Netherlands, France · 9 Days · 6 Moments · April 2017

Lexi's journi to Europe

15 April 2017

After a long day on our feet, the Seine River Cruise was the perfect way to wind down. We saw many amazing bridges, towers, and monuments as the sun set. We even got to see the Eiffel Tower as it lit up! I would recommend this to anybody!
The Palace of Versailles was a truly amazing experience. Let me say, I've never seen so much gold in my life! The paintings found within the castle are stunning. I have to admit, the Hall of Mirrors was my favourite room, with its amazing ceiling and lots of mirrors! The gardens were also beautiful, with their statues, fountains, shrubs, etcetera. The size of this castle is mind-boggling. The Palace is definitely "fit for a king"!

14 April 2017

The Musée du Louvre left me speechless. The amount of detail and precision in the paintings, sculptures, etcetera was absolutely stunning. There was always something to look at. Viewing the priceless works of art was an amazing experience. Seeing the Mona Lisa gave me goosebumps. The amount of detail in such a small painting is captivating. One of my favourite things about the museum was the paintings on the ceilings because they looked so realistic. If you ever get the chance to visit the Louvre, don't pass it up!

13 April 2017

The Notre-Dame Cathedral is one of my favourite buildings in Paris. The detail on the church is indescribable. When I saw it for the first time, my jaw dropped. I absolutely adore the gargoyles near the top of the building (although they are a little creepy)! I also love listening to the church bells as they ring throughout the streets of Paris. I feel as if I could sit in front of the Notre-Dame all day long, admiring the beauty of this stunning cathedral.

6 April 2017

Bikes. Bikes. Bikes. And did I mention bikes? In Amsterdam, there are more bikes than there are people living there. Currently, there's about 1 million bikes in this part of the Netherlands (but a lot of them are in the bottom of the canals). As we drove by buildings, I realized that many of them had very small or no parking lots at all! However, there were many bike racks, which were always full! And these people don't ride new, high-tech, sleek bikes; they ride old-fashioned bicycles. It's an amazing thing to see! Here's my advice to you: stay out of bike lanes or else you WILL be trampled, yelled at, or become the victim of vicious bell-ringing (you have been warned)!
The streets of Amsterdam are filled with amazing statues, churches, bridges, and apartments. The architecture is absolutely stunning. In order to accommodate such a large amount of people in such a small place, the apartments are super tiny but quite tall (some people even began creating "boat houses", and they reside in these floating homes on the canals). Since the buildings are renovated and taken care of frequently, their old fashioned looks have been preserved. The statues are breathtakingly beautiful because of their amazing details. The architecture in Amsterdam is truly fantastic.