Malaysia · 67 Days · 11 Moments · January 2019

Life is a Journey with Food

23 March 2019

Rest Day everyday. We use our mouth to 777: Rest Rest Rest /pray pray pray /speak speak speak because all our blessings come from the Spirit /Jesus /unmerited favour in our mouth of confession, NOT our hands /work work work (666). Just speak, NOT work. Amen.,

20 March 2019

Drink bitter herbal tea is good for our body. Learn to walk with Jesus, eat and drink what is good for us. #LatterRain

19 March 2019

Thai BBQ and steamboat Philippians 4:11-13 When it is time to enjoy prosperity, I enjoy prosperity to the max. In difficult times, I learn to live humbly. The secret to Joy everyday is to live with a restful and content heart ❤️ (good conscience /777), knowing that unmerited favour (Grace /Jesus) is faithful to His promises. Amen. #LatterRain #JesusLoveMe,

10 March 2019

Super mala spicy pot and spicy Chengde Noodle. To some, it might be mental torture spicy. To us, it is purely pleasure. After spiritual food today, this is really a hot 🔥 food for stomach. #UnmeritedFavour #JesusLoveMe #LatterRain

3 March 2019

After China 🇨🇳 food, now Japanese food 🍲 at Family Mart. 能吃是福 #LatterRain #JesusLoveMe

20 February 2019

Dim Sum Everyday I still learning to Rest Rest Rest (777) at the cross ➕ because human tendency is to work work (666 for human love /human glory /human approval). I don't know what will happen tomorrow, all I know is "Jesus Love ❤️ me" #LatterRain #rest

11 February 2019

Thank sister for the lovely biscuits

29 January 2019

Thai BBQ Mookata. CNY mood. Blessed are we as we relax relax relax (let go and let God), letting Jesus performing all His supernatural miracles in our life. This is truly a life of blessings, a life of Rest. Shalom 😘❤️

24 January 2019

桃花酒/Peach flower wine from China : alcohol level (12+ degree, on par with Korea peach soju, but lower than regular Korea soju 15.5 degree) Wine represent the Holy Spirit of Jesus. Wine represent celebration. Because we have Jesus (our 2nd birth), we can celebrate /rejoice everyday! #LatterRain #2ndBirth #Reborn

16 January 2019

Relax relax, enjoying life of an immortal (Supernatural). It's the Year of Latter (Supernatural) Rain! 😋 #immortal #SupernaturalRain #LatterRain #2ndBirth #Reborn #NewCreation #HappyHeart #JesusLoveMe

15 January 2019

Mala spicy Hotpot. Favourite food still. #JesusIsHappiness #JesusLoveMe #GodFavourOnUs #thanksgiving #LatterRain #SupernaturalRain #2ndBirth