268 Days · 5 Moments · November 2017

Life is a journi

14 August 2018

Work mode... Thank You Jesus for this privilege. :)
Starting a better lifestyle... For breakfast: Earlier breakfast and just a very few chocolate cake. Oat Cereal Milk, pinaksio milkffish, banana & fried egg plus water. Staying healthy & fit, anytime, anywhere... Thank you Lord for my good healthy and healthy lifestyle.

30 November 2017

Today is Andres Bonifacio Day, a holiday but a day to remember this great Filipino, a hero, a fighter, a patriot. May his patriotism be never forgotten in all generations if Filipinos. Thank you for this day of rest too.

29 November 2017

Did well at work. Praising God for being with me. :)

19 November 2017

Good morning world! Thank you Jesus for this wonderful message. I am special in Your eyes my Lord. I am God's Pillar! i am blessed so I am blessing the world!