Australia · 75 Days · 46 Moments · March 2018

Life is a journey

15 May 2018

Lovely view. ❤️ Worked out this isn’t the best place to take a 22ft Caravan. Hans managed the impossible though and got us out again in one go. Nice turning circle honey. 😉

14 May 2018

13 May 2018

1 May 2018

Hans’s fishing efforts today at Port Macdonnell. We ate well tonight. 💕 He caught 12 Whitings all up. 2 managed to squirm off the hook, 2 were slightly undersized and 8 made it home. He also hooked a huge octopus that thankfully got away. I reckon he would’ve ended up in the water if he fought it with much longer. 😂

28 April 2018

Port Macdonnell. The maiden voyage of our boat on salt water. Keira and Hans took her out for a few hours and caught one Rocky between them. They had a great time though. ❤️
Dry Creek, SA Some beautiful fog over the Glenelg River the morning we left. ❤️

27 April 2018

Dry Creek, SA Loved this so much. ❤️ Richard was a guy that was also camping at Dry Creek and the morning he left he offered me a go on his kayak for an hour. It was freakin awesome. So peaceful and just fun. I remember spending a number of hours at Miles Lake when I was younger in a canoe on my own. Loved it then too. Maybe the fact I was on my own and Hans had all three girls on his boat with him, may have had something to do with it... 😉

26 April 2018

Dry Creek, SA An overview of our 5 days spent at Dry Creek. 23rd April till 28th of April. Absolutely lovely week. We met a bunch of lovely people. One of the most memorable was Russell Abbott who was a guy living in a little van motorhome. He’d had such a different life to the “standard”. He’s owned and lived on two boats on his lifetime. A huge barge in England and smaller sailing ship in Greece. He spent his life as a professional photographer and plays guitar and has a beautiful voice. 💕 We also met an eighty year old man that owns one of the little shacks in the river. The shack was built by his dad the year he was born in 1937. He gave us a guided tour of his little shack. It was tiny and gorgeous. Hans and I felt so privileged looking through it. Absolutely loved it. One of the most coolest things I’ve ever seen. Terrible drawing of the shack, but it’s attached anyway. 😂

25 April 2018

Dry Creek, SA Beautiful spot in the Glenelg River. We went for a little walk up to the top of the hill overlooking the whole camp area. Beautiful photos. On a side not, Keira seems to have the sullen teenager look look down pat. 🤔

21 April 2018

Caravan and camping show at Mount Gambier. Looking at the Avan for Mum and Dad. 😉

19 April 2018

Thought we’d take advantage of the free wifi at Port Mac and free camp in the carpark opposite. 😂 We sat and had our morning coffee while we waited for them to open. 😂☕️

17 April 2018

Railway playground. Girls loved it.

15 April 2018

A beautiful 5th birthday for our beautiful Jasmine. 🎉💕🎂

12 April 2018

Feeding the possums at Umpherston Caves.
Checked out the Cave Gardens in the middle of town. I found an SA Rock hidden on the walk down and Keira re-hid it a little further on. Jasmine realised straight away that it was painted up to be a watermelon. I hadn’t realised at all. Through the eyes of a child. ❤️ After the cave garden we headed to Coles (nearby where we’d parked) and bought food for lunch. Hans cooked up a feast in the carpark. We got quite a few strange looks. I think a few people were envious of the salmon. 😂 After lunch we headed to the Corner and checked out what it had to offer. There was a great hour long movie about how Mount Gambier’s Lakes etc came to be. There was also an art museum with a large weird range of art. Art? What art?! 😂

8 April 2018

After the river we headed back to Caroll and Patrick’s for dinner. Keira loved eating the fish she caught. So did I. lol The chocolate cake was pretty damn good too. 🎂
We did the half hour tour at Princess Margaret caves. It’s about 1.5kms over the VIC border on the Glenelg river. It was pretty amazing. We all learnt a lot. Caroll paid our entry fee as an extra birthday gift. ❤️
Keira and I spent our birthday cruising the Glenelg river in Patrick’s boat with the family. We all had an awesome time. He dropped us 5 off at the Princess Margaret cave to do the tour and then took us to a little canoe camping area on the river with jetty for a picnic lunch. Keira got to try out her new rod, her gift from uncle Patrick. ❤️ She caught 5 fish. 3 of which we kept for our birthday dinner. Keira had the best day. We all did. It was a wonderful way to spend our birthday. 🐟💕
Birthday morning cuddles. 🎂💕

4 April 2018

Lovely spot. A bit of relaxing on Brown’s Beach, Port Macdonnell. Did some baking (Denne’s Happy Granola), some hand washing (Hans) , some playing in the sand (Keira and Jasmine), some reading (Alana). Two dogs came and hung out at Lottie with us. Thought we’d been adopted, but then their owner forums them and hauled them home again.

2 April 2018

Our beautiful free camp at Port Macdonnell. Eight mile creek about 100 metres from the beach. Wind protection and grass everywhere. Our first real campfire and Hans cooked a beautiful roast chicken dinner. Loved it.

29 March 2018

Port Macdonnell Easter weekend. Saturday night dinner with Caroll, Patrick, Wendy, Robert, Joylene and Brian. Easter Bunny pancakes. Horrid looking Hot Cross Buns (I reckon they taste awesome! 😂) Blood nose that lasted most of the day for poor Hans. Pretty great weekend overall. 🐰🐰
We stopped on the side of the road and checked out these awesome wood carvings of Mary MacKillop and Father Woods. Keira and Jasmine were more interested in the moo cows. 🐄🐄🐄

28 March 2018

Cockatoo Lake was beautiful and serene. I would love to come back here with a single canoe and my kindle. 💕😂
Keith is a lovely little town. Awesome playground with great caravan parking. There was a train track type ride. Everyone loved it. Keira and Alana went on again and again. Jasmine wasn’t keen to have a go. It was pretty fast! Grabbed some meat from the butchers and cooked up a feast on our cooker. :) **Edit: Unfortunately two days later we realised Hans left his Contigo travel coffee mug at the playground. :(

27 March 2018

This is home tonight. Can you see the wee lighthouse in the background? 🛳⚓️ Lovely little area. Mozzies the size of birds. 😣
And... half an hour later it was our second ever ferry ride. 😂
Our very first Ferry ride with Lottie. Also the first ferry ride for each of our three girls. There was much excitement all round. 💕

17 March 2018

We always love spending time with the McCumiskey’s. Nothing beats friendship. ❤️

16 March 2018

It’s a giant Rocking Horse. Not much else you can say really. lol Favourite part was seeing how far away we were from Alice Springs. 👏🏻

15 March 2018

Interesting mining history with a 2km ring walk. It was also the first recipient of Keira’s vandalism. I had to explain the sign we had read fifteen minutes earlier. “Take only photos, leave only footprints” 😂
Laundry day. 4 loads at once. 😂

14 March 2018

Our first crab! Everyone was very excited. Maybe not the crab of course. You can tell by the end he was was having a good time though. 😂🦀

13 March 2018

Barker’s Rocks at Bluff Bay. Spent two nights here. We all had a great time clambering over the rocks. Hans & Keira spent most of their time fishing and grabbing. They caught a huge squid and a fish which we ate. They also caught a Port Jackson shark. He had a puppy dog face. So cute. 💕

10 March 2018

Amateur theatre show at Woolaroo. A musical set in the 1920’s with a gangster theme. Absolutely loved it.
Beautiful old church beside Annie’s Op Shop in Moonta. The lovely ladies at the Op Shop opened up the church and showed us around. ❤️

8 March 2018

Port Brighton. Kids first time under a jetty. First time in a long time they’ve touched beach sand. 💕 Everyone is pretty happy. Hence the dancing in the street. 💃🏼🕺🏼💃🏼💃🏼😊😊

3 March 2018

The start of journey began with goodbyes to Wahmu & Nagdad. 😢 We all enjoyed spending some time with my Mum and Dad in Erldunda before heading off on our great adventure. Hard to say goodbye, but we’ll be seeing them again very soon. 💕

1 March 2018

Our beautiful Lottie. ❤️ We are all very proud of the work and effort we put in to make her as gorgeous and functional as she is.