gaudi's works, after walking all the way up the hills to see his work, we found out the all ticket was sold out. But there are tickets available on Friday and Saturday, and that the park is free in the morning from 6:30 AM to 8 am (I think) and the afternoon from 9pm to 11pm. Also that the park is free on every first Sunday of the month. Even thought we couldn't enter the park we were still able to explore the surrounding area of the parks.
Say hi to Gaudi work of arts. I was supposed to be on the free tour with Emilie, but later we kind of gone with our own adventure of Gaudi's works.
I can't believe I am in Barcelona, when there a football game happening just around the corner. I believe is was Barcelona vs. Liverpool and at the end Barcelona won!!!!

30 April 2019

In the hostel I am staying at (SafeStay) I met a girl name Emilie. We walk around Barcelona, where we got to see many historic sites.

29 April 2019

The first sight I see in my first night in Barcelona.

28 April 2019

Naples underground is a place I would recommend people to visit. But beware for those who are claustrophobic, there will be a part of the tour where you will have to go through a narrow passage. But the view after that passage a breathtaking view a pool that have been built by the Romans. Here is a short story of how this Sotterranea Napoli underground was form. The Greeks were the first to discover Naples, where they use the underground for their stones. When the Roman took over, they uses the underground dig out by the Greeks for their water supplies. And much, much, much later after the water that have gotten contaminated with Chlamydia Trachomatis or bacteria. The Roman abandon it, which later become an illegal garbage dump. During WWII, this underground became a bomb shelters for the people of Naples. This is how the story of Naples underground came to be...

27 April 2019

Who don't love homemade meals? The Naples experience hostel always make their own homemade breakfast for 2€ and homemade dinner for 4€. It's worth it. The pastry here are also breath taking and not overwhelming sweet.
On the second day in Napoli was wonderful. The weather was in the high 60s and the sun was out. I met a girl her name is Emma from Georgia. We went out explore the city of Naples. We went to the chiesa del Gesu' Nuovo, which was an amazing place with all the arts on the ceiling of the church. Later we went to the Museo Civico Castel Nuovo, it's a small castle close the the sea, allowing a beautiful views of parts of Naples.

25 April 2019

The last two days in Rome was a wonder of life. Where times have been pause for many individual to come and see it's glory at the fulls....

24 April 2019

Let's the game began!!! Join us at the Colosseum in the Eternal City.
Trevi fountain..One coin to come back to Rome...Two coins to fall in love.
Lunch at La Taverna dei Fori Imperiali. Highly recommend if anyone whose visiting Rome.
First stop....The Palatine hill. It amazing that these ruin still exist..Even through the hard condition it has been through.

23 April 2019

The hostel I am staying in Rome was wonderful. It was cheap but at the same time it lively. I met a girl, her name is Ling Zhou. We hang out with each other and also have gelato together. Thanks for hanging out with me in my journey in the Eternal city!!!
Arriving at Rome was wonderful sight. But first let's have some dinner at Pinsere!!!

22 April 2019

Saturnia Hot Spring. It's a lovely place, but make sure to rent a car when you visit. 😉 The journey to Saturnia is a quite of dangerous journey with all the mountain roads and sharp turns at every corners. So be careful if you decide to come to this mountainous place.

20 April 2019

Uffizi Gallery was a line that could take forever to get into if you don't have a reservation. However, it is worth the wait since I was able to view all different kind of sculpture of different Romans and Greeks gods from the Precey Jackson books.
Thanks to Haley I received some of the photos that she took of me during the trip in Florence!!!!
Boboli Garden is one of the most beautiful place I have been to so far in Italy. There are wide spread of greens everywhere, that brings in the hidden feature of Florence's.
Today we walk around the central of Florence. The weather was so nice that we got some great views any many places. We also hitch a quick bites in Caffe Degli Artigiani for breakfast.

19 April 2019

Arriving in Florence was a great adventure. I met a new friend in Florence. Her name is Haley from South Carolina. We had dinner at a café that's about 25 minutes from our hostel. I won't come back to this hostel at all. (Hostel 7 santi).
Today is my last day in Venice. I had met a new friend when I was in Venice. Her name is Helen, we had breakfast at Bar San Cassiano. After breakfast we went sight seeing and brought our souvenirs. Lastly, before we separate and go our own path, we stop at a pitstop at Acque and Mais for some fried seafood.

18 April 2019

I had a great time in Venice. But now it's time from my next journey to begin....
Dinner at officina San Barnaba.
Got a gelato from Gelato Di Natura. I got two flavor one is dulce de leche and another favor that taste like it has a bit of alcohol in it.
Breakfast at AL 133.
Beware of photo scam!!!! They will let you take photo, but at the end they would want you to pay the price for it. I have learn my lesson in a hard way.

17 April 2019

Great place for a finger snack @ Osteria Alla Ciurma.
Arrive in Venice. Such a lovely day for a walk.
On the train to Venice, I caught a wonderful sights. At the same time, I seat across a guy who kept staring at me. Creepy...
Today I spend half of my day in Bologna and the next half in Venice. In the morning I went sight see and saw some architecture but it's kind a disappointmet seen half of them are a repair at the moment. But still it's a lovely place to visit .

16 April 2019

Arrive at Bologna, Italy today

3 March 2019

My flight back to the UK I saw some amazing sight that I don't want to forget.
Today is my last day in Paris...The short time I spend here will forever be in my memory!!!

2 March 2019

Eiffel towers is amazing to see in real life
Love lock gates
We have lunch at cafe de flores, it's was good but I have to say it's only a one deal things. Since it's soon expensive.
Went to see the Louvre Pyramid, in it worth it.
Woke up this morning feeling dead, but at the same time really to explore.
Today I have my first mock cocktail Virgin Beach

1 March 2019

Finally arrive at Paris!!!!
At the airport of Luton airport!! Only an hour away to Paris!! Here I come!!

25 February 2019

It's Like spring here!!

16 February 2019

I met someone that has been in the UK for almost three years, but she going back to her homeland this year. (Canada)
Later, we walk about almost a mile to see the Cardiff bay. The wind was pretty Strong's so we took the uber back the hostel we're staying at.
We stop at a location call Zizzi, where I have a plate a lasagna and also zizzi gelato. Yum.!
Spend a day at Cardiff's castle is a new experience I have so far in the UK. It was amazing to get experience what it's like to live during the middle age.

15 February 2019

Travel to Cardiff with a group of friends. We finally arrive there at Midnight. 😴

2 February 2019

Web designing: it'd fun but every time consuming

25 January 2019

Yesterday was a such a fun night, hanging out with some friend in Canary Wharf London. To see the lights, ice skating, and eating dinner with a cup a wine to go with it. It was fun!

23 January 2019

After class is the best time for lunch !

21 January 2019

19 January 2019

Journey to the center of the earth
Today was a busy day, I went to London with Classify today, there was one thing I didn't know was that I could you a travel pass for a day, which allows me to take any bus, train, and underground station for only 10 pounds. When I was in London I visited Chinatown, Primark, have lunch at Pong Ping Sulo. After that we went our separate ways to visit the location that we have set this afternoon. Classify went to the Buckingham palace while I went to the historical museum.

18 January 2019

Day at Cambridge!!
Day at Cambridge!

17 January 2019

Today was pretty cold I have to say...But I have a great time. To begin with my day was my trip to room R312 to talk about my course that I was going to take that haven't appear on my timetable. After that we had the fire alarm goes off the second time that I have been on campus. At 2 pm i had a meeting with the business career tutor about our semester this year. After the meeting, Cassidy and I went to the mall does some window shopping. Have dinner at Nando's.

16 January 2019

Today is a pretty crazy days, first I hang out with Cassidy and schedule our plan for this coming Saturday January 19th. Later I registered for my class on college lane. It's also was my first time on the shuttle bus 😁. However, on my way back to my dorm on the bus, there was a guy who tried to ask me our to see a movie this Friday....NO WAY...There no way will I go anywhere near him is the future...He smell like he does drugs.... Well... Let's move on to 6 o'clock at night we have a campus dorm meeting. Where we get to know our dorm better and hangout with other student.

15 January 2019

I went shopping today, I didn't know there was a Chinese store nearby 😆 I went in saw that they have a lot of stuff, but I didn't buy all of them, because I still haven't get my pan or dishes yet, so I got these for now. Today I also have lunch with some the friends I made in England. We had McDonald, let say that the price was different compare to the united state and that it taste better....That might be because I was hungry.

14 January 2019

Today was the exchange welcome talk, let me say that it was every boring, but I was able to meet a couple people during it. Cassidy is her name, both us are planning to go to London next week on the 19th of January.!!! She already have a ticket to see the Burlington palace, but first we are going to eat breakfast in Chinatown, then we will go our separate way but meet up at for dinner. It's going to be so much fun!

13 January 2019

Today I slept in which feel so nice, but my legs feels weak, and my shoulder aches...Other then that I feel really awake. I can't wait until tomorrow when I have to wake up before 9. Today have been in the kitchen, where I met two individual that live in this flats, one of them are studying for his masters. Also at the same time I have to sweep the kitchen ground because one it was cover in small trash as it haven't been sweep for awhile now.

12 January 2019

Today have been an exhausting day. I'm glad that the immigration line didn't take longer than an hour. I also got my sim card for my phone with EE. Taking the train with an headache and kept on getting lose was fun, however, everyone here was pretty nice. This adternoon after I arrive at my dorm, I took a short walk and also went to Aldi to buy some important items like toilet paper, and food. Last of all, my dorm have their fire alarm activities today but nothing major happen. Jenny Lam
My do at University of Hertfordshire!!!
Land on Philadelphia

10 January 2019

A day before my flight to the UK