Cambodia · 8 Days · 20 Moments · January 2016

Lewis's trip to Cambodia

12 January 2016

Plenty of spare seats on the bus but he wants to sit on a plastic chair 🙈

11 January 2016

Angkor Wat

10 January 2016

Must have forgotten his hard decided to keep his crash helmet on WTF!
This is how today is being spent

9 January 2016

7 January 2016

Cambodian festival
Ice cold!

6 January 2016

Spice anyone?! xkx
Mekong river
Had a hard day.... Sitting

5 January 2016

This looks hot!!
Iced milk tea really really sweet
Killing fields....clothes and bones of the victims
Tuk tuk

4 January 2016

50 cent beer
Well deserved cider after all that traveling
Bargain bus one dollar!!