India · 11 Days · 12 Moments · December 2014

Lidi and Sixti going India

14 December 2014

In Agra we fulfilled our tourist duties. Sorry for the unprofessional selfies here - Selfie sticks strictly prohibited! The jackpot for every Indian: Get on a picture with a Western-looking woman AND the Taj! While the monument left us rather unimpressed, its story is more compelling: Shah Jahan built this mausoleum to proof his eternal love for Mumtaz Mahal, his 3rd wife who died giving birth to their 14th child. (There is also another version, which makes guilt the motive - she was killed because he felt threatened by her strategic and political mindset.)

13 December 2014

We got a bit crazy out there in Jaipur. Oh masala you re killing me softly, tuk tuk tuk tuk tuk tuk. From nothing to sing star in one day and best laugh last 10 days! We blame it to the Opium they mix into the Masala... Off to Delhi!

11 December 2014

In the Holy City Pushkar, you might have heard the legend about the two white misses who came riding on their camel "SloMo" through the desert. SloMo was a savage but wise companion who willingly shared his teachings on the alternative usage of "camel riding". The two Masala princesses took this long ride (including an extremely risky crossing of the river Ganges) to see the local Himalayan healer and stock up on his holy beauty products.

10 December 2014

Camels, elephants and horses mean love, luck and power. In the Rajasthani desert friendships are made over masala tea. A broken jeep and bread with sugar crane baked on an open fire made us become family. We leave behind a brother and hearts that are glowing with warmth despite the cold of desert's nights. Thank you!
Wedding invitation: 15.Dec 2015 Rambanka Palace Jodhpur (the land where you roll on adrenaline and length actually matters). Rajasthani husbands Ik, Dou, Tien and the brides Lidia and Sixti invite (Airport transfer via Tuktuk is arranged). On the menu: Naan with dip and masala everything! See you there!

9 December 2014

Mumbai is all about being stuck in traffic. Bombay Charts #1: Horn Me Baby One More Time! Nice rooftop bars, flowery cabs and sparkling horse carriages distract from those who call the streets their home and have no more than the pavement for their pillow...

7 December 2014

Shukria Goa, in the end we did not break the hearts of our friends and we were true luck bringers for morning business. Culinary experience: Thalassa tuna wrap beats Snackbar durum.

6 December 2014

Goa full moon is where the ashtrays glow and you get the best spinach-ijtos ever!
The paradise 2 Indian hours from Goa airport, where u shower with cockroachy, sunbath with cows, cuddle with malaria Moskitos - and you DO NOT break promises given to female Indian henna consultants - we love it - the place to be!

5 December 2014

Mumbai Gossip Girls catched up with Chuck (Arif). Goa here we come!!!!!
Spoiled by Emirates, softest ice cream ever for dinner - stop over @ Dubai.

4 December 2014

when all you have left in life is 11kg, a good friend and a bottle of water...let the Journey begin