Italy · 4 Days · 3 Moments · May 2017

14 May 2017

May 11th part 3: Everyone was starved, so I had to leave my hot, Italian artist ( along with all my hopes and dreams of marrying a hot, Italian artist) behind and go find food. McDonald was our food of choice and it was great (way better than America, but not better than Finland- is anything better than Finland?) then we walked back to the Trevi fountain Bc I'm a pain in the ass who wanted better pictures of it. I took a bunch more pictures and boomerangs ( aside from getting pushed and shoved by Asians and street vendors). I do hate how dirty/rude Rome is, but I guess you win some, you lose some. Manners in Rome is definitely a loosing battle. We got some gelato and pizza on the way home SCORE! Best coconut flavored anything I've had in my life. I really kinda like it here! Most pumped for Paris, Sorrento and Capri.
May 11th part two: After breakfast, we had to catch a bus to go sightseeing. Jenna, Kristen, and I (along with probably all of the world prefer metros over busses, but there was a city strike today so metros were down (as well as the free drinking water in the city). Well, the buss ride absolutely sucked ass, but what are you gunna do? Eventually, we got to the capital building and I don't think I've ever seen anything more beautiful in my life. I can't even do it justice by trying to describe it, so I won't. We walked to the coliseum and took a million pictures ( on ledges, against walls, on fences, etc #touriststatus); still didn't manage to get a picture that my mom liked, but it is what it is I guess. On the way back I met I really hot artist painting Rome in water colors, so naturally, I had to buy one. I'm actually in love with the painting so much, but I'm not really sure if it's because the painting was pretty or he was.

11 May 2017

May 11th: Today was a better day (sightseeing wise) this morn got up at like 6 am to go to the Vatican, but Kristen didn't get up until 8 am, which made us late so by the time we got there the line was literally miles long. We had nothing to do and nowhere to (Jenna was still sleeping in the room Bc she had already visited the Vatican). So, we decided to just wonder and get lost in the winding streets of Rome. Eventually we came across an underground market. I swear it felt like I had died and gone to heaven; it was the size of a mall, but just for food ( what a dream come true)! We bought some yummy cherries and strawberries (frogolinni), then we went to the grocery store to buy some yogurt. After, we went home and ate all that yummy goodness for breakfast. When Jenna ~finally~ woke up we went to grab out free breakfast provided by the Airbnb. We had cappuccinos (Starbucks will never be the same again) and had some croissants.