South Africa · 30 Days · 4 Moments · July 2018

Life is a journi

11 August 2018

Clergy School 4h 31m from 09:23 – 13:54 Another fraught day. I nearly did not attend this morning but in all good conscience decided that I couldn’t stay away and then be critical...and there is much to criticize. I continue to think that it is a good thing to engage in conversation on the issue of the inclusion of gay people in the life of the church. The church must be more loving and inclusive. Not just towards gay people but towards all people. However, the way this clergy school was arranged, it was clear that the Commission into Human Sexuality had only one objective and that despite its own terms of reference to be a listening body, it had set out to convince and persuade. In this it shot itself in the foot. By being so blatantly biased, turning every comment into an opportunity to push the agenda, the commissioners lost the confidence of the clergy, who finally lost their patience, and send the Commission packing. A real waste of an opportunity. And I have no doubt will be us

9 August 2018

Not long to go

12 July 2018

End of a lovely break...