United States of America · 3 Days · 22 Moments · February 2018

Beyond that star take a right

9 February 2018

The boy who will never grow up and never grow old. Holding the map as so many maps and travelers before, the driven heart to find lost souls. Peter Pan at work, the magic is in the experience and wisdom of one who knows his role, who has no longer doubts, has guided this slight of hand, song and dance number. His warmth and companionship so often the traveler just follows like the clouds, belief in the security he finds in the eyes of one stranger who feels like an old friend

8 February 2018

Darkness falls as the city lights rise
Skylines and city scapes in the Northernmost hemisphere

7 February 2018

Art is everywhere if you only pause and seek
Accommodations and its surroundings
Native are opportunity for those who choose to be without steps or memories, the hotel that accommodate every traveler
Dining and debriefing
Captain Cook the hotel with the means and measure
The cusp of a new day and a new opportunity
Working towards the mainland as we all prepare for the day
A moment of silence as the wind is hushed for just a breath
Coming into Anchorage as we pass the peninsula we will call home soon
Beyond the city below the clouds the decent of a plane and a journey of a new day
Good morning sunshine the earth says hello
The verge of day as dawn is just given its last kiss on the horizon
Anchorage via the bay snowcaps and clouds
The loop to prepare for our piece of tarmac
Breaking through the clouds descending
Above the clouds and beyond the edge
Flying over the edge of Pacific on the North West side off America and western most side of Canada
Boarded seats taken let the journey begin
All present and vehicle accounted for saddled up in Sea-Tac