North America, Asia · 12 Days · 38 Moments · June 2016

Levi's trip to China

26 June 2016

Halfway through the first flight (it's a total of 11 hours)
We are spending 26 hours straight in a plane or an airport. Not a fantastic day. I can't wait to get back to the US so I can go on YouTube

25 June 2016

Gardens of Shanghai. The second picture is of the back of a sculpture depicting Karl Marx and Engels
My phone didn't charge the Night before yesterday, so I didn't really get any pictures.😭

24 June 2016

Went to Shanghai museum. (Sorry the pictures are blurry)
Silk farm. Interesting to see how it's made👀
Wall Street of Shanghai. Same artist made the bull in NY

23 June 2016

Shanghai skyline. Saw the second tallest building in the world. It's 125 stories tall and at night it lights up with cool designs. Also the tower with the two spheres is beautiful.
Met a new friend
On our way to Beijing. Can see the scenic Guilin from the sky.
Woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of heavy construction (like someone drilling into cement). Then I realized it was just my grandma snoring😮

22 June 2016

We found people singing karaoke, and some of us used our phone flashlights as lighters and waved them along with the song. We got positive acknowledgment from the band and dirty looks from the Chinese people😂
Green tea/Oreo Icecream, feeding Khoi fish with a baby bottle, etc etc
I'm a tea farmer. I love my job
Scenic Guilin limestone "mountains". We took a river boat to see all of this. As I was trying to take these pictures a bunch of Indian people kept on getting in my way to take selfies. All 50 of them literally didn't stop taking pictures of themselves for the entire 3 hour ride. It was exhausting to watch.

21 June 2016

These things have been here for thousands of years... Jk they were created in the 1900's for tourism.
It was funny watching this because the instructor didn't know any English and no one knew taichi

20 June 2016

Buddhist temple of the wild goose. It has a slight lean to the left which prompted our guide to call it the "leaning tower of China"😂
Terra cotta soldiers! 👮🏻

19 June 2016

再见北京!你好西安。(goodbye Beijing. Hello xi'an)
Visited several temples and learned of ancient tea ceremonies. We tried some tea but it tasted like dirt 😝.
streets of Beijing
Rode a rickshaw ride through the "suburbs" of Beijing. Very cool to see the lives of the everyday people here. Felt bad for the guy who had to pedal us around😂

18 June 2016

I bought fake Raybans and they make my eyes look ginormous 👀
It was a GREAT day

17 June 2016

Temple of heaven. If you were here when the emperor was, you got your head chopped off💇🏻
Forbidden city was freaking huge
My best friend Mao in the back. His eyes follow you, and apparently that is a good thing to Chinese people, but it's kinda creepy considering his face is like 100x the size it should be.

16 June 2016

Just some light reading I picked up from an underground mall underneath our hotel! The mall contained 3 stories, a movie theater, and an ice rink😳
Polluted yet pretty
At Beijing airport. Kinda looks like a 乌龟!(turtle)
Of the hundreds of people on our flight to Beijing, we sat next to 2 people from Boise😂😂
All smiles but we are dead inside from this 12 hour flight😩
Two story airplane😧 #飞机

14 June 2016

Dolla dolla bills
Made it to San Francisco 😊
On our way!