Vietnam · 9 Days · 29 Moments · January 2016

Lewis's voyage in Vietnam

1 February 2016

30 January 2016

Yum yum
Dead puffer fish
Maybe one the weirdest things I've ever done
Sunrise quad biking

29 January 2016


28 January 2016

26 January 2016

Kara having a dance off!

25 January 2016

Uh oh!
Living it up
Flashpacking! Birthday treat from Kara
Ice cold
Quick!!!...get to the chopper!!

24 January 2016

Birthday meal
Birthday present from Kara...I think she's trying tell me something

23 January 2016

Louis Vuitton bed sheet in the hostel
Mexican for dinner
Rooftop bar at the hostel
Birthday week beers
Here we come Vietnam