Europe, Asia · 51 Days · 31 Moments · July 2017

Jem in Vietnam

23 August 2017

Bangkok adventures

18 August 2017

Lombok. Sandy beaches, hot sun, sarong and bracelet sellers.

15 August 2017

In gede island. Lots of lovely beaches with star fish.

12 August 2017

Gili Gede! Hot, small quiet island. Snorkelling, reading and eating x

10 August 2017

Elephant safari park- great fun!

9 August 2017

Monkey forest

8 August 2017

6 August 2017

On the north coast, Permuteran. Day out on the boat snorkelling. Matt went for a couple of dives.

4 August 2017

Eco lodge to the coast.

3 August 2017

Eco lodge in rainforest. Very rainy and relaxing. Hut is amazing. Been cooking reading, playing games and relaxing.

30 July 2017

Having great fun in Bali x

26 July 2017

Last night in Hanoi. Hot pot for tea followed by a massage. Now in Bangkok and flying to Bali tomorrow morning x

25 July 2017

Water park followed by theme park today. Fun times!

24 July 2017

Ha long city. Posh hotel. Room service. Boys loving it!

23 July 2017

Cat ba national park. Cruising on our bikes.

22 July 2017

Day on local beach and yummy food

21 July 2017

Cat ba island. We love it here! Lots of Vietnamese tourists. Day of kayaking and rock climbing.

16 July 2017

3 nights at our homestay. Living in a traditional house in a village in the mountains. Lots of tasty Vietnamese food. I am trying to learn some Vietnamese but it's tricky. I can ask for the bill! Now waiting to take the train back to the city, Hanoi. Then we will go to Ha Long bay to go to the beach.

15 July 2017

Hired bikes and a guide. Went into hills, market was smelly, biking was fun. Swimming in the waterfall.

13 July 2017

Last night in Sapa. Rio feeling a bit rubbish so early night for him. Now in Bac Ha in the hills. 3 nights here exploring the markets and staying in a homestay with a family. Rustic!

11 July 2017

2nd day trekking after rooster woke us up at 5am.
A day trekking with our guide, Ai. Very muddy couple of hours. Matt fell and mum couldn't stop laughing. Lots of paddy fields and amazing scenery. Staying the night Ina village home stay.

9 July 2017

Bus to pottery village, swim and walk around the lake.

8 July 2017

Markets, cyclo and being chatted up by 28 year old

7 July 2017

Got lost in Hanoi and walked through some narrow dark streets. Had lunch by the lake and then went for a swim to cool off. Dad booked train tickets to Sapa in the mountains for Sunday night.

6 July 2017

Day 2 in Vietnam- boiling but getting used to it. Been cinema today to watch despicable me3 again. Watch tai chi in the park. Lots of walking, about to have some rice and pork.

5 July 2017

We have landed in Hanoi. Staying in the old part of the city. It's very hot and I've had my hair cut. It is very busy with motorbikes- it's like a stampede. Lots of people want to talk to us because we speak English. I've already been told I'm cute and have had my leg swished.

3 July 2017

On our way to Vietnam.