United States of America · 60 Days · 31 Moments · February 2017

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19 April 2017

Slightly windy today
Dishes done by my amazing roomie!

18 April 2017

Awesome day in downtown Colorado Springs. I love my job!

5 April 2017

Downtown Colorado Springs

3 April 2017

Ending my day with My Utmost For His Highest devotional, snuggle time with the dogs and sharing a pic of a tulip taken on my stroll yesterday through Manitou Springs

1 April 2017

Mama and baby deer at my little local post office yesterday AND Sheba's new baby fish (hopefully not considered playmates!!)

29 March 2017

Waiting at the bus stop in Manitou
Riding in "my" work vehicle. It's a little windy today. Snow showers gone and blessed with sunshine

27 March 2017

Done with work - play time at Lone Duck Campground ⛺️

26 March 2017

Recouping with the dogs and a Once Upon aTime marathon. Gonna fry up some fish and then hobble to the pond maybe to feed Andy, the duck, and the fish. Happy Sunday from Pikes Peak!

24 March 2017

Had to use 4wheel drive this morning to get up the driveway. Sun melted the inches away and now just chilling with a cup of coffee and the dogs. Vaping now instead of cigs. Happy Friday from the base of Pikes Peak!

22 March 2017

Starting my day with some mist in the air and sugar in a bowl!!

16 March 2017

Good morning from the base of Pikes Peak!!!

14 March 2017

We r pooped after their first mini hike. Time for a shower. Photo doesn't show it but I only have 9 more pounds to reach goal weight (lost 13 pounds in 3 weeks without trying and have eaten like a horse!!

12 March 2017

Yesterday was my first hike since 2014. Much easier than I anticipated. Went solo and enjoyed communing with nature and God. Saw a baby bear cross the path. Blue headed birds greeted me and the bridge gave me rest and a place to journal my thoughts. Dad told me he had fallen again so I was able to leave some tears on the trail in private. Felt good.

9 March 2017

Yesterday's peace and relaxation...I can see the desert landscape beginning to bloom. Just wait until Spring Springs in the Springs!!
Morning Bear Creek dog park journey

5 March 2017

This is part of my morning commute passing by the Garden of the gods (names of red rock monuments

3 March 2017

Thank goodness he doesn't lick. Down 8 pounds just from daily activities and frequent walks at the park - me not Troy😀

28 February 2017

Outside pics were taken at our dog park (20+acres with a creek). Command central as I call it is about to be taken over by a Glee marathon. Kids r with me always in my heart and on the walls (got to find time to do a Willie painting and then my nest would be complete!!)

25 February 2017

Saturday YMCA game

24 February 2017

Guess where Sheba is...there she is. Pooped from two dog parks in one day
Day 2 of snow

23 February 2017

View out bedroom window. Wally flew the coop and now Andy patrols the pond. He appears to have made friends with some Mallard ducks

20 February 2017

We arrived at Lone Duck Campground late last night and were greeted by Christian and Tug (their puppy) who has grown a foot in two years. Davis and his buddy came out to brace the snow flurries. Pics of Troy and Sheba taken on our first morning.

19 February 2017

Last test area before crossing into Colorado...dogs walked, fed and watered. Moran did his run. Ready to push on to Lone Duck Campground. Miss my kids!!
Beginning the climb up to Colorado Springs elevation. Still in KS...
Ran out of gas. Moran was prepared with filled gas containers and we are heading to Salina to fuel up
Charlie on the go!
Trekking through Kansas. Day 4. Departed Ashland, Va Thurs. One blown tire, Swift trucker backed into my shoulder in Nitro, Sheba on Dramamine, applied for additional job today (vision therapist) and can't wait to start as an ADA Travel Trainer.