Japan · 10 Days · 15 Moments · December 2018

Japan Trip 2018

24 December 2018

23 December 2018

22 December 2018

This morning we woke up bright and early to catch the JR train to Osaka, Japan. I ended up doing a bit of homework and reading and then I went straight to bed seeing that it was very early. We arrived in Osaka and went straight to the hotel because again it was only a day trip. The hotel had such a wonderful view of the city and was in such a fascinating location. My mom, my sisters and I decided to head out to find lunch. I didn’t get any pictures but it was a very traditional restaurant where we sat on the Khatami floors and people smoked inside (which wasn’t very pleasant if I’m being honest). We finished our (very good) lunch and decided to walk around those streets to explore the shops. After we spent some more money buying super yummy Japanese treats we went back to the hotel to res while my brother and dad went to eat. Finally my family decided to eat dinner after lounging around for a few hours. We went back to the streets we ate lunch at and we found the most amazing BBQ place

21 December 2018

Today we took a bullet train from Tokyo Satation all the way to Hiroshima, which some of you may know as the sight that the US bombed in WW2. It was a very long train ride and we had to switch trains at one point as well. On the train ride to Hiroshima we passed by Mt. Fuji which I was super happy about because it was on my bucket list to see. Once we got to the city about 3 hours later we had to check into the hotel and get right to our activities because we only had a few hours there. We went straight to the Atomic Bomb Dome. It was so interesting how it was preserved to show the history. We then went to the museum to understand and learn more about this site. The museum somewhat reminded me of the 9/11 museum in New York in the sense of having a memorial dedicated just to the victims of the attack, and the preserved artifacts from the event. I ended up getting a very bad headache before we could go through the entire museum so me my dad and my brother went back to the hotel to go t

20 December 2018

Today we had the tour guide again. We went on the subway ride to a shrine called a Meiji Jingu. The scenery and the temples were so facanating to see. We saw a Shinto shrine and we followed all of the rituals that you made to follow. We wrote out wished on a price of paper and put them and a bit of money in an envelope and put it into the wish container. We then went back tot the subway to head over to the Imperial Gardens. This was one of my favorite parts of the trip so far. The scenery and the history were so amazing. It was so cool to be able to see the trees and leaves changing color and to be able to see the different aspects of nature in different places. We saw the reminisces of the palace, what was left after it was burnt down and that was so fascinating. While we were walking we saw the Imperial Gardens and all of the beautiful trees, it was gorgeous. We wanted to start heading home until the tour guide found a Katana shop, but we didn’t get anything.

19 December 2018

Today was a more laid back day. We were so tired from yesterday so we just decided to have a more relaxed day. We had a traditional breakfast at the hotel again today, and yet again it was amazing. Since we had late start to the day it was so crowded in the hotel so we decided to go to the famous Shibuya Crossing and walk around that area. Before we went to the crossing my brother decided that we should walk all the way to the Supreme shop. My dad bought this sweater that he is in love with, it was really funny seeing him buy it and being so excited about it. We finally left the shop and went to the crossing it was extremely crowded with people and very overwhelming. We took a few pictures and had to leave because it was so overwhelmed with people. We took a subway all the way to where we were yesterday at the shrine and we went to this small hole in the wall to get dressed up as geishas. this was my dads pick, he found it so funny to see my mother and my sitar’s dresssed in wigs+make

18 December 2018

After that whole ordeal we went o a huge hello kitty store and my little sister was in absolute heaven. We didn’t end up getting anything because it was all so expensive. After a while of my sister complaining about her not getting any souvenirs we went to go see a Buddhist shrine. That was so amazing to see because I was just learning about religions in world history. We also got some ramen to fill our stomachs after walking so much. We also ended up going to the teen the town but I didn’t get any pictures because it wasn’t my jam. We got back to the hotel and went to bed.
Today we had a tour guide take us around Tokyo. We went to the famous fish market in Ueno, Tokyo. It was so fascinating to be able to exposed to the culture of Japan. At the fish market there was rows and rows of huge and expensive types of fish. My family decided to be adventurous and try blow fish which could be poisonous if cut the wrong way. I for one decided I didn’t want to take the risk so I didn’t try it.
After a while of my sister complaining about her not getting any souvenirs we went to go see a Buddhist shrine. That was so amazing to see because I was just learning about religions in world history.

17 December 2018

The plan for this trip to Japan was that we each would get to pick one place where we really wanted to go/see. I picked to go to a light museum called TeamLab. It was insanely cool. There were so many different exhibitions that were each individually unique. It was one of the coolest things that I had ever experienced. You could tell the amount of effort the creators put into each design. The museum opened at 11 and we got their right on time and left at 4. There was so much to do we were there for about 6 hours. After that we eft and got on he train to head back to the hotel because we were pooped. After resting for a couple hours we went to my youngest sister Sarahs destination pick, karaoke. It was super it nd sweaty in the Pom but in the end it turned it to be super fun. We were in their for an hour and we all got a chance to sing it was hilarious. I learned that my dad is not the best singer at all. We were all super tired at the end so we decided to walk back and go right to bed

16 December 2018

Today we did so much! We first had a traditional Japanese breakfast at the hotel, it was amazing! We then got our things together and took the train to Harajuku where we went to so many cool stores. We found a Hedgehog Cafe and it was the most amazing experience. We got to hold, play and feed so many hedgehogs. After we continued to walk until we found a place to eat, this restaurant was one of the best i’ve been too. We had a traditional lunch with salmon and a ton of different sides. We are now at the hotel, after walking about 5 miles, resting until it’s time to go to dinner. We walked to a restaurant called Ippudo where they served ramen, it was the best i’ve ever had, a lot better than cup of noodles. Now we’re going to bed and completely wiped out from today. I’ll check back in tomorrow with a new post.

15 December 2018

We have finally arrived in Japan after 19+ hours of traveling! We drive to the LAX airport from our house at 3am! We then waiting until 9 to board our plane. It was such a long plane ride and now I think I have permanent neck pain! When we got off the plane we went right to the exit where my dad let us and have us our train passes and then we were off to our hotel. It was around 3 pm on Saturday when we got there so we decided to get settled in the room and then go out and explore. We of course immediately went to get food and it was amazing! We had traditional sushi and chicken, I usually don’t like sushi but this was amazing! We ending up going to sleep around 8 pm because we were so tired. Now time for a new day!