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Life is a journixyz

5 July 2018

I left the hostal to experiment other areas of Medellin. I went to Laureles-Estadio (Center) and discovered that there's no place like el poblado. Came back to Manila - near the entrance to El Poblado. The hostals are not nearly as comfortable as Cocobamboo so I try studying in Cafes. I thought it's going to be noisy, but with my headphones it's like being on your own. I hop between different restaurants/cafes, all while eating extremely healthy. This change comes in great timing, as I've just started exercising with a personal trainer, so I need to eat a lot :) In the photo is a picture of a custom-mix salad in my favorite restaurant - Mundo Verde.
Graffiti on the streets of Medellin

3 July 2018

Overstayed a lot in the Cocobamboo hostel - about 10 days. Facilities were great and amazing crew. Shoutout to Yesenia, Gloria, Lili. Never guessed I'll be trying to give dating advise to divorced ~50 year old woman in Colombia, all in Spanish :) when I left the hostal she gave me a bracelet, and she also told me a few things in Spanish which I did not understand, but knew she meant well! My Spanish is still mostly one way (they can understand me, I can't understand them)

28 June 2018

Went out on Lady's Night. Girls get in for free, to multiple places which have open bar. Went with Yesenia to Bandito Seas, which is considered one of the best clubs in Zona Rosa in El Poblado. Open bar in here works totally different than in Israel. You get a bottle service to your table. You have to finish it and only then you can get another one. We went for MedellĂ­n Ron which is very sweet Rom. The music was mostly reggaton and some mix of other genres. The way people dance here should be illegal :) Asombroso Noche

26 June 2018

Medellin bike night tour, park of light

25 June 2018

Kept reading online that Colombia is not OK with gay people, because there's a rule that 2 man can't ride a bike. Turns out it's for a completely different reason - prevent hitmen and robberies. Local people that I've told this to had a very good laugh :)
The gym here is great. 2 floors filled with machines and for only 75nis a month, including classes such as hiit and trx. This doesn't mean I'll be spending less here though, as personal trainer is only 10$ an hour

24 June 2018

Colombia wins against Poland in world cup 3-0. Everybody are extatic. After the game I went with people that I had met in language exchange to the bar at the top floor of the Charlee hotel where there's a great view of medellin

23 June 2018

Found an amazing hostel. Right in the center of El poblado (the old north of tel Aviv of medellin). Now is the time to start doing some work, and I found a great sitting place in the hostel. This is the first time I'm using this setup (laptop keyboard mouse headphones) and it's so comfortable!
Second night in medellin I go to a salsa club cuchitril. The salsa they dance here is very slow. Not at all like we have in Israel with all of the spins. I try their national drink which is 30% alcohol but seems like it doesn't have alcohol at all because of trucks of sugar! I get to practice my Spanish a lot since almost no one here speaks English

21 June 2018

Went to a broadway show. I didn't want to go at first because I'm not a fan of shows (especially not those that cost 100$). I was just looking and an Israeli guy, who works for the UN, picked up on my accent and gave me all I needed to know and I decided to go to hello dolly. It's a show about a matchmaker. Thanks to him I really enjoyed the play, it was awesome and I recommend everyone to not miss going to a broadway show. It really is the NBA of shows
Awaiting for flight to medellin in Newark Airport, night of no sleep, I meet this intelligent woman who is married but is traveling a lot by herself. Seems like many people have things to say about trump

19 June 2018

Walking around in Brooklyn. Seen 2 Brides who came here for wedding photos

15 June 2018

Museum of modern art in New York. Came to see Picasso and realized he has the most bizarre paintings. Some of the rest were nice

13 June 2018

Central Park is right next to my hostel. Great park for running. There are trails which are more for cyclists, and for running. The contrast between city and nature is amazing here Had to stop every so often for a picture. Also found a place for sit ups, so balanced workout

12 June 2018

Went on a walking tour from my hostel (HI) to the Jerry grand tour. That's a 14 hour tour, led by a 76 year old guy! We did take a lot of breaks, but that's very impressive of him. There were 10 other travellers, all of them solo travellers, it is surprising the number of solo travellers that I meet I dropped midway, so we've been in Brooklyn Bridge and the world trade center. Amazing size of buildings that apparently cost 27 billion dollars

11 June 2018

Rented a car from Boston and did a one day full of shoppings in the outlets of New Hampshire. It's a state just near Boston. Many people go there for vacation, to see nature, but also for sales tax free shopping. That's where I got my laptop and bag among other things See how crowded the apple store is compared to the Microsoft one :)
Lucky me! I return the rented car, the guy says there's chargeable damage to the car. I wait to talk to the manager. During which I look in my phone if I happened to have that photoed, and I did! Missed the bullet there.. The picture with the guy in the reflection is my 'proof' :)

10 June 2018

The donkey show! Danna came as well, to this show in campbridge area, near Harvard. Wow what a show, never seen anything like that. The star of the show was a dancer who looks exactly like a friend of mine from Israel! We talk to him and he has been to Israel, he is jew as well. Crazy show. If you're in Boston - don't miss!!

9 June 2018

Walking tour in Harvard. Great story about the library. Also - first computer in the world is on display there
Gay parade in Boston. Very big and long. Synchronized with the gay parade in Israel
Lots of activities from the hostel. There was a 7-9 free drinks and then pub crawl. Not so many came so we went out eating, everything was closed so we return to the hostel and I meet these 2 Americans which we talk for a few hours about Jim Jeffries, Louis Ck, and why they think America is going down

8 June 2018

Boston's freedom trail

7 June 2018

Copenhagen is so expensive. That's why I found it hard to believe that they had beaten Amazon. A tax free in the duty free available only to customers who are non EU going to non EU destination. These headphones are great for noise cancelation, excellent for coworking spaces

6 June 2018

Fantastic weather in Copenhagen. This tower is called church of our saviour and has a great view of the city
I met Amy in Copenhagen pub crawl, we then did the 'grand boat tour' the following day. She offered that I'd stop by on my in the US and she'd show me Philadelphia (Pennsylvania)

5 June 2018

I met this 13 years old kid outside while waiting to do get a Copenhagen card. A very impressive boy : he told me that he is a self taught lightning technician (from YouTube) and that this is his first year of working for the museum. All while speaking English very fluently. He also told me that in Denmark you get paid to do a degree